Monday, 2017-02-13

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tumbleweedCarlFK: any more details than that?19:02
CarlFKtumbleweed: um.. than what?  i completely lost context.   becuse my irc client...   but I am making movements towards matrix19:03
tumbleweedCarlFK: your PXE trouble19:07
CarlFKtumbleweed: ah.. i think I have muddled though it.  likely because the box I was trying to ansible wasn19:08
CarlFKdidn't have a root user, so I was trying to use -u foo -b19:08
tumbleweedthere's always a root user19:09
tumbleweedbut yeah, you weren't sshing in as it19:09
CarlFKlater it blew up becuase xfxf renamed the repo that hosts late_command.sh19:09
tumbleweedand I'm not sure what that'd break, but probably many things19:09
CarlFKthe plan was to hammer a box into submission, then use it to build a clean box.19:10
CarlFKI can see the value of using an installer on a usb stick19:10
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CarlFKadvice on how to create a py3 VE in ansible?19:25
CarlFK "The command or a pathname to the command to create the virtual environment with. For example pyvenv, virtualenv, virtualenv2, ~/bin/virtualenv, /usr/local/bin/virtualenv."19:26
tpbTitle: pip - Manages Python library dependencies. Ansible Documentation (at
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olasdCarlFK: set virtualenv_python = python3 I suppose20:31
xfxfCarlFK: that repo won't be renamed again, just change anything that points to it to the new URL21:14
xfxfIt's the same git repo so will be the same commit hashes etc21:14
CarlFKderp.  My whack uses pyvenv ~/.virtualenvs/veyepar  so maybe I should use that too.21:29
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