Wednesday, 2017-03-15

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CarlFKshenki: thanks.00:08
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mithroCan everyone retweet ?02:21
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mithroshenki, futaris_ here is Hasjim06:31
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mithrofutarisWeb: Hi!06:33
futarisWebHi. Just grabbing the Xilinx ISE DS Lin 14.7 1015 tarball at the moment06:33
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shenkifutarisWeb: what are you looking to work on?06:45
futarisWebGetting the Linux kernel running in qemu, and the HDMI2USB eventually.06:47
shenkithere's not much reason to get ISE for working on that06:52
shenkiit doesn't hurt to get familiar with everything06:52
shenkibut you don't need it06:52
futarisWebUnderstood. I'm just after a schematic / block diagram / device tree of what runs on the HDMI2USB. It's my understanding that the milkymist machine specification runs fine on qemu-lm32?06:54
shenkiit did once upon a time06:54
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shenkii don't think anyone has worked on it in many years06:55
futarisWebOk. So no one knows when it broke?06:55
shenkiit might still work. im not sure06:55
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futarisWebOk. I'll try and let everyone know. In any case, I've got to go in a few minutes.06:56
futarisWebThanks for the links in the e-mails.06:56
shenkino worries06:56
shenkiwhat timezone are you in?06:56
futarisWebBased in Brisbane (GMT+10).06:56
shenkiah easy :)06:56
futarisWebI will probably be on later tonight.06:57
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fysalhi, i want to know what should i do?....tasks to start with?07:39
tpbTitle: Issues · timvideos/getting-started · GitHub (at
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fysalthank you tpb07:49
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mithroYay! Bunnie tweeted about us -
shenkimithro: so did i09:05
shenkiwhat are you trying to say?09:05
mithroshenki: Bunnie has more followers than you do :-P09:14
shenkithis is true09:15
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mithroshenki: Well, I just spent a couple of hours updating websites -- I'm going to go home and go to bed I think10:49
mithroshenki: Can you take a look at my updates to the GSoC page?10:59
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shenkimithro: sure11:23
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shenkimore lm32 qemu stuff:
tpbTitle: QEMU: hw/lm32/lm32_boards.c | Fossies (at
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futarisShenki: looks like more old code from 2010. Ideally getting lm32 to the stage where virtio net / block works would be ideal. They have virtio-mem on arm, etc.13:42
shenkivirtio requires pci. i doubt we want to go down that path13:43
futarisDoes the jpg encoder just send an interrupt after every full frame capture.13:43
futarisvirtio-mem doesn't require pci.13:43
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futarisI've used it on my chromebook arm a few years ago, with kvm. Cortex-A15.13:45
shenkithe direction we'd prefer is to emulate the litex devices in qemu13:46
shenkiso you can run the firmware as-is13:46
futarisYou'll have a big hit in performance for block io and network. I can understand, particularly for the driver for the jpeg encoder...13:54
tpbTitle: PeterMaydell/KVM/HowTo/KVMGuestSetup - Linaro Wiki (at
futarisGenerally qemu modifies / generates the device tree on the fly anyway.13:56
shenkithe jpeg encoder is in hardware14:00
shenkisoftware controls some of the encoder settings, but the encoding and shuffling of frames is done by hardware14:01
futarisOk. I'll look at the bare metal firmware, to see how it's done.14:04
shenkimithro: i don't know where we keep the up to date description of how the system is laid out14:04
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/firmware/lm32 at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
shenkifutaris: it's not the easiest to read. but as you can see there's no memcpy_frame anywhere, nor is there any encode_jpeg14:05
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/firmware at nextgen · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/architecture.png at nextgen · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
shenkithat second picture is where it's at14:08
shenkifutaris: as you can see, the softcore sits over to the left not doing all that much14:08
shenkithe system could run without it, assuming you hardcoded some default configuration14:08
shenkiwhat the softcore is good for is providing diagnostics and configuration of the IP cores14:09
mithroThe soft core basically just sets the input / output locations for DMA engines14:10
futarisOk. But aren't you planning on using the softcore & linux to do more with the OTG USB and/or Ethernet?14:11
shenkithat's a possability, yep14:14
shenkibooting linux would be a big milestone14:14
mithrofutaris: Yes, but in both cases it would probably be with hardware assisted offload14:18
mithroand as shenki points out, Linux needs to boot + do simple things like a UART and stuff first14:18
futarisYeah, Linux with a UART is always the first step in any board bringup. After initial printk.14:19
mithroI noticed that flterm has gdb passthru of some sort?14:23
shenkifunny you mention that14:25
shenkii've just spent three hours trying to get a gdb stub working14:25
shenkii think it's time to get qemu working again, to make this easier to debug14:26
shenkii need gdb so i can debug my gdb14:26
shenkiin lm32 on the mimasv214:26
mithroqemu won't help with sdcard I don't think?14:26
mithroWe should dust off my adv_debug_sys stuff14:27
shenkino sdcard involved14:27
mithro(but that was or1k only)14:27
shenkithis is all c code and excpetion handling14:27
shenki(c and asm)14:27
shenkityping is getting bad, i'd better head off14:28
futarisHow is the sd card connected? spi mode or sd card protocol?14:28
mithrofutaris: neither at the moment :-P14:28
mithroshenki: I'll look at that stuff on the weekend14:29
futarisWould litesata ( ) fit in the FPGA?14:33
tpbTitle: litesata/ at master · enjoy-digital/litesata · GitHub (at
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mithrofutaris: depends on the board, the opsis - definitely14:35
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