Thursday, 2017-01-19

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tumbleweedthaytan: would it be reasonable to insert a debugging server in the pipeline somewhere? (I don't know if gstreamer has such a thing)00:01
thaytantumbleweed, what's a debugging server?00:02
tumbleweedi.e. an rtsp server that you can connect to, but doesn't hold things up if there are no clients attached00:02
thaytanmaybe, with a bit of work00:02
tumbleweedbtw, x264parse didn't seem to make youtube much happier, but it's what we're doing00:03
thaytanh264parse, you mean00:04
thaytantumbleweed, also interesting to see some of that h264 output then, and see if it's really only doing keyframes every 15 seconds00:05
tumbleweedthat's easier to get a test of00:05
tumbleweedoh, if we can reproduce the desync problems in the test room, then I'm sure we can add all sorts of debugging in there00:05
thaytanbut aiui, it's not predictable00:06
xfxftumbleweed: I tried LACP before with vocto and had some wierd issues, I forget what00:21
xfxfi'll have to reproduce sometime00:21
xfxfjea: scrolling back... is A/V sync still off?  that's super difficult to fix in post - we should be restarting voctocore :/00:22
xfxfokay, a bunch of rooms are WAY off00:23
xfxfjea: are you monitoring?  who is monitoring?00:23
jeaso when we restarted it yesterday, we noticed no change00:32
CarlFKthaytan: is there an audio test source that beeps every second?  based on wall time... :D00:33
jeaand rooms reported it was fine in front of them, just me noticing things wrong on the stream. makes me wonder if it is to do with the vaapi pipeline we are using00:33
xfxfso i just went to all rooms00:33
xfxfand sync seems fine in vocto00:33
xfxfso i think it's isolated to streaming00:33
thaytanCarlFK, of course not :)00:33
CarlFKthaytan: patch coming.  in a few... weeks.00:34
mithroCarlFK: talking about slots in Tasman B/C :-P00:58
CarlFKmithro: yay slots!00:59
thaytano/~ Slot to the heart, and you're to blame... o/~01:02
tumbleweedanyone know how /srv/gw1/video/lca/lca2017/dv/spare/2017-01-19/ keeps appearing? it's not me01:03
* tumbleweed deletes it again01:04
tumbleweedCarlFK: there seems to be a race in I've seen the same video picked up by two nodes, twice in 5 mins01:05
CarlFKtumbleweed: I just noticed that.  make that 3 encXs01:05
tumbleweedit should probably check that it got the lock01:06
CarlFKtumbleweed: it might be because I reset 12114 to Encode, hit save, then tweeked it, hit save again, talked to ryan,  couldn't remember if I had hit save, hit save again01:06
* tumbleweed goes looking for the locking code01:07
tumbleweedenc2 and 3 had that one01:07
CarlFKim not sure how I can prevent me from stepping on the locks01:07
tumbleweedkill the old encode when you want to step on one?01:08
tumbleweedor don't let you step on one when its locked01:08
CarlFKthen how to do I ever unlock one when the process that locked it dies?01:08
tumbleweedadmin / --unlock01:08
CarlFKhmm... you may be onto something...01:09
tumbleweedsystemd is currently encoding on two nodes01:10
tumbleweedI'll kill the enc6 one01:11
CarlFKsystemd is encoding?01:11
CarlFKoh.. that systemd01:12
jeahow many systemds do you want?01:12
CarlFKI thought you had made a systemd thing01:12
tumbleweedsystemd and veyepar both of tentacles01:13
tumbleweedwe'll see which one wins01:13
tumbleweedCarlFK: time to run a make_public loop?01:17
CarlFKpoking my home Internet right now...01:18
tumbleweedCarlFK: aah, spare keeps coming back because of a weird symlink on the box01:20
tumbleweedI'm guessing that was you01:20
jeayou run the make public script from your home computer?01:20
tumbleweedlrwxrwxrwx 1 videoteam videoteam 29 Jan 16 23:01 /srv/video/lca/lca2017/dv -> /srv/gw1/video/lca/lca2017/dv01:20
CarlFKhmm, possible ;)01:20
* tumbleweed fixes it01:21
xfxfcopying from gw1 > enc6 is taking forever01:22
xfxfrsync has been going since yesterday evening :/01:22
tumbleweedshould be a lot faster than that01:23
tumbleweedthere's a 10gbps link between the two01:23
xfxfyeah, something's up01:23
xfxfmaybe we're starving disk I/O on the array?01:23
xfxfjea: i don't ask CarlFK questions... veyepar things just happen :P01:24
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mithrojea: So the bot hasn't been announcing the schedule on the IRC channels01:30
mithrojea: I forgot to enable the RSS announcement module...01:30
mithrojea: The formatting of the front page has gone weird01:32
mithrojea: And the talks are not "moving forward"01:32
jeamithro: I didn't know there was an announcement module. I can look into that02:35
mithrojea: The bot is just suppose to read the rss feed and announce them02:35
jeafront page is different because I changed from using a table to bootstrap columns, so it will be responsive02:36
tumbleweedxfxf: err, you're using -z with rsync, try without that02:40
xfxfoops, trigger finger02:41
xfxfthat'll be bottlenecking CPU on one of this macjines02:41
* tumbleweed noticed it was pegging a CPU core or gw102:41
xfxfGood spot02:41
xfxfWill fix02:41
xfxf~95MB/sec now02:43
xfxfslightly better :P02:44
xfxfiirc there's an alt ssh crypto which is computationally less expensive (but cryptographically less secure) which is good for this02:45
tumbleweedlooks like you are I/O bound now02:45
xfxfbut i suspect the bottleneck is now the I/O02:45
tumbleweedso, that won't make a huge difference02:45
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mithroCarlFK: This is a reminder that you want to test the new firmware on the Atlys at the conference otherwise it might never happen03:11
CarlFKmithro: thanks03:27
xfxftumbleweed:  1,596,555,264  27%  170.84MB/s    0:00:2303:57
xfxfthis rsync is too slow :P03:57
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karanhello world04:43
CarlFK /nick World Hello karan!04:44
* CarlFK rolls off04:45
tumbleweedCarlFK: don't forget to grab the sync_rax patch04:47
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mithrojea: I'm guessing you don't have a login to
jeamithro: unless it is the same thing, no05:01
mithrojea: Adding you now05:05
mithrojea: Should be able to login to [email protected]?05:30
jeamithro: yep, that worked for me05:31
xfxfshenki: i say with some confidence if you bricked the unit in your car, mazda would probably fix it for free as a 'warranty job'05:32
xfxfdealers updating the cars computer isn't new (ECU updates during services have been a thing for at least a decade)05:32
xfxfthe dealer isn't going to know anything about the unit apart from if it doesn't work they probably have some tool to make it work again (which probably just reflashes it)05:33
xfxfjust tell them it stopped working and you don't know why :P05:33
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karanmithro: can you suggest me some bugs based on verilog that don't require fpga05:45
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* tumbleweed must have accidentally turned his alarm off, yesterday22:19
tumbleweedalthoguh I had been waking up before it, but that's how it goes22:19
CarlFKno worries, things are going pretty good.22:24
* CarlFK eats a cookie 22:24
* tumbleweed presumed as much22:24
xfxfall good22:32
xfxfwe only need you if systemd breaks.  systemd never breaks, right? :P22:32
xfxf(we're fine, things going wel)22:33
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