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arcticShadowI'm keen on the Open Aspects of the hardware/software combinations, particularly in this case because I can see applications right now where this stuff would be immensely useful over other corporate solutions. For Example, at present i have access to 2 black magic thunderbolt hdmi/sdi capture devices, and have been involved in streaming/recording a number of events for my company. however the nature of the black magic devices, and the complic00:03
arcticShadowations of the software make it not an easy to use solution. I was introduced to the open hardware/software by xfxf at a conference in Wellington a couple of weeks back, and i've been look at it in my free time to see if I could put together a standalone 'streamer' that can plug in and go. I'm quite familiar with FOSS projects (being a web developer for a living) and I really appreciate all the effort and contributions that people make.00:03
mithroarcticShadow: Ahh cool! A lot of us are here in Australia00:04
arcticShadowIn retrosepct, I probably should have started with an introduction like that before asking questions :-D00:04
mithroarcticShadow: What conference?00:04
mithroarcticShadow: Long term, the project aims to make a "conference recording in a box" which can be used by someone who has no knowledge of A/V systems00:07
mithroarcticShadow: But that is still a *long* way off00:07
arcticShadowIf i may ask, why is it considered a long way off? I can see the potential to achieve those goals now with a little bit of hacking (both hardware and software)00:09
CarlFKarcticShadow: are you by chance "I play the js"?00:09
arcticShadownope. Thats Matt Mckegg(sp?)00:09
arcticShadowI'm Cole :-)00:10
CarlFKMatt sounds familiar00:10
CarlFKI recorded his talk in Portland OR, USA a while ago, saw that xfxf did again for nz.js00:10
mithroarcticShadow: We are getting much closer to the "conference recording in a box, usable by experienced people" (I expect to see something along that vein by the end of the year)00:11
mithroarcticShadow: "conference recording in a box, usable by *anyone*" is a much harder task :-P00:11
arcticShadowHmm yea guess i'm not looking at it from a truly *anyone* point of view00:12
CarlFKI suggest you start using the tools we use00:13
arcticShadowWould love to! Just need to convince my company that buying the hardware is a good investment.00:13
mithroarcticShadow: Where in NZ are you?00:14
mithropuck: is in NZ too00:14
arcticShadowWhich *shouldn't* be hard considering they are happy to drop ~6k(nzd) on 2 hours of live streaming + microphone & speaker setup 8 times a year00:15
arcticShadowI'm based in Auckland (work CBD)00:15
CarlFKarcticShadow: I use bm declink cards with voctomix.  I bet the stuff you already have could be added in pretty easy00:15
mithroarcticShadow: Hire xfxf? :-P00:15
arcticShadowThought he was bassed in AU?00:16
mithroarcticShadow: yeah but at ~$6k NZD it still might be worth his time :-P00:16
CarlFKwell, if $350usd is a blocker...00:17
mithroMeeting at work00:17
CarlFKer... let me back up.. what is preventing you from switching?00:17
CarlFK"buying the hardware"  what hardware?00:18
arcticShadowhahah yea figured we're paying to much. And the quality we get out of it is poor to say the least. had one last week were I watched from home and was getting nauseous with the operator tracking the presenter around the stage with far too much zoom.00:18
arcticShadowahh the prevention to obtaining the hardware is i can't (currently) fund it from my own pocket, and comp[any politics. (which state is easier to pay someone to mess it up, then get employees to do it for a fraction of the cost)00:19
arcticShadowtechnically I have everything i need with the Bm devices/HD camera and Mac software to do it (and have in the past for smaller scale stuff) but the software is so flaky and fragile im not keen to try it on a larger scale.00:20
CarlFKwhat hardware?00:20
xfxfarcticShadow: hi!  welcome00:20
arcticShadowCarlFK: Im wanting to pickup the Opsis to play with - my BM devices cause my no end of greif. (also with a usb/ethernet device I wont be limited to Mac)00:22
CarlFKarcticShadow: sure, but don't let that block you from trying the rest of our stack00:23
CarlFKwhat bm device?  (part no or url or something00:24
xfxfarcticShadow: the hdmi2usb's work well, i've not found anything else i like that I can use with linux + a laptop00:24
xfxfand we also use blackmagic pcie capture devices for some events and find them pretty solid tbh, but that's a very different use-case to the hdmi2usb.  hdmi2usb does some neat tricks like lock down the EDID and provide an output, so they're great as a passthrough device at the lecturn for laptop capture00:25
xfxfthe only realistic equiv with a blackmagic gear is to use an expensive scan converter / video matrix device, and do a HD-SDI copy out into a capture card00:25
xfxfwhich we actually did in track 1 at nz.js, but that's because the AV company already had it sitting there00:26
xfxfit's an expensive option normally00:26
arcticShadowI've got a thunderbolt intensity extreme, and a UltraStudio Mini Recorder00:32
CarlFK UltraStudio Mini Recorder - pci-e card that goes in a desktop?00:39
arcticShadow[email protected]?_v=147806106300:39
arcticShadownot sure on that link? its an external thunderbolt connection00:39
CarlFKah, not what I use00:40
CarlFKbut.  bm seems to have pretty good linux support00:40
CarlFKif you want to dip your toe in
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts (at
arcticShadowheh - Havnt seen many machines with decent Thunderbolt support running linux :-)00:41
CarlFKanyway, I gotta go eat dinner00:41
CarlFKyou time travelers should stay in the future :p00:42
arcticShadowI've started playing with voctomix (i was asking questions RE core+gui running in docker a week or so back)00:42
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CarlFKarcticShadow: do you do ansible ?03:32
CarlFKI could use some eyes on
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/video-stack-deploy (at
arcticShadowi havn't yet touched ansible03:34
arcticShadowWhats the overview of the goals of that stack?03:37
CarlFKrecord and produce videos03:44
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ishan_bansalI have been trying to setup the litex firmware ....08:00
ishan_bansalThe fact is I run the script behind a proxy.08:01
ishan_bansalAs a result of which :08:01
ishan_bansalThe command git clone git:// does not work (which needs ssh tunneling and is really hard to do under proxy)08:02
ishan_bansalMy suggestion is we can simply replace git:// with
ishan_bansalwhich work everywhere and I think both des the same functioning.08:03
ishan_bansalI will make a PR with this change if You feel it's ok08:03
ishan_bansaland one more thing is that when we install the conda packages ... we get an error saying no supported dependencies for socks ....08:05
ishan_bansalfor which we have to do export all_proxy="https://hostname:portnumber" ...08:06
ishan_bansalIt will be very comfortable for people working under proxy to install the setup if we find an alternative or a note to deal with the error ...08:07
ishan_bansalAs most of the students work under proxy .... I think it's an important thing to deal with .... Thank you :)08:07
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