Sunday, 2017-03-05

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CarlFKtumbleweed: what should re-assign the network dev names?02:21
CarlFK    command: "/bin/systemctl restart networking.service"02:22
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/main.yml at pxe-toucheup · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFKnot that I guess02:22
tumbleweedCarlFK: as I said, doing this without rebooting is actually pretty hard02:22
tumbleweedyou want to ifdown the interfaces that are going to be renamed02:22
tumbleweedthen run the udev thing to rename them02:23
tumbleweedthen bring them up02:23
CarlFKoh, missed that it was hard.02:23
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xfxftumbleweed: i'm about to use 2x of the setups we used at LCA for another conference.  laptops will be offline, i.e. connected direct to each other using a crossover cable, no internet.  any caveats re the ansible stuff i should be aware of?04:47
CarlFKxfxf: you can use a crossover but it isn't needed with gig-e05:00
xfxfindeed, sorry, old habit of saying crossover05:02
xfxfoh i have a new format json file for that conf if you feel like trying to create a show up on our cloud veyepar?05:03
xfxfi was gonna have a crack later tonight05:03
xfxfit's more sane then the last one i gave you :P05:03
CarlFKI'll look, but the last one scared me05:39
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tumbleweedxfxf: so, one of the caveats was that we never solved network secrets, so I just had those checked out on my laptop06:42
tumbleweedbut that doesn't matter, if you have no internet06:42
tumbleweedif you use the static hosts config, like we did at LCA, you don't need internet06:42
xfxfI'm just fiddling with the systemd scripts manually for now and will redeploy later06:46
xfxfIt's been a while since I've used ansible in anger; you pushed config changes from your laptop?06:47
xfxf(we use puppet at work, which runs an agent and pulls)06:47
xfxfone fun caveat I just noticed is if the hdmi2usb ingest can't start for whatever reason, the USB module is constantly removed and inserted into the kernel06:48
xfxfI wonder if that has any fun side effects if left running for hours06:48
xfxfin theory the kernel should be solid enough06:48
CarlFKtumbleweed: I want to test the debian stuff, but ansible_distribution: Debian didn't seem to do anything.    and scares me.  maybe ansible stuff uses that06:59
CarlFKI am thinking I should change it to ... distro: debian, and replace the places you used ansible_distribution07:00
tumbleweedxfxf: it seemed to not kill the kernel07:04
tumbleweedbut yes, I was initially skeptical too :P07:04
tumbleweedCarlFK: ansible_distribution is a magic variable that says it discovered it was running on debian07:05
CarlFKtumbleweed: right. Im running ansible on my ubuntu laptop and want to setup a debian install.07:06
tumbleweedCarlFK: right, so poin tyour laptop at a debian box, and it should just work07:06
CarlFKit detects the target?07:07
tumbleweedthats' what ansible_distribution is07:07
tumbleweedwhy is that weird? it's a useful feature, isn't it?07:08
CarlFKI fiugred it was set as part of the ansible package07:09
tumbleweedthere are other things one wants to discover07:10
CarlFKbut I guess you can pip or git get it.. so never mind that07:10
tumbleweedgrep for ansible_ and you'll see we're using a few07:10
tpbTitle: Variables Ansible Documentation (at
xfxftumbleweed: to confirm sorry, w/ ansible you pushed from your laptop every time there was a config change?07:18
tumbleweedxfxf: yes and no :P07:19
tumbleweedduring the conference, yes07:19
tumbleweedduring the hackfest, we'd reimage from scratch regularly, to be sure that it was still possible07:19
tumbleweed(and so that I didn't have to think about backwards compatibility)07:20
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xfxfugh, ok, thumbs down to the blackmagic web presenter10:00
xfxfall audio inputs are muxed together, you can't mute HDMI audio when you're doing XLR or RCA in for example, and XLR/RCA sounds muddy and horrible10:01
xfxfforums say the same thing10:01
xfxf'will be fixed in a firmware update'10:01
xfxfmore like they released something that wasn't finished :/10:01
xfxfvideo quality looks good though, even 1080p downscaled to its 720p10:01
xfxftumbleweed: good info, thx10:01
xfxfthe optional panel looks cool. But the only buttons that work are 1 and 2 (cut between inputs)10:09
xfxfhdmi2usb is significantly more functional than a shipped product, there you go10:09
xfxfoh herm, actually, this thing might have a serial console too, just its usb vid/pid isn't recognised by any linux drivers10:11
xfxfat least there's one thing that's not bound to any drivers (presents as UVC video + a seperate audio device, works with vocto with our existing ingest scripts fine)10:12
mithroxfxf: dump the output of lsusb -vv somewhere10:22
xfxfthe USB cable plugged into the back appears to present the webcam/audio devices, the USB cable plugged into the front you can see in the pic above presents a device nothing binds to10:28
xfxfi assume it'll be what blackmagic get us to use when there's a firmware update.  as yet, no firmware updates10:28
xfxfinterestingly too, i don't need to do the gstreamer audio delay thing in our ingest scripts when using the USB audio on this... it's already perfectly in sync10:29
xfxfthaytan_: did you tell me what that option was re sync that i should try?  i forget if you did.  i can try it now10:30
thaytan_setting a common base-time of 0 everywhere10:33
thaytan_so packet timestamps actually become wall clock times from the shared clock10:33
xfxfright, ta10:50
mithroxfxf: So you going to pull it apart?10:50
xfxfwill look that up10:50
xfxfmithro: i planned to but right now it's useless to me, so i'm considering sending it back - it's $800 i could use elsewhere10:50
xfxfi'll see when this supposed firmware update comes out10:50
xfxfi'm half wondering whether this is stuff is toggable if i can get a console to it somehow, either via that USB port or jtag/serial pins on the board somewhere10:51
mithroxfxf: Have you plugged it into a Windows/Mac computer?10:51
xfxfblackmagic don't provide any software or firmware for it (yet)10:51
xfxfjust comes up as a usb webcam + audio-in-only sound card10:52
xfxfherm comparing the output of this to the output of the hdmi2usb - the hdmi2usb has screen tearing on moving images, both on the usb encoder + hdmi output.  is that known?10:53
mithroxfxf: What do you mean tearing and how are you testing it?10:53
xfxfi'm playing a movie through it10:54
xfxflike vsync tearing if you've ever played a video game that suffers from it10:54
xfxflines through the image when there's fast motion10:54
mithroxfxf: I don't trust that test10:54
xfxfwell the blackmagic sitting next to it isn't doing it at all10:54
xfxfsame source10:54
xfxfactually, let me test more, maybe the video card (i.e. HDMI source) just sucks on this thing10:55
mithroxfxf: There are plenty of ways it could be happening10:55
xfxfactually, nm, it's the video card/HDMI source, just the way i had it hooked up was deceptive10:58
xfxfhilariously, i just swapped the HDMI in/out from the hdmi2usb to the blackmagic10:58
xfxfthe blackmagic isn't doing HDMI out in a way my monitor likes10:58
xfxfit appears to provide its own EDID data to the computer, though, it's showing as blackmagic10:58
xfxfwill do a EDID dump if you want later10:58
xfxfplug cables back into hdmi2usb, works perfectly10:59
xfxfi think there's zero way i'm taking this thing with me to NZ on wed... hdmi2usb is way better10:59
xfxfi assume they'll release a firmware update which will help - it's already failed out a bunch of ways already from 30 mins of testing :/11:00
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cr1901_modernkaran: You will need to wait to talk to mithro due to the time difference14:52
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tumbleweedho hum. in the keynote venue at SCaLE, they only have DVI capture17:52
tumbleweed(apparently turned into VGA at the back of the room, for capture into tho hardware mixer thing)17:53
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CarlFKtumbleweed: gross ;)19:20
CarlFKWe (you!) need to get something going like CCC has.  they get money from somewhere.19:21
tumbleweedCarlFK: haven't managed to have a good chat with them yet (they're busy, and it seems like a 1-man show, + volunteers)19:22
tumbleweedthe one man is ensconsed in a corner, fixing shit ;P19:22
CarlFKnice fab work19:36
tumbleweedlooks kinda painful to build, but they built them19:36
CarlFKhow interested are you in the whacky results of debian pxe server weirdness?   like one laptop client works fine, a 2nd (that worked fine with ubuntu) struggles to tftp - it takes minutes to GET the first file, that boots prints the selinux Peter Avalon? message, then times out trying to chain the next19:38
CarlFKI 'want' to dig into it, but I really don't have time.19:39
tumbleweeddon't know how much I can dig into that from here19:42
tumbleweedbut I'll help19:42
CarlFKI can give you ssh access to the server and you can watch logs while I send pxe stuff with it19:57
CarlFKreally just knowing that you care bumps up my ... something19:57
CarlFKI may just blame this hp laptop20:07
CarlFKit has ubuntu installed (only relevant to track down where this next came from:20:08
CarlFKapt-get install grub-ipxe20:08
CarlFKreboot, grub menu, ipxe20:08
tumbleweedyeah. Sometimes chaining ipxe from pxe is useful20:08
CarlFKscreen clears, caps lock light is flashing, box hung20:08
CarlFKIt did pxe /install a few times yeterday20:09
CarlFKso it can work. just doesn't now.  but in a very "local hardware/firmware" sort of way.20:10
CarlFKso not sure I want to spend time looking for problems on  the server side20:10
tumbleweedyeah. I could care less about shit like that :P20:10
CarlFKgood.  scratch that off my list20:11
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CarlFKtumbleweed: sigh.. I had to poke... wget  (so latest stable I guess) and get:23:05
CarlFK"waiting for link-up..." Permission denied
tpbTitle: iPXE - open source boot firmware [err:022760] (at
CarlFKhmm, looking closer, looks like it gives up on the wired and tries the wifi ... ignore all this shit.23:07
xfxftumbleweed: my guess is if somebody spent a lot of time building those boxes, they're going to be somewhat emotionally attached to using them23:08
xfxfwhy would they make something in 2017 with VGA only :(23:09
* tumbleweed just sat in a talk where it hardly ever managed to keep sync :(23:10
tumbleweedbut mostly, they seem to be doing a pretty good job (at least from what I can see on the projector)23:10
xfxfi do wish more of these conferences were working on collective solutions23:25
xfxfcross-pollination def better now then they were 5 years ago but everybody is cooking their own solution23:25
xfxfs/then they were/then it was/23:26

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