Saturday, 2017-03-25

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CarlFKtumbleweed: [email protected]:~/src/tv/lca$ ansible c2 -i lca2017-av/inventory/hosts  -m setup --user root | grep gateway00:11
CarlFK            "gateway": "???",00:11
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tumbleweedCarlFK: well I guess there you go then03:13
tumbleweedI'd see if someone has filed abug about that, because that's whack03:13
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CarlFKtumbleweed: LOL05:44
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mithrohello wcmckee08:03
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karanmithro:how much work was done by  Neuron1k on project of conversion of jpeg encoder18:25
karanmithro:can use his previous work
tpbTitle: litejpeg/litejpeg/core at master · Neuron1k/litejpeg · GitHub (at
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CarlFKtumbleweed: help help.. at a show.. but don't really need hdmi capture (not tech show) but..19:40
CarlFKwhat term program is installed?19:40
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CarlFKhmm, opsis - lsusb shows 2a19:544219:42
CarlFKwhat does that mean?19:42
CarlFKanyone know the command  to triger the  un/plug the usb19:44
tumbleweedCarlFK: I think we had an opsis command that gets you in, no matter what terminal is installed19:45
tumbleweed(you pick the terminal, it's an anible variable)19:45
CarlFKany idea what that command is?19:46
CarlFKcommand not found19:46
tumbleweedyou install the opsis role?19:46
tumbleweed5442 is the prod mode, by the look of it19:46
tumbleweedit should be /usr/local/bin/opsis19:47
CarlFKnot sure what this box has, grabbed a spare box to use it as an hdmi->vga converter for the vga only projector19:47
tumbleweedyeah, the ansible stuff isn't well suited to making spare boxes19:47
tumbleweedget it online, and ansible it from your laptop?19:48
CarlFKis any term program installed as part of the system stuff?19:48
CarlFKi have never used screen as a term program..19:53
CarlFKbu first...19:53
CarlFKgiven the usb id, I won't have a tty device yet right?19:54
tumbleweedscreen /dev/foo (just like that)19:54
tumbleweedyou should have one19:54
CarlFKwhat is the foo?19:54
tumbleweedACM0 ?19:55
tumbleweedpoke around and see19:55
CarlFKno dev/A*19:55
tumbleweed        # The production Numato Opsis will boot in this mode by default.19:56
tumbleweed        #
tumbleweed        # Bus 003 Device 091: ID 2a19:5441 Numato Opsis ( mode)19:56
tumbleweedoh, you said 5442, sorry19:56
tumbleweed(but I think that is a typo in the comment, it means 5442)19:56
tumbleweedsorry, ttyACM?19:57
CarlFKI have ttyACM0  but screen /dev/ttyACM0 quicly gives [screen is terminating]19:58
CarlFKk, now I have a clear screen19:59
CarlFKenter.. nothing19:59
tumbleweedcan't remember if screen works with opsis, but it probably should19:59
CarlFKhow do I get out of screen?20:00
tumbleweedctrl-a, k20:00
CarlFK^a d20:00
tumbleweedyou don't have a modem manager mucking around with it, do you?20:00
tumbleweedd detches, but it's still running20:00
CarlFKprolly not. box was made with the mostly current ansible stuff20:00
tumbleweedthe udev rules that tell modem manager to fuck off aren't being installed, because yo udon't have the opsis role20:01
tumbleweedbut I don' tthink you'll get a modem manager, either20:01
CarlFKwell, I have the box wired to my laptop, but my laptop's networking is  ... tricky :p
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKrecording box is not hooked to this20:28
tumbleweedwhee, carl has a crazy local network again20:30
tumbleweedlooks like you need to get rid of lxdbr020:31
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ sudo ifdown lxdbr020:32
CarlFKUnknown interface lxdbr020:32
tumbleweedifdown is only useful for things defined in /etc/network/interfaces20:32
tumbleweedifconfig lxdbr0 down ?20:32
CarlFKyay - connected20:33
tumbleweedwhat show, btw?20:34
CarlFKbut no nating from box to net20:34
* tumbleweed waves from libreplanet (where they're still using their own crazy stuff)20:34
CarlFKoh damm, that is now?20:34
CarlFKAlternatives to Calling Police During Mental Health Crises (part 5 of 5)20:35
tumbleweedserious stuff20:35
CarlFKI wonder what this button does...20:43
CarlFKna, screw that.20:45
CarlFK"net share - share this connection with others"20:45
CarlFKheh - box has no gateway20:46
tumbleweedthat's trivial to fix20:46
tumbleweedip route add default via ...20:46
tumbleweedyou'll probably need DNS resolvers too20:47
CarlFKI think I am asibleling it now!20:57
CarlFK    "msg": "Timeout (12s) waiting for privilege escalation prompt: "21:05
tumbleweed-k ?21:06
tumbleweederr K probably21:06
CarlFKno help21:08
CarlFKim a little confused...21:09
tumbleweedyou sshing in as root? That's what the ansible cookbooks assume21:09
tumbleweed(which would also make -K definitely not needed)21:09
CarlFKtrist -K --user juser --become --ask-become-pass21:10
CarlFKansible-playbook ansible/site.yml -i lca2017-av/inventory/hosts -vvvv -l trist -K --user juser --become --ask-become-pass21:10
CarlFK(ignore the first trist -K... line)21:10
* tumbleweed has no idea if that would work21:11
tumbleweedthat's not what we were doing at LCA21:11
CarlFKhmm, I 'think' thats what I was doing before I went back to testing with late_command21:13
CarlFKI thought it was lca too21:13
tumbleweedno, pretty sure it was either sshing in as root, or running from a local checkout (ansible-up)21:14
CarlFKsshing in as root to a consol and run ansible, or ansible sshing as root?21:15
CarlFKand could be I did this to make r&d easier21:16
tumbleweedcould not be related to the problem you're having here. I'm just bringing it up, because privilege escalation was not something we had to deal with21:16
CarlFKH2U 01:41:10>21:17
CarlFKwth is this prompt?!!! lol21:17
tumbleweednew firmware21:18
mithroCarlFK: uptime21:18
CarlFKwoo!!! hdmi2usb color bars in vocto!21:22
CarlFKis there some way to remotely log in the X session so I can use it?21:22
tumbleweedx11vnc ?21:23
tumbleweedwhy do you need to use a box's X?21:23
tumbleweedx11vnc can export an X session over VNC21:24
tumbleweedI think gnome has built-in thing to do that too21:24
CarlFKbecause the venu only has vga21:24
CarlFKso ingext... --monitor puts the feed on the local display, drag that over to the vga projector and we have a system ... from hell.21:25
tumbleweedrun a cable to the vga projector?21:25
CarlFKyou think there is an hdmi port there don't you ? :p21:26
CarlFK(there isn't)21:26
tumbleweedwell you have an HDMI->VGA adaptor in your bag, I presume?21:26
CarlFKyes, but then I have to fight with resolutions21:27
tumbleweedrun an mplayer / vlc / gstreamer pipeline of the rtsp feed vocto exports?21:27
CarlFKalso.. has anyone seen my vga->hdmi converter box?21:27
tumbleweedvnc is no good for video21:27
tumbleweedsure, but this is HDMI->VGA, far easier21:27
CarlFKI have the dongles, but they scare me21:29
CarlFKwoo, show over!21:30
CarlFKnow I can run up and log in and hook up the projector21:31
CarlFKand feedback!!!21:32
CarlFKI hate how long it takes for ingest to start streaming...21:35
CarlFKwhat is id dong?21:35
* tumbleweed has no idea21:36
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CarlFKhalp.. xrandr to copy screen to vga21:44
tumbleweedxrandr --output VGA0 --same-as LVDS021:45
tumbleweed(assuming tehy're the same resolution)21:45
tumbleweederr you might need a --auto too21:45
CarlFKgot it  - yes --autio21:51
CarlFKmithro: eww washed out display21:51
CarlFKnever mind...  I think it is the prouector21:51
mithroWe should soon have a way to adjust the gamma on the outputs in the HDMI2USB firmware21:54
mithroOnce I can merge ssk1328's work21:54
tumbleweedyou can adjust the gamma on the laptop's output with xranr21:54
mithroHey tumbleweed!21:55
tumbleweedo/ mithro21:55
mithrotumbleweed: you convincing libreplanet to use our stuff?21:55
tumbleweedI think that's a lost cause21:56
tumbleweedas long as they're stuck with machines running libreboot, voctomix is definitely out21:56
tumbleweedand the laptops they're capturing from don't have HDMI :P21:56
mithrotumbleweed: I want to make the fsf care about FPGA tool chains21:56
mithroAnd put it on their priority list thing21:57
tumbleweedyeah, that'd be good21:57
mithroSo, I'm willing to take some pain convincing then21:58
mithrotumbleweed: they could do getto mixing on the opsis?21:58
* tumbleweed doesn't know if they're even mixing21:59
CarlFKbreaking down22:02
tumbleweedCarlFK: ?22:04
CarlFKtumbleweed: packing up. about done.  yay!22:38
mithroEven ancient laptops should be able to take the mjpeg and send to network22:42
tumbleweedmithro: that's not the bit I'm talking about22:43
tumbleweedCarlFK: \o/22:43
mithroKaren and Brad had libreboot laptops at LCA which worked with the VGA convertors we had22:45
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mithroStill zero GSoC proposals :-(22:56
mithropaddatrapper: How is your proposal going?22:56
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