Tuesday, 2017-03-07

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aravind_@mithro This is Aravind. I am back :)01:01
xfxfCarlFK: i'm cool with you updating that repo directly if it means you're adding features01:17
tumbleweedI'm a bit worried if we're just slinging these forks around without trying to get stuff back upstream01:30
tumbleweeddebconf doesn't have to be the upstream for everyone, though01:31
CarlFKtumbleweed: I'm being very careful, now.01:35
CarlFKI am trying to  keep the scope limited to just the cases we have already covered, and solve the problems we have talked about01:36
CarlFKonce I get that all in place, I think it will be easy enough for me to hook it or something so my R&D stuff is isolated01:37
tumbleweedwe'll probably need to make some infrastructure for automating testing01:39
tumbleweedec2 instances or something01:39
CarlFKHmm, looks like I upgraded ansible on my laptop: /usr/bin/ansible-playbook
CarlFK apt install ansible in late_command.shdoesn't get that, errors with "find not legal..."01:51
tumbleweedyeah, I think we are targetting ansible 2.0, which is in xenial01:54
CarlFKinstaller, prompt, apt... "not found"  what?01:56
CarlFKbut this ran   apt install -y ansible git eatmydata01:56
CarlFKchroot target01:56
* CarlFK feeds the ducks01:57
CarlFKtumbleweed:  34   when: ansible_env.LANG != 'en_US.UTF-8'02:33
CarlFKansible_env has  no LANG02:34
CarlFK(says on my screen)02:34
CarlFKruns ok if I finish the install, boot, wget late_command, run it02:43
Joelw_Anyone here know much about Android? I've got a display-less dev board with 3G and wifi, and I've been completely unable to get it to connect with either :(02:49
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tumbleweedCarlFK: yeah, wouldn't be suprised if that isn't set under DI03:14
CarlFKthe good news is I ansibled up a debian builder03:16
CarlFKflipping back to ubuntu now03:16
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-tvCommitBot- av-foss-stack/master 65216b4 Carl Karsten: Settings to test building Ubuntu boxes.20:14
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