Friday, 2017-04-07

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tsgloveGood morning/evening/afternoon! o/13:30
tsgloveHappy to be here! =)13:30
tsgloveJust saw for the first time the Numato board, which took me to, which took me to, which took me here!13:31
tsgloveCan one of the Numato Opsis boards be bought right now?13:31
CarlFKtsglove: hi13:49
tsgloveo/ CarlFK !13:49
tsgloveStill reading up on the boards and the project.13:49
tsgloveLooks awesome.13:49
tsgloveI have done two small events in the past, and I used the Livestream service, jointly with their "Livestream Broadcaster Pro" box....13:50
tsgloveYet, being part of the hacker mindset... this looks much more fun.  And fun has a lot of weight.13:50
tsgloveIs there a way now to use the Numato Opsis board, and have it stream off to a web server?13:50
CarlFK    - not sure if you can buy it13:50
tpbTitle: Numato Opsis: FPGA-based Open Video Platform | Crowd Supply (at
tsgloveI know there are various "pieces" to this setup... like,13:51
tsgloveI *think* it is for sale now... I think in the Numato website itself... checking.13:51
tpbTitle: Products - Page 1 - Numato Lab (at
CarlFK                           In Stock13:54
tpbTitle: FPGA Development Boards (at
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/roles/icecast2 at master · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFKicecast is a streaming server13:55
CarlFKpersonally, I use youube (but haven't collected the scripts for that yet)13:55
tsgloveicecast?   searching for it now14:08
tsgloveWhat I don't like about YouTube is that I don't have control over the advertisements displayed on the page.14:08
tsgloveAnd I tried with Facebook Live this past event, and the problem was that Facebook "recognized" music the DJ was playing, determined I didn't have the license for said music, and cut the stream.14:09
tsgloveSo... yeah.14:09
tsgloveCarlFK, I am reading the Icecast page now... yet a little bit lost.  Does Icecast do the onsite-to-webserver streaming?   Or does it do the webserver-to-viewer streaming?14:11
tsgloveOr both?14:11
CarlFKicecast is the server14:12
CarlFKclients (viewers) connect to it, it sends the media stream14:12
tsgloveCarlFK, ok ok...14:13
tsgloveAnd, I mean, I am no expert... this is why I am asking so many questions.   ----   Say I am onsite (on the event), and I am streaming.   Would I connect the Numato Opsis board to a linux machine?14:13
CarlFKyou can put an html5 player on a web page, the html for that page on your server that serves 1 static page of html14:13
tsgloveHow do I get the stream off the linux machine? via ffstream?14:14
tsgloveCarlFK, ok, that helps me understand the setup better.  Icecast will search the video (WebM I reckon?), and the viewer will use a simple html5 player.14:14
tsgloveon my way!14:15
CarlFKthat picture shows the various things that make up the whole stack14:15
tsgloveah wow! I saw that page a while ago, and didn't see all the data.   My fault.14:16
tsgloveIt's all there =)14:16
CarlFKthe "streaming system" is another server - current code is deprecated, no idea what the state of the re-write is14:17
tsgloveAhh... and I could maybe replace the "streaming system" with Icecast...14:18
tsgloveNext event is in October, yet I want to get a head-start on development14:18
tsgloveNot feeling particularly good about going with Livestream once again.14:19
CarlFKhow did you to FB?14:19
CarlFKsomeone just asked me for that for an event that has passed, but I am curious14:20
tsgloveCarlFK, happy to help all I can.14:20
tsgloveI was using Livestream14:20
tsgloveand on the "dashboard", there was simply a on/off switch to stream in parallel to Facebook Live.14:20
tsgloveIt then linked with my account to Facebook, I reckon it grabbed the needed credentials, and off it went.14:21
tsgloveThe biggest "yeah!" was the whole critical mass of Facebook.  More people watched because they're already there.14:21
CarlFKmeh never mind14:21
CarlFKyeah - livestream too hard14:21
tsgloveAnd more people commented because they're already logged in... yet the comments were pretty much toxic 99%14:21
tsglovePlus the whole "We are taking down your video stream because copyrighted music..."14:22
tsgloveso with that, no longer interested in streaming to Facebook Live anymore14:22
tsgloveI tried it because it was a simple on/off click. Yet next time, I won't be doing that.14:22
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts (at
CarlFKthat gets vocto up and running with test patterns.14:24
tsgloveIs this Voctomix... what part of the stack?14:24
tsgloveah ok ok14:25
CarlFKright now I am trying to make this work
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/ at usbstick · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFKclose, but bumping into things like: grub installer can'f find the ssd14:29
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tsgloveCarlFK, I am not a super expert, yet I would be happy to help you test things.  Let me know if I can do anything14:59
CarlFKany idea how to grab a single frame from a v4l device ?15:50
CarlFKI've done it, always seems awkward15:50
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tsglovefrom my side, no idea.  That is flying over my head.17:29
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CarlFKtrying to capture text screen...19:51
CarlFKinput0:  640x480 (@25.20 MHz) (capturing)19:51
CarlFKencoder: 640x480 @ 0fps from input0 (q: 85)19:51
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sam______mithro: could you help me understand what all needs to be programmed on the opsis board for a "full" load?19:53
sam______mithro: my board is in some funky state and I can't seem to re-flash it properly19:54
sam______mithro: or I just know the proper commands and order of them :/20:13
sam______mithro: I know youre busy, so thanks in advance!20:13
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CarlFKsam______: what do you mean by full?20:18
sam______heh, thought I might get that question20:19
sam______whatever it takes to get the board to the state it was shipped in20:19
sam______right now the board it outputting scrambled video and doesnt shows up as /dev/video0 and /dev/ttyACM020:20
sam______FX2 seems to come up in a unconfigured state20:20
sam______in order to switch to JTAG mode I have to move a jumper on the board next to the FX220:21
CarlFKthe state it was shipped in isn't a good goal20:26
sam______yes true, but that at least will tell me it still works20:32
sam______I just need to get the flashing process down so I can make changes and test20:33
CarlFKI suspect this is a better goal     git describe: v0.0.0-267-ga1d560520:37
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKwe kinda have the concept of dev/test/stable but it gets out of date really fast20:38
sam______sure I'll give that branch a try21:04
sam______tim did mention that the docs for flashing/prgramming are out of date..21:04
sam______do you recall which commands you used to program the board?21:05
sam______also is that pastebin from the /dev/ttyACM0 ?21:06
CarlFKI didn't program it - was left this way after some testing a few weeks ago21:10
CarlFKyes /dev/ttyACM0,21:10
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sam______ok thanks, ill play around some more when I get home21:12
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