Tuesday, 2017-02-21

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CarlFKif lsusb shows Bus 002 Device 010: ID 16c0:06ad Van Ooijen Technische Informatica00:04
CarlFKdo i need to do anything? or can mithro take care of it easy enough00:05
mithroWTF is cdc_xr_usb_serial ?00:06
CarlFKmithro: where do you see that ?00:07
CarlFK[768092.189536] usbcore: registered new interface driver cdc_xr_usb_serial00:07
mithroshenki: cdc_xr_usb_serial ?00:07
CarlFKtumbleweed: you were on this box, so everything is your fault :[00:08
mithrotumbleweed: How do you find which package contains a kernel module?00:08
shenkimithro: hrm?00:09
mithroshenki: Have you seen that module before?00:09
tumbleweeddpkg -S00:09
mithroshenki: seems to come from xr_usb_serial_common00:10
mithrolinux-image-extra-4.4.0-63-generic: /lib/modules/4.4.0-63-generic/kernel/ubuntu/xr-usb-serial/xr_usb_serial_common.ko00:10
shenkiit's not upstream00:10
mithroCarlFK: do you already have the prebuilt firmware on this machine somewhere?00:13
CarlFKmithro: doesn't look like it00:14
CarlFKlet me chekck the box tumbleweed was on00:15
mithroI'm going to have to head to the airport in ~30 minutes I think....00:16
mithroshenki: I think it comes from https://github.com/kasbert/epsolar-tracer/tree/master/xr_usb_serial_common-1a00:16
tpbTitle: epsolar-tracer/xr_usb_serial_common-1a at master · kasbert/epsolar-tracer · GitHub (at github.com)00:16
CarlFKmithro: feel free to tmux/clone a honken repo.00:21
mithrotumbleweed: It seems to be working on Carl's Atlys00:34
mithrotumbleweed: But he seems to have the old ixo-usb-jtag stuff installed00:35
tumbleweedgive me a login so I can see?00:35
tumbleweedmithro: can I play with it a bit?00:36
mithrotumbleweed: Sure - I'm just packing up to go to the airport00:37
mithrowill be back on at the airport for an hour or two00:37
tumbleweedmithro: err, you havea b nchu fo new commits in your branch00:40
tumbleweeddoes that mean that you were able to reproduce the problem?00:40
tumbleweedI'm assuming 14f441fa46cd0db0c307167eecba6f17901e3e40 is what fixed it00:41
tumbleweedthat was the obvious thing, but for unknown reasons00:41
mithrotumbleweed: No, I haven't see the 0x1818 error on his board00:41
tumbleweedoh, right, that's not what I was testing for00:41
tumbleweedyou're running the same firmware that I have here, though00:42
tumbleweedyeah, this time around, it flashes fine00:43
tumbleweeddunno how I got htat before00:43
tumbleweedCarlFK: you saw I left a pile of comments on github?00:43
CarlFKno.. looking now...00:43
mithroAt the airport now02:18
mithrotumbleweed: It's likely you got it after loading the normal UVC hex or something?02:18
mithrotumbleweed: Does the new stuff work on the Opsis?02:21
mithroI haven't tested on Carl's machine...02:21
thaytanxfxf, it'd be cool if you want to come visit02:41
thaytanwe can do setup stuff and maybe improve the documentation as we go02:41
thaytanor at least take some notes02:41
thaytan(plus all my machines are fedora)02:41
xfxfcool, sounds good, i'll plan on arriving mid arvo?02:54
xfxfmessage me your address02:54
mithroGetting on a plane now02:59
mithroBe back in ~24 ish hours02:59
tumbleweedmithro: you have a python 3.6ism03:00
mithrotumbleweed: ?03:00
tumbleweedI commented on the PR03:00
CarlFKmithro: have a good flights !03:38
paddatrappermithro: I can certainly take a look05:42
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tumbleweedsigh, that keyboard key I was complaining about. I filed a ticket with lenovo to get a replacement, and they immediately "closed it at customer request". This happened last time, too :(16:54
tumbleweedCarlFK: did another pass over your PRs17:58
CarlFKtumbleweed: thanks.  clicks...18:07
tumbleweedI still need to understand what you were doing with the networking force stuff18:08
tumbleweedbasically, that'll have meant that none of the network setup ever happened, right?18:08
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CarlFKtumbleweed: networking force... what?18:54
CarlFKI think ansible puts everything in place, but currently a human needs to step in and reboot the box to make everything take effect18:55
CarlFKyou mentioned some sort of service restart.  I am guessing that is what is needed18:55
tumbleweedthe ignore/fore stuff, yeah18:57
tumbleweedI'm wondering how those changes helped you18:57
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CarlFKoh.. hmm.. there is a chance they didn't.  this....19:04
CarlFKeth-local is configed, but not active.  dnsmasq gets told to use eth-local, dnsmasq gets restarted, errors, and ansible stops19:05
CarlFKI think.  red text and errors!=0, even though all the configs are right.  so I was trying to suppress the errors given that everything was mostly ok19:06
tumbleweedCarlFK: aah, yeah, we probably never ran the dhcp-server stuff in one run19:22
tumbleweedbecause you never PXE boot the pxe server19:23
tumbleweedexcept CarlFK does :P19:23
tumbleweedwe do actually want to catch failures, though19:24
tumbleweedjust not in this case19:24
tumbleweedthat's what the ANSIBLE_UNDER_DI env var was all about19:24
CarlFKI get those errors when I ansible from my laptop to a fresh box19:32
tumbleweedthat's probably true, yeah19:33
CarlFKI haven't bothered to do a pxe in one step (pxe+ansible) because I want the ansible stuff on my local screen/term19:33
tumbleweedyep, it's a lot easier to debug like that19:34
tumbleweedand hack19:34
CarlFKon that note... the ansbile -l $host errors "no such host in inventory" (i think) and late_command errors so d-i stops19:34
tumbleweedI'd still try to find a way to tell it only to ignore those failures when we are expecting them19:34
CarlFKI hit enter and all is well, but that needs attention19:35
tumbleweedwell then you need to add it to inventory19:35
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CarlFKtumbleweed:   on nfs stuff... can I move this  veyepar-encoder task:  - name: links from local Video dir into nfs mount (for veyepar encoder to read/write)22:32
CarlFKinto the nfs-client task22:33
CarlFKand split this up:22:34
CarlFK- hosts: veyepar-encoder   roles:   - nfs-client   - veyepar-encoder22:34
CarlFKthat seems better than a "use_nfs y/n" config22:35
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