Thursday, 2017-03-02

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xfxfmithro: i'm recording a conference in a week.  what hdmi2usb gateware should I use; master, or what we used @ LCA (and put up with the input0/1 on bug)?02:07
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mithroUnless you work on the firmware or convince someone else to do so that bug won't be fixed in a hurry.03:15
xfxfthat's fine, i know this is a volunteer effort - the question was which gateware should I use04:05
xfxfi can work around it in software using the hdmi2usbd things04:05
xfxfwhich is kludgy but it'll work04:05
xfxfoh, wait, this is a firmware bug?04:06
mithroxfxf: You should use the latest as much as possible, default to using it and report04:06
mithroxfxf: Pretty sure04:06
xfxfi assumed the 'input0 on' worked around it because it told the gateware to do things that the gateware wasn't automatically doing on an input change04:06
mithroxfxf: Yes correct04:06
xfxfmithro: ack, i also don't want to tank a conferences recordings either :P  but if stable is 'stable enough', i'm happy to run with that04:06
xfxfare you going to run travis against the new version?04:07
xfxfhaving CI pass inspires confidence04:07
mithroxfxf: Travis is already running on it04:07
mithroxfxf: But that just checks it compiles04:07
xfxfoh, sweet04:07
xfxfright, so no tests04:07
xfxfi assume that's probably good enough given the complexity/abstraction04:07
mithroxfxf: Not really, but its the best we can do at the moment04:08
xfxfthat's fine, i'll run up a version from master this weekend and see how I go04:08
xfxfi also bought one of the new blackmagic web presenter things to have a play as a camera ingest only - i don't intend on buying any more but was curious to see what it was like (and will probably resell it at some point)04:09
xfxfit's kinda neat but it's clearly very early firmware04:09
xfxfthere's a USD$80 LCD panel you can put on the front which i bought, but none of the buttons work apart from changing input between HDMI + SDI04:09
xfxfso it's like a poor mans switcher04:09
xfxfthe sound selection input between the SDI/HDMI audio and the onboard RCA/XLR seems automatic too, which concerns me, i wonder if it ever decides to arbitrarily flip sources04:11
xfxfyet to plug it into a linux box, i assume it presents as several USB devices04:11
xfxfhappy to provide more info if you're interested04:12
mithroxfxf: Have you written up that GSoC thing yet?06:38
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