Thursday, 2017-04-06

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sam__mithro: any advice on how to program?00:18
sam__mithro: you mention that the doc needs updating00:18
sam__mithro: my board is now in a odd state where the firmware doesnt do anything that I can tell00:19
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mithroCarlFK: *You* can putting the status on the pattern. It is pretty simple C code with lots of examples01:51
mithrosam__: need more information01:52
mithrosam__: can you write down what you did, what the output looked like (for each step) and what you expected to happen?01:53
mithroI need to try and repo what ever your doing so I can see why the any problem is occurring.01:54
CarlFKmithro: but then I should test.  thats the bit I find too daunting.02:03
CarlFKI got too many other things to do02:04
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sam__mithro: i'd like to fully re-load the fpga02:15
sam__having issue with a few steps02:15
sam__first "make load-gateware" fails but pretty sure it should be "make gateware-load"02:16
sam__"make load-fx2" fails with no build target02:16
sam__"make connect-lm32" also fails in same way02:16
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mithrosam__: The fx2 targets are now in theor own repo02:44
mithrosam__: "make firmware-connect" replaces "make connect-lm32"02:45
mithrosam__: but you probably want "make firmware-load"02:45
mithrosam__: Your on Linux right? I recommend installing the bash-completion package and then you can do things like "make firmware-<tab>" and it will give you a list of valid make targets02:46
mithrosam__: BTW Sorry I'm slow to respond, work has been very busy at the moment - trying to launch some stuff03:09
mithroDo occasionally have to do the day job so they keep paying me :-P03:20
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