Thursday, 2017-03-16

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tvCommitBot[website] mithro pushed 1 new commit to master:
tvCommitBotwebsite/master 09fb7e6 Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Adding more versions of the TimVideos logo.02:37
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mithroCarlFK: I updated the website like you asked02:38
mithroCan everyone who uses G+ reshare + like ?02:44
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futarisWebmithro / shenki: Just sent another e-mail re: glibc and lm32.03:33
mithrofutarisWeb: BTW Our lm32 has a mostly untested/unused MMU03:34
futarisWebYeah, I suspected that about the MMU.03:35
mithrofutarisWeb: The two problems with the or1k is that it doesn't have upstream gcc support and uses more FPGA resources than the lm3203:36
mithrofutarisWeb: I think worrying about Linux userspace is a bit premature03:36
futarisWebWhat is the plan for the linux userspace / kernel? I assume you want to run Linux rather than some RTOS because of the better driver support etc...03:38
mithrofutarisWeb: The reasons for Linux kernel are listed in the doc + github issue03:38
mithrofutarisWeb: We are also investigating NuttX as a potential RTOS03:39
futarisWeb ... So USB (OTG), TCP/IP and EDID processing.03:40
tpbTitle: [HDMI2USB] Port Linux to the lm32 CPU and support HDMI2USB firmware functionality · Issue #30 · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
mithrofutarisWeb: Linux for example has a huge amount of stuff in the drm stack for dealing with broken & noncompliant monitors (specially with things like DisplayPort) -- not using Linux means replicating that03:40
mithrofutarisWeb: + Get access to large developer base03:41
mithroOnce the architecture works, almost all the stuff is going to be driver code -- like Linux in general, the driver code should all be independent of the arch too03:42
mithroI would personally like to see us supporting Linux on the or1k, lm32, risc-v and sh203:43
futarisWebDoes the DRM stuff work in uClinux?03:44
mithrofutarisWeb: Any reason it wouldn't?03:45
futarisWebI can't say I've looked into it. It used to be in the past, that uClinux devices didn't have graphical interfaces.03:46
futarisWebThere has been development to use uClinux on Cortex-M series processors, though so I supposed that has changed in recent years.03:47
mithrofutarisWeb: Still jumping the gun a little - Lets get to a stage were we can boot Linux03:48
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futarisWebI can get qemu running, and a kernel, but I was more trying to figure out where to go from there. Haven't used poky-tiny before. Haven't touched buildroot in years, so a small (re)learning curve for both.03:52
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mithrofutarisWeb: Well, once we have qemu+kernel running we can discuss things further03:54
CarlFKmithro: I just tried to run qemu - "not found" - did the command to launch it change?03:56
mithroCarlFK: ???03:56
CarlFK(veyepar) [email protected]:~$ qemu03:56
CarlFKqemu: command not found03:56
mithroCarlFK: why are you running qemu?03:57
futarisWebmithro: Did you submit anything to - CEED projects with QUT, UQ, USQ and USyd.03:57
tpbTitle: CEED – company-based training for students - Home (at
CarlFKmithro: this time I was trying to help someone else run qemu.  In the past I have used it to test deployment scripts03:58
mithrofutarisWeb: Nope!03:58
futarisWebshenki: Are you saying uclibc support for lm32 is already upstream?04:01
futarisWeb - I guess so.04:06
tpbTitle: uclibc-ng.git - Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. (at
shenkiim not sure that it's upstream. it's somewhere04:09
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tpbTitle: [U-Boot,3/3] OpenRISC: Remove - Patchwork (at
futarisWebHmm. Looks like we need a maintainer for u-boot for both lm32 and or1k.07:05
futarisWebI've patched buildroot (git), and I'm currently building for lm32.07:05
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futarisThe directory that should contain system headers does not exist:   /home/futaris/buildroot/output/host/usr/lm32-buildroot-uclinux-gnu/sysroot/include Makefile:2906: recipe for target 'stmp-fixinc' failed07:26
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futarisWebMight be gcc-6.3.0 / busybox related... Trying again with gcc-5.4.0 instead.07:45
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futarisWebOk. Fixed that issue with the gcc in buildroot. It's now compiling the kernel, and going to attach the initramfs (as a CPIO) to the end of the kernel.09:04
futarisWebThere wasn't really much work to get lm32 working in buildroot. elf2flt patch, but everything else seems to be upstreamed already.09:05
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CarlFKwow.  ./ --video-source dv just worked :p22:30
CarlFKI now have 480 ntsc dv firewire getting mixed with 720p vocto22:31
tumbleweedeww ntsc22:39
CarlFKyeah yeah, up scaled by the client, sent over lan, then downscaled to whatever the pnp window size is22:40
CarlFKwith extra red :p22:40
xfxfyeah note I added the DV pipeline but I sold my DV cameras22:44
xfxfenough said :P22:44
CarlFKoh wait.. I can put 2 BM cards into 1 desktop. derp.22:46
CarlFKI know I can, because I have done it.22:47
CarlFKxfxf: can I wipe the usb disk full of lca raw's?22:54
xfxfI forgot that even existed - sure23:07
CarlFKweird.  plug it into a usb3 port, lsusb doesn't see it23:08
CarlFKusb2, no problem23:08
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