Wednesday, 2017-02-08

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mithroWell, I put in our GSoC application07:21
mithroBut I need some help improving the Summer of Code landing page and the ideas tracker07:22
mithroWe should take a look at - but I can't touch anything which is AGPL07:23
tpbTitle: coala Projects (at
mithroshenki: Ohhh - that is kind of cool (riscv being upstream)07:25
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mithrocr1901_modern: ping?18:43
cr1901_modernmithro: pong18:43
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xfxfthaytan: you mentioned @ LCA there was probably a missing sync option in our gstreamer ingests which might explain the desync issues23:26
xfxfcould you point me to what you think we should try?23:26
xfxfthe ingest script we use is this:
tpbTitle: voctomix-outcasts/ at master · CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts · GitHub (at
xfxfbtw, thx for your help re hardware assisted h.264 encoding - it worked well23:27

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