Sunday, 2017-02-26

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thaytanmithro, that all worked, btw - power cycled the board today and it's up in serial mode by default with my built firmware02:05
thaytanhey xfxf03:33
thaytanhow's the racing?03:33
thaytanlooks like there's still quite a bit of space in this FPGA for other logic03:37
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mithrothaytan: Yes, and a bunch of stuff could be optimised quite a bit too04:29
mithrothaytan: I also figured out the issue you were having with the udev rules04:30
mithrothaytan: Just merged the fix for that04:33
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thaytanmithro, wasn't it just that had the wrong firmware?04:40
mithrothaytan: Multiple bugs :-P04:41
thaytanah - indeed, I still don't have a tty node04:41
mithrohdmi2usb-mode-switch --get-serial-device04:42
mithroThat works still though?04:42
mithroWhat is using an absolute serial path?04:42
thaytanmake gateware-load is looking for a tty node under /dev/hdmi2usb/by-id/opsis0/04:44
thaytan(if I have that path right)04:45
mithrohrm, it is too...04:49
mithrothaytan: Pushing a fix now05:18
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thaytan/bin/sh: line 2: posh: command not found08:47
thaytanin HDMI2USB-mode-switch running make08:47
mithrothaytan: make?08:47
mithrothaytan: make install?08:48
thaytanjust make08:48
thaytanMakefile:43: recipe for target 'test' failed08:48
mithrothaytan: You can install posh, or just do "make install"08:49
thaytanposh doesn't seem to be in Fedora, but I can install the udev bits ok08:50
mithrotumbleweed: Why did you make the script check stuff use posh?08:51
xfxfthaytan: sorry, only just seen your msg above - nothing broke, that's good i guess? :P12:19
xfxfthx again for letting me crash last night, sorry i vagued out towards the end12:19
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CarlFKmithro: do you plan on using my atlys setup any more?23:09

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