Monday, 2017-03-06

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CarlFKtumbleweed: where does dnsmasq log dhcp requests ?01:27
mithrojea: ping?01:33
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tumbleweedCarlFK: syslog03:27
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jeamithro: hello05:13
mithrojea: Did you see the bugs I pinged?05:35
jeamithro: I did yes. Just haven't got to reply yet. Not sure about the tests - I will fix if they are broken. As for the edid description stuff, yes, I think I will work on it, unless someone else is wanting to do it now?05:57
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tpbTitle: restart pxe server so assigned eth-uplink/local names take effect. · CarlFK/[email protected] · GitHub (at
CarlFK  works on my  "run from my laptop" and I at least tired to keep it from messing up the install:           +  when: ansible_connection != 'local'17:02
tpbTitle: setup preseed for both jessie and xenial (sort of). · CarlFK/[email protected] · GitHub (at
CarlFKthat creates both jessie/preseed.cfg and xenial/preseed.cfg but they use the same ansible_distribution,  the pxe thing doesn't let you select the broken one, so..17:05
CarlFKI am going to make my server support both, and whatever else I add in.17:06
CarlFKlets talk about where what I want should exist where17:06
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-tvCommitBot- [av-foss-stack] CarlFK pushed 6 new commits to master:
-tvCommitBot- av-foss-stack/master 59ca85b Carl Karsten: change from lca to carls house18:13
-tvCommitBot- av-foss-stack/master 79d1aeb Carl Karsten: break ip into ip/mask18:13
-tvCommitBot- av-foss-stack/master 4e99f97 Carl Karsten: add some random boxes for testing.18:13
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CarlFKI did what?18:13
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CarlFKoh... I didn't fork that one.  no problem, it's fine.18:30
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-tvCommitBot- [av-foss-stack] CarlFK pushed 1 new commit to master:
-tvCommitBot- av-foss-stack/master 0ad810e Carl Karsten: Add trist to inventory.19:31
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tumbleweedCarlFK: of course the run during d-i is a whole different world :)19:58
tumbleweed(but the advantage of D-I is you get to reboot aftewards19:58
CarlFKtumbleweed: trying from d-i now19:58
CarlFK   # If non-free firmware is needed...  #d-i hw-detect/load_firmware boolean true20:01
tpbTitle: B.4. Contents of the preconfiguration file (for jessie) (at
tumbleweedis that a question?20:02
CarlFKdo you know what the kernel param is to skip that?  (it asks before the network is up to get the preseed file ?20:02
tumbleweedI don't know anything offhand20:02
tumbleweedyou're going to have to read the source20:02
tumbleweedor just use ubuntu :P20:03

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