Wednesday, 2017-03-29

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mithrosam_: Make sure you are using putty with \n line endings00:01
mithrosam_: Also, I highly recommend upgrading to the latest firmware00:01
sam_I have checked both options "CR in every LF and LF in every CR"00:01
mithrosam_: I don't know putty at all, but that doesn't seem right00:02
mithrosam_: We primarily use flterm for development and in production00:02
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/flterm (at
sam_it is quite odd00:03
mithrosam_: The older firmware only sends '\n'00:03
sam_here is the output i get when pressing enter a bunch of times and then typing status and enter:00:03
sam_DIUB HM2S> DIUB HM2S> DIUB HM2S> DIUB HM2S> DIUB HM2S>tts nu0 18x2 ipt: x otu0 20706H rmpten upt:[email protected] atr ecdr [email protected] 0bs rmpten(:5) d:ra:16Mp wie 84bs l:24Mp HM2S>00:03
mithrosam_: As well, if you have the serial port open twice it will only get half the characters on each side00:03
sam_its like its missing characters00:03
mithrosam_: Oh that is definitely looks like having the serial port open twice00:03
sam_certainly just one copy of putty running00:04
sam_i will try flterm00:04
mithrosam_: What OS are you running?00:04
sam_i have tried in both windows and ubuntu00:05
sam_both result in similar results00:05
mithrosam_: On Linux, if you don't install the udev rules we have - modem manager will frequently open the serial port00:05
mithrosam_: But it is very strange that you get getting it on both Windows and Linux00:06
mithrosam_: It's such a long time since I've used the shipping Opsis firmware, I'm not certain that 115200 is the right speed00:07
CarlFKsam_: on my ubuntu bos: cat ~/.minirc.dfl00:08
CarlFKpu port             /dev/ttyACM000:08
CarlFKpu addcarreturn     Yes00:08
sam_The fact that most of the characters appearing in the terminal good says to me it is 11520000:08
mithrosam_: If it was any other speed it would be 960000:08
sam_the documentation also says this baud00:08
CarlFKthat makes mincom work well. but likely also I have disabled / removed modem manager00:08
sam_I will attempt it00:08
sam_nothing at all at 960000:09
mithrosam_: Yeah - that sounds correct00:10
CarlFKsam_: are you familiar with ansible?  you 'might' want to use this to build a machine that has exactly what I have:
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/video-stack-deploy (at
CarlFKbut I wouldn't bother if you have never used ansible before.  unless you want to spend a few 4,8,12?) hours futzing00:11
sam_never used ansible00:12
mithrosam_: I assume you just plug in the Opsis you got straight from crowd supply? You didn't install anything or get it second hand, right?00:14
sam_just powered it up and tried opening the terminal00:14
sam_two different units00:15
sam_same results00:15
sam_one I loaded the stable firmware from the prebuilt repo and it does the same thing00:15
sam_tried multiple machines and same thing00:15
sam_seems extremely odd.. no a stranger to using a terminal connection over serial00:16
CarlFKwell.. we all have less than ideal experiences with this00:19
sam_how could there be multiple connection to /dev/ttyACM0 open?00:22
sam_something else on the board does?00:22
sam_I certainly just have the one connection open00:22
CarlFKtumbleweed: what how does the usb stick install get the preseed file?00:22
tumbleweedit'd be on the USB stick00:23
tumbleweedthere's a document describing how it's created IIRC00:23
tumbleweed(of course, this may not have been tested, yet)00:23
mithrosam_: What do you mean by "loaded the stable firmware from the prebuilt repo"?00:24
sam_this firmware:
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/stable at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt · GitHub (at
mithrosam_: How did you load that?00:27
sam_after much pain through HDMI-mode-switch00:27
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CarlFKtumbleweed: URL?  or something for me to go searching for?00:28
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Elldawg_Ok I'm in00:29
CarlFKtumbleweed: I am 1/2 thinkink of making some sort of live environment so we can have an easy consistent test00:29
Elldawg_I have the serial problem also00:30
CarlFKElldawg hey there00:30
Elldawg_Tried two different computers00:30
Elldawg_Linux and Windows00:30
Elldawg_It seems like something has the port open on the board00:30
Elldawg_Receiving approximately half of the characters00:30
Elldawg_But sending is fine00:30
mithrosam_ != Elldawg_ ?00:31
Elldawg_No we working on same project00:31
mithroAhh okay00:31
Elldawg_I am just using whatever firmware came on the opsis from numato00:32
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Elldawg_I quit?00:33
Elldawg_Oh weird00:33
mithroI don't think I have tried modeswitch flashing with firmware as old as v0.0.000:33
CarlFKmithro: has the serial console changed any?00:34
mithroCan you try and ?00:34
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/archive/master/v0.0.2-81-gd0d3aea/opsis/hdmi2usb at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt · GitHub (at
Elldawg_Yes I'll try00:35
mithroElldawg_ / sam_: When did you get your boards? Can you also give me the output of lsusb for the board?00:35
Elldawg_Couple weeks ago for both of us00:36
Elldawg_Yes will do00:36
mithroElldawg_ / sam_: What is your use case for these boards, BTW?00:38
Elldawg_Nothing yet, they don't work lol00:39
mithroElldawg_, I assume you purchased them for a reason?00:39
Elldawg_But hopefully to capture hdmi and output stream over Ethernet00:39
mithroElldawg_: At the moment we don't have any firmware which streams video via the Ethernet directly on the Opsis board00:40
Elldawg_Or capture display port and output Ethernet00:41
Elldawg_Or USB00:42
Elldawg_Anything really00:42
mithroMost of our setup use Opsis->USB->Ethernet00:42
mithroElldawg_: We use a software video mixer called voctomix00:42
Elldawg_I was thinking x264 rtsp stream or similar00:43
Elldawg_But USB ok to start with00:43
Elldawg_I'll go check the lspci00:43
mithroElldawg_: Which lets us combined a bunch of different video sources, one which is from the HDMI2USB/Opsis boards00:43
mithroElldawg_: lsusb00:43
mithroElldawg_: but after the dmesg output00:43
mithroElldawg_: The way the Opsis board enumerates as one device and then switches to another is an important part of debugging where the problem is00:44
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Elldawg_on_PCOK i'm back00:47
Elldawg_on_PCwas on my phone before00:47
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mithroI would suggest using a decent IRC client like xchat or irccloud00:47
Elldawg_on_PCBus 001 Device 002: ID 2a19:544200:48
Elldawg_on_PCbcdUSB 2.0000:51
Elldawg_on_PCbDeviceClass 239 Miscellaneous Device00:51
Elldawg_on_PCbDeviceSubClass 200:51
Elldawg_on_PCbDeviceProtocol 100:51
Elldawg_on_PC(Interface Association)00:51
Elldawg_on_PCbMaxPacketSize0 6400:51
tpbTitle: Debian Pastezone (at
Elldawg_on_PCserial ffffd88039679ec300:51
Elldawg_on_PCok hang on00:54
tpbTitle: debian Pastezone (at
mithroElldawg_on_PC: and the dmesg output?00:59
Elldawg_on_PCafter which part again?01:01
Elldawg_on_PCor you want the whole thing01:01
mithroElldawg_on_PC: Whole thing is easier01:01
Elldawg_on_PC[    1.873008] usb 1-1: config 1 interface 2 altsetting 0 endpoint 0x81 has an invalid bInterval 64, changing to 10 [    1.888655] usb 1-1: New USB device found, idVendor=2a19, idProduct=5442 [    1.888658] usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3 [    1.888659] usb 1-1: Product: - Numato Opsis Board [    1.888660] usb 1-1: Manufacturer: TimVideos.us01:01
tpbTitle: debian Pastezone (at
mithroElldawg_on_PC: your running in a VM?01:03
Elldawg_on_PCbut it makes no difference01:03
Elldawg_on_PCtried my ubnutu laptop01:03
mithroElldawg_on_PC: With both Windows and Linux?01:03
Elldawg_on_PCand windows desktop as well01:03
Elldawg_on_PCbut also tried in native ubunutu on laptop01:04
Elldawg_on_PCsame missing characters issue01:04
mithroElldawg_on_PC: Do you have that native ubuntu laptop there?01:04
Elldawg_on_PCits at my office but i could go grab it01:04
Elldawg_on_PChave native windows box01:04
Elldawg_on_PCwhat was that terminal you guys recommended again?01:05
CarlFKElldawg_on_PC: flterm and I like minicom01:06
mithroElldawg_on_PC: I wouldn't be surprised to see dropped serial characters with a VM, there isn't any flow control and the high latency that a VM would add could easily cause drops01:06
Elldawg_on_PCright but same in windows terminal as well01:06
Elldawg_on_PCi'll go get the laptop01:06
Elldawg_on_PCactually screw it i'll bring the opsis to my office01:07
Elldawg_on_PCback in a few01:07
mithroElldawg_on_PC: Yeah -- I would like to try a Ubuntu native Linux laptop first if possible01:07
Elldawg_on_PCwill you guys be around in 45-60 minutes?01:08
Elldawg_on_PCgotta take my kid somewhere for a bit before going to grab laptop01:08
mithroElldawg_on_PC: I will likely be unless I get called into a meeting01:08
Elldawg_on_PCok thank you01:08
Elldawg_on_PCi appreciate you guys helping out01:09
CarlFKElldawg_on_PC: im off to dinner, should be back in a few hours01:09
Elldawg_on_PCok sounds good01:09
Elldawg_on_PCtalk to you in a bit01:09
mithroElldawg_on_PC: No problems!01:09
mithroElldawg_on_PC: Want to get to the bottom of this01:09
CarlFKdo you have a raspberry pi or odroid-c2 or any other Single Board Computer handy?01:09
CarlFKim trying to work out how you can have a similar environment - it is a little easier to dl/flash a 4g sd card than install ubuntu to a laptop01:11
mithroI'm heading to lunch - will be back in 15-30 minutes01:27
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Elldawg_on_PCok sorry back so late03:30
Elldawg_on_PCyes i have a raspberry pi03:30
Elldawg_on_PChooking it up now03:30
CarlFKwhat distro do you have on it?03:31
CarlFKI am not exactly sure what I have03:31
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CarlFKwhat ver?  I have 2016-05-27-raspbian-jessie.img03:33
CarlFKk - let me get that03:34
Elldawg_on_PCok its working on the raspberry pi03:36
Elldawg_on_PCso weird03:36
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CarlFKbtw - i just got 2017-03-02-raspbian-jessie-lite.zip03:53
CarlFKbut.. now we know the Opsis is working as expected, so now to figure out what is messing things up03:54
CarlFKyou can connect to it multiple tiimes.  but that just lets you send chars, where the return chars go is a mystery03:55
CarlFKso my guess is something (Modem Manager) is connecting and trying to reset it using ATZ commands03:56
mithroElldawg_on_PC: BTW if you say my name it get a notification03:58
mithroElldawg_on_PC: I would be very interested to see if you have the same issue on the latest firmware04:04
mithroElldawg_on_PC: I would be surprised if you didn't -- but it would be worth checking04:04
mithroElldawg_on_PC / sam_: BTW How did you find out about the project / decide to purchase the Opsis board?04:05
mithroElldawg_on_PC: btw - you didn't happen to install hdmi2usbd / HDMI2USB-controlproxy-daemon at all?04:06
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Elldawg_on_PCi have not installed HDMI2USB-controlproxy-daemon but i think sam might have04:47
CarlFKthat is likely what is eating the chars04:51
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mithroishan_bansal: ping?10:13
ishan_bansalPong @mithro10:13
mithroishan_bansal: You need to squash your commits together10:14
mithroishan_bansal: Then use "git push --force" to update the pull request10:14
ishan_bansalOh ok. I will. I was just figuring out what went wrong.10:15
ishan_bansal@Mithro. I have done the change :)10:22
ishan_bansalPing @Mithro10:40
ishan_bansalscripts/ line 268: cd: /home/travis/build/timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/third_party/litex: No such file or directory. This is the error that the repo is facing10:41
tpbTitle: Fix cloning edid-decode behind a proxy by ishan98 · Pull Request #315 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
mithroishan_bansal: You deleted the submodule10:43
ishan_bansalAh! Iam sorry. I dint notice10:44
ishan_bansalIam using Git after a long time. Please bare with me.:(10:45
ishan_bansal@Mithro Fixed it )11:11
mithroishan_bansal: you don't need to send a new pull request each time11:11
mithroishan_bansal: Just update the change in your branch11:12
ishan_bansalYess !! I was not able to sync my branch's missing folder with master. So, I made one11:12
ishan_bansalwhen i fetch with the upstream .... It shows its upto date :/11:13
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ishan_bansalOnce u get done with that PR. i ll discuss couple small problems with the setup.11:20
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