Wednesday, 2017-03-08

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mithroCarlFK: ping? Were you going to update the website?00:05
CarlFKmithro: going to.. had the edit thing open.. found the vocto url.. and got distracted00:05
tpbTitle: GitHub - voc/voctomix: Full-HD Software Live-Video-Mixer in python (at
mithroCarlFK: I think we might want a page on voctomix on the website00:07
CarlFKmithro: i poked around, the github url was the best I could find00:17
mithroCarlFK: I mean on website00:17
CarlFKwell.. given I can hardly swap out a URL.. don't wait for me to come up with content :p00:18
Joelw_usersu charlot100:21
mithroJoelw_: tyime to change your password?00:21
Joelw_Ha! Fortunately that wasn't a password :)00:22
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CarlFKsome how that didn't install nginx05:01
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tumbleweed"that" ?05:36
CarlFKrunning ansible from the end of d-i06:03
CarlFKif I let the install finish, run ansible from my laptop -h that_host, everything works as expected06:04
CarlFKderp.  different parameters.06:31
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dueseeHello, anybody has time to help a newbie?12:58
dueseeWe want to record some lectures which are given by several guests. They should all be able to use their own device (e.g. laptops). So I think, a HDMI capture device will be what we need. Which device would be suitable? I would love to use a open source solution and not some closed source hardware from amazon...13:01
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karanmithro: Hello i am willing to take part in GSOC from timvideos . I am interested in project " [HDMI2USB] Convert the JPEG encoder from VHDL to Migen/MiSoC #31" .how much work is remaining in this project and how you want me to proceed.....19:12
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xfxfso it turns out the BM web presenters have one piece of functionality that has proven itself useful alone23:01
xfxfHD-SDI in with built in scaler23:01
xfxfMeans I can take SDI from a vision switcher and bang it straight into vocto23:02
xfxfat 720p23:02
xfxfduesee: our numato opsis devices do that super well with the hdmi2usb hardware loaded23:04
xfxfwe use it at a bunch of confetences23:04
xfxfer sorry I should clarify the above re the web presenter - it does SDI to USB UVC23:47
xfxfso works with a laptop running linux23:48

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