Monday, 2017-02-27

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nikivihey :)10:06
nikiviI am interested in participating in GSOC for this summer and found your project interesting10:06
nikiviI've read through but still not really sure how to approach this project10:07
paddatrapperhey nikivi, welcome10:07
nikiviand make my meaningful pull request10:07
nikivipaddatrapper hey10:07
paddatrapperStick around, most people are in timezones where sleep is the top priority at the moment10:08
nikiviyeah I understand10:08
* paddatrapper doesn't know what the process is for GSoC here10:08
nikivialso If I understood it correctly, TimVideos provide software to stream conferences and videos?10:08
xfxfmithro is best to answer the questions about GSoC10:23
xfxfbut yes, timvideos is a series of projects that can be used to stream conferences10:23
xfxfmade up of lots of smaller projects10:23
xfxfmany of us are working with other groups too - i.e. gst-streamer is no longer hacked on, most of us are using voctomix (which was based on ideas from gst-streamer)10:24
xfxfmost of what happens here seems to be surrounding the hdmi2usb firmware + the opsis hdmi fpga boards10:24
nikiviit seems that most of the project ideas are very hardware focused10:48
paddatrappernikivi: Yup. Not much need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the software side of things11:37
nikiviI really wish I can contribute but my knowledge of hardware specific languages or working directly with hardware is only that what I have read on wiki11:37
paddatrapperWell a lot of things are implemented in python, with only the low level driver logic for things like the USB controller implemented in lower level languages11:39
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nikiviis there any issue that I can try my hand at solving that you can guide me too?11:50
paddatrapperNot me in particular (I'm working on USB audio drivers), but mithro when he's around should be able to11:56
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karan_mithro: i'm really interested in taking part in GSOC from tim video! I have knowledge of verilog.. I don't have any fpga board:( Please guide me how to proceed...12:53
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tpbTitle: There are no bashisms, use /bin/sh by stefanor · Pull Request #45 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-mode-switch · GitHub (at
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tpbTitle: debconf-video/ansible - Ansible playbooks for the DebConf Video Team's machines (at
CarlFKwill that be ready for a client, or should something be re/started?21:26
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mithrotumbleweed: why posh rather than dash or just plain sh?23:17
tumbleweedmithro: posh enforces posix compliance23:19
tumbleweeddash is posix shell with some extensions23:19
tumbleweedsh could be anything23:19
tumbleweedthe point was to ensure that it stays pure posix23:20
tumbleweedCarlFK: the exportfs thing should be all that's needed23:20
CarlFKtumbleweed: I install the server, (no rebooting) then a client23:22
CarlFK"msg": "Error mounting /srv/cnt1/video: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting cnt1:/srv/cnt1/video\n"23:22
CarlFKI never know how to debug nfs problems23:22
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tumbleweedCarlFK: does the exports file look correct?23:26
CarlFKtumbleweed: er... no.  my fault.   /srv/cnt1/video,sync,no_subtree_check,fsid=1)23:28
CarlFKshouldn't be the 10. subnet23:28
CarlFKer, 10. server .. that should be the server's hostname23:28
mithroTimVideos is in GSoC201723:29
CarlFKoh.. git branch ... over there maybe..23:29
CarlFKwell done23:29
tumbleweedmore t-shirts for us? :P23:29
CarlFKmithro: do you have any use for my atlys / host here?23:29
mithroNot at the moment23:30
CarlFKmithro: how long is moment?   If you still have plans for the next week or so, I'll leave it in place.23:32
tumbleweedurgh, I still have another thing I wanted to do with it23:32
tumbleweedbut that meant landing mithro's PR first23:32
mithroCarlFK: If it is not inconvenient, I would just leave it there23:33
CarlFKno problem.23:33
CarlFKrunning off to python night at some other space.  see ya23:43
CarlFKtumbleweed: ah, I see the command: exportfs -r23:44
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mithrotumbleweed: I did a whole bunch of work on that PR on the weekend23:50
mithrotumbleweed: But I ran into ixo-usb-jtag not resetting properly thing on the Opsis23:51

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