Sunday, 2017-03-26

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futarisWebcollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status04:40
futarisWeb   /home/futaris/buildroot/output/host/usr/lm32-buildroot-uclinux-uclibc/bin/ld.real: error: no memory region specified for loadable section `.ro04:40
futarisWebNote: if build needs additional libraries, put them in CONFIG_EXTRA_LDLIBS.04:40
futarisWebExample: CONFIG_EXTRA_LDLIBS="pthread dl tirpc audit pam"04:40
futarisWebMakefile:717: recipe for target 'busybox_unstripped' failed04:41
futarisWebbfd_vma _lm32fdpic_add_rofixup() function in binutils-2.26.1/bfd/elf32-lm32.c ....04:47
futarisWebDoes the code for the firmware work with -fPIC / Position-Independent Code?
tpbTitle: UClinux Shared Library - (at
futarisWebTrying to revert back to buildroot 2014.11 has binutils 2.22 which doesn't have mainline support for lm32... Why use buildroot 2014.11? BR2_PREFER_STATIC_LIB is still supported in that.05:27
futarisWeb rootfs seems to only have static executables... No shared libraries.05:33
tpbTitle: Javascript LatticeMico32 Emulator (runs Linux) (at
tpbTitle: Article: Two approaches to shared library support for uClinux/uClibc (at
futarisWeb - no lm32 directory05:39
tpbTitle: uclibc-lm32/ldso/ldso at master · m-labs/uclibc-lm32 · GitHub (at
futarisWeb - no lm32 directory05:39
tpbTitle: uclibc-ng.git - Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. (at
futarisWeb - no lm32 directory.05:44
tpbTitle: musl/src/ldso at master · jpbonn/musl · GitHub (at
futarisWebGoing off that, lm32 uClinux basically only supported static executables...05:44
paddatrappermithro: should be finishing the changes today06:15
tpbTitle: [uClinux-dev] uClinux/FDPIC loader on LatticeMico32/Milkymist (at
tpbTitle: Compiling uClinux/LM32 userspace apps (at
tpbTitle: Milkymist Linux cheat sheet - Milkymist Wiki (at
tpbTitle: SFO15 406 ARM FDPIC toolset, kernel & libraries for Cortex M & Cortex R mmuless cores - Linaro Connect (at
tpbTitle: fdpic_doc/abi.txt at master · mickael-guene/fdpic_doc · GitHub (at
mithrohey futarisWeb07:27
futarisWebon the openrisc front:07:27
tpbTitle: Buildroot 2017.02 released [] (at
mithrofutarisWeb: Just replied to your email07:28
mithrofutarisWeb: the lm32 we use has a MMU07:29
tpbTitle: lm32/mmu.rst at master · m-labs/lm32 · GitHub (at
futarisWebYeah, the MMU is there. You'll still have to write the loader support for full linux. In the past with microblaze and other soft-core architectures, they tend to get uClinux running first, then migrate to MMU linux.07:30
mithrofutarisWeb: newlib has lm32 support - I assume that isn't useful for Linux userspace?07:30
futarisWebnewlib isn't used in linux. Generally only bare-metal or on a RTOS maybe.07:31
mithrofutarisWeb: ?07:31
tpbTitle: musl/arch/lm32 at master · jpbonn/musl · GitHub (at
futarisWebWatching the FDPIC video linked above or reading sort of explains it.07:31
mithromusl also looks to as some point maybe have supported lm32?07:32
futarisWebYeah, I mentioned that above too. ldso directory is the important stuff.07:32
futarisWebYou can build a static executable or a few (without the ldso support for FDPIC or something). But no shared libraries.07:33
tpbTitle: noMMU status - Waldemar Brodkorb's tech blog (at
futarisWebI didn't really look into what or1k / openrisc are doing in buildroot ....07:35
tpbTitle: arch: add support for OpenRISC architecture - Patchwork (at
futarisWebI'm pretty sure the config for or1k buildroot should just work. Which means it's just a matter of writing the newer drivers for the other peripherals.07:46
futarisWebIs there much work in changing the qemu-build script for CPU=or1k ?07:47
mithrofutarisWeb: I started looking at getting the qemu support to include or1k07:49
mithrofutarisWeb: Hopefully I'll have some time later in the week to look at that07:49
mithroI spent the weekend working on upgrading our GCC toolchain07:49
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mithrofutarisWeb: The or1k in qemu is using their peripherals, not ours09:33
futarisMMIO at different addresses for the TTYs, isn't it? Ethernet is probably a little bit more work. Change the devicetree. Write new device drivers.09:35
futarisI don't know the memory map for or1k litex.09:35
mithrofutaris: totally different UART driver09:35
futaristhird_party/litex/litex/soc/software/libbase/uart.c - very simple driver, like you said last week.09:41
mithroYeah, pretty much a fifo :-P09:43
futarisYeah. Should be straightforward to port the qemu lm32 changes across to qemu or32 (or1k).09:48
futaris looks interesting09:50
tpbTitle: litepcie/litepcie/software/linux at master · enjoy-digital/litepcie · GitHub (at
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salva_i would like to submit a proposal to GSoC, something related to Verilog14:57
salva_any idea?14:57
CarlFKsalva_:  -  I am not sure what is and isn't good for Verilog, but I think that will help15:01
salva_thanks CarlFK15:03
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karan_mithro: for project of jpeg encoder can i use vivado for testing by converting modules form migen to verilog15:27
cr1901_modernkaran_: Yes, but it requires a bit of work. migen in the past only supported iverilog as a simulator, and in late 2015 there was an API change that removed iverilog support.15:28
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cr1901_modernkaran: I don't remember the reason iverilog support hasn't been added back in, but I do recall ugly edge cases.15:29
cr1901_modernkaran: Here's an example of how you might insert your own design into an iverilog testbench:
tpbTitle: GitHub - cr1901/hdmi_tb: HDMI2USB Litex Minimal Mimasv2 Testbench (at
karancr1901_modern: from migen docs it shows it support iverilog15:31
cr1901_modernkaran: Which docs?15:32
cr1901_modern(Can I have a link?)15:33
tpbTitle: Simulating a Migen design Migen X documentation (at
cr1901_modernkaran: I'm asking on #m-labs IRC, but I think those docs are out of date. The VPI library was removed with the API change.15:40
cr1901_modernI would suggest doing something similar to my Makefile to get access to signals from the Vivado simulator15:41
cr1901_modernkaran: Up to date docs
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karancr1901_modern: can you elaborate mathod of makefile,not getting it16:20
cr1901_modernkaran: I'll have to do it later, sorry :(. I am massively distracted right now16:30
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karan looks like its simulating after generating .vcd file in migen  and opening it in gtkwave in iverilog:)19:10
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arcticShadowHi All - Im looking at the Numato Opsis, trying to work out if it can do what i want it to do. I've been reading all the documentation I can find (which is not much) so wondered if I have missed something. I.E. Where should I start reading to figure out how to configure this hardware?23:16
arcticShadowWell actually the better question might be where do I start to configure HDMI2USB23:16
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CarlFKarcticShadow: do you have it now?23:25
arcticShadowI don't have the hardware yet, if thats what you refer to.23:27
mithroHi arcticShadow23:37
CarlFKwhere you start depends on what you are hoping to do23:37
mithroarcticShadow: What do you want to do?23:37
mithroCarlFK: jinx :-P23:37
mithrocr1901_modern: ping?23:39
arcticShadowhehe. The specific question I had to start with, is it possible to get two input streams out via usb.23:39
arcticShadowBut was also hoping to find some good reading material overall. Just found some more docs on the site for configuring as well.23:40
CarlFKarcticShadow: only 1 input can be routed an output.23:45
CarlFKincluding the encoder, which feeds the usb23:45
CarlFKunless someone adds the feature to the firmware23:45
arcticShadowCool - That fits with what I was expecting. So the next question would be, How can i stream 1 (or 2) inputs via ethernet. i.e. what would I need to receive these streams.23:47
CarlFKmithro: does it stream over ethernet yet?23:47
mithroNo streaming via Ethernet, just control23:48
mithroarcticShadow: It is only possible to get a single stream via USB23:48
mithroarcticShadow: There is a FAQ about video resolutions and capabilities at
arcticShadowThats an interesting read, thanks.23:51
mithroarcticShadow: It's also complicated by the fact that what the hardware can do and what the current firmware can do are two different things23:52
arcticShadowI'm getting that impression :-D23:54
mithroarcticShadow: IE We only started getting working Ethernet middle of last year23:54
CarlFK" more then one input source (assuming the bandwidth allows).23:54
tpbTitle: Make the HDMI2Eth target fully functional · Issue #224 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
mithroarcticShadow: Being an FOSS project, we are driven by people's avaliable spare time and the limited amount of funding / hardware that I'm willing to provide (instead of spending it on beer :)23:55

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