Tuesday, 2017-02-14

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CarlFKtumbleweed: I just stomped all over the veyepar stuff in the debconf ansible - it now installs all the stuff to operate standalone - no nfs mount stuff needed.   except the nfs stuff is still in there too, so it isn't exactly right21:56
CarlFKtumbleweed: want me to just check it in anyway?  I am guessing most installs? are going to be tweeked based on.. um.. what's it called... stuff.21:57
CarlFKlike this was a 1 room thing (user group meeting) so the files are on the vocto core box.  no need for a 2nd box21:58
tumbleweedyeah, that sounds useful, if it's safe enough to do without breaking things21:59
CarlFKis there a way to #comment out a section of .yml ?    I think I should take out the nfs mount stuff.22:07
CarlFKor some other ansibley thing so that it is still there but not used.  but doesn't clutter up the roles dir cuz that seems silly22:08
tumbleweedthere are still times when you want to use nfs, surely?22:09
CarlFKyes - that's why  don't want to get rid of it22:12
tumbleweeddon't you want to do that via config rather than commenting stuff out?22:13
CarlFKmaybe - how do I do it via config?22:13
tumbleweedyou want to figure that out22:14
tumbleweedhow about not having a default nfs_server, and skipping all the NFS stuff when it is not set?22:16
CarlFKthat makes sense22:18
CarlFKhey... Q about this stuff... playbooks/users.yml user: root22:21
CarlFKisn't root the default ?22:21
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