Saturday, 2017-02-11

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CarlFKtumbleweed: halp.. trying to ansible up a dhcp server ... it happened, but it isn't responding to ipxe14:03
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CarlFKmithro: I am to start recording a talk in 2 hours.  do you have time to help me flash my opsis?18:17
CarlFKI am still setting up the boxes - just now got the ansible stuff working well enough I think I can use it instead of installing stuff by hand18:18
CarlFKso Ill just use it as is, which is good enough for making a video.  but if we can update it quick enough, that would be nice18:19
CarlFKswell.  github...lca2017 doesn't exist any more, so boom goes the install18:33
CarlFKok, I give up on all this.  lets see if I can coble toghter a system :p18:34
CarlFKpaddatrapper: poke poke18:41
CarlFKer, sorry, rong chan18:41
paddatrapperCarlFK: poke you back then :)18:49
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