Friday, 2017-02-17

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krokodileriananyone online who i can bother with questions about the hardware? I'm looking into the options for the second version of the FOSDEM videobox12:10
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mithrokrokodilerian: You can bother me with questions20:56
mithrokrokodilerian: But I'm guessing you probably aren't around any more?20:56
mithrokrokodilerian: An email would probably be a good idea20:56
mithrokrokodilerian: I'm currently travelling so my response time will be slower than previously20:58
krokodileriani'm around21:07
krokodilerianbut yes, an email might be better, there are too many questions, and probably i'll do a coherent design first21:08
mithrokrokodilerian: Do you want to just quickly tell us at a high level what you are thinking?21:09
krokodilerianso, the current fosdem box is a bmd h264 encoder connected to a bananapi with and ssd and a switch21:10
krokodilerianand for the slides box there's also a scaler in front of the bmd21:10
krokodileriannow, this has multiple problems, one of which is that the software for the bmd is crap21:10
krokodilerianso, i'd like to replace the scaler and the encoder with the hdmi2usb, with some extras:21:11
krokodilerianto have the vga input too, and for the device just to pick the first input with signal on it (so there's no configuring which input to use)21:11
krokodilerianto clone the input to one output port (i hoped to have both hdmi+vga, but doesn't seem possible)21:11
krokodilerianand to give to the banana pi h264+aac in mpeg-ts at whatever rate i tell it21:12
krokodilerian(as I'm going to push this over the network anyway, to a voctomix instance somewhere)21:12
krokodilerianI also thought about just using one such board without the bananapi, but this way i'll need to implement too much stuff in the  hdmi2usb, and it's not a general purpose board21:13
CarlFKif hdmi2eth works, I think you can do away with the pi.  I hear it is close.21:14
krokodilerianCarlFK: if I can add a status screen to it, and find a way for it to record to an ssd - definitely21:14
CarlFKah, local storage.  never mind ;)21:15
krokodilerianCarlFK: well, i can connect that over usb, too, doesn't matter too much21:15
krokodilerianbut yes, local storage is a requirement, it was very obvious this year21:15
krokodilerianand will save ~30 videos from being lost :)21:16
CarlFKI've been meaning to look into local storage.21:17
krokodilerianin any case, this is not a project for 2018, more like for 201921:17
krokodilerianafaik, there is no interface yet to capture the sound from the hdmi, and that'll be needed21:18
krokodilerian(and at some point people will start asking for 1080p, but that's well into the future)21:18
CarlFKI hear sound is doable, just someone needs to do it.21:24
krokodilerianbtw, what about both input AND output on VGA?21:30
krokodilerianmost of the beamers at ULB (FOSDEM) are with vga inputs21:30
CarlFKI think we had that 2 years ago... the hardware kinda exists, but both the connector and firmware need to be ported21:31
CarlFKI have one of the boards that plugs into the Atlys prototype21:31
krokodilerianisn't that just input? or it's both?21:37
CarlFKhmm "VGA Input - Adaption of Rohit’s vmodvga designed with a TOFE interface rather than a VHDCI interface."21:45
CarlFKthe board I have has 2 vga ports.  I am pretty sure it was in and out21:46
krokodilerianCarlFK: I also remember something about a board with 2 vga ports from the 33c3 talk21:47
krokodilerianand "someone needs to write the software for it"21:47
CarlFKthing I am working on right now:  how do I keep di from adding this line to /etc/hosts:21:50
CarlFK127.0.1.1     dc10b.lca2017.lan       dc10b21:51
CarlFKnever mind.  I need the IP of the interface21:52
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