Sunday, 2017-02-19

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CarlFKopsis plugged into power. looking for usb and doing fwding now20:24
CarlFKwhich input(s) do you want inputs hooked to?20:40
CarlFKmithro: tumbleweed are you connected?20:51
* tumbleweed is now online22:05
tumbleweedCarlFK: I can't see an opsis on the machine you told me to use (cnt5)22:07
CarlFKsorry - moved it all to minimal install22:07
tumbleweedCarlFK: looks better :)22:08
CarlFKwant me to plug cnt5's hdmi into the other opsis htmi in?22:08
tumbleweednaah, it's the firmware flashing stuff I want to play with22:08
CarlFKah.  cool.22:09
CarlFKwant an atlys too?22:09
tumbleweedwhich is why it matters that it's an opsis, not an atlys22:09
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/HDMI2USB-fx2-firmware: HDMI2USB firmware for the Cypress FX2 found on the Digilent Atlys and Numato Opsis boards. (at
tumbleweedCarlFK: in restrospect, a debian box would hav been better, but hack hack hack :P22:44
CarlFKtumbleweed: curious what you are bumping into22:48
mithrotumbleweed: tpb:
tumbleweedCarlFK: oh, I just hadn't put the latest version of modeswitch in that ppa, which has the bug I wanted mithro to look at23:03
tumbleweedCarlFK: power cycle opsis please23:18
CarlFKunplugged.. waiting 30 sec cuz I think I need to23:19
tumbleweedyeah, sensible23:19
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/HDMI2USB-fx2-firmware: HDMI2USB firmware for the Cypress FX2 found on the Digilent Atlys and Numato Opsis boards. (at
CarlFKpowering up23:21
CarlFKnot sure if the usb should/shouldn't be plugged in.  I left it pluged in.23:21
tumbleweedCarlFK: again, please23:22
CarlFKthe test pattern still has the old url (no S in timvideoS23:27
tumbleweedyeah, haven't actually flashed anything, I'm debugging my packaed serial mode firmware23:28
tumbleweedCarlFK: hit it please :)23:29
CarlFKhmm, there has to be some way to switch 12v....23:30
tumbleweedthere is. It's called Carl over IRC23:30
CarlFKlet see... cnt5 has 12v on the disk power...23:30
CarlFKhas in been 30 sec yet?23:31
CarlFKyes.  pluggged23:31
tumbleweedCarlFK: success this time \o/23:46
tumbleweed(we found a branch on mithro's laptop that was subtly different to the one on github)23:46
tumbleweedactually on his computer in sydney23:46
tumbleweedyay that we're debugging mithro23:46
CarlFKmy lcd just blanked. expected?23:47
tumbleweedyeah, flashing it this time23:48
tumbleweedwith lca firmware23:48
tumbleweedalthough, not the lm32 stuff, so it'll actually be in a shitty state23:48
CarlFKoh yay :p23:49
tumbleweedCarlFK: your machine stopped responding to me23:53
CarlFKoh... laptop pwoer23:53
CarlFKderp.  hope I didn't brik my opsis...23:54
tumbleweedhope not23:54
CarlFKk  it is back23:55
tumbleweeddoesn't look too bricked23:55

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