Sunday, 2017-01-08

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tpbTitle: Technical Topics:December 2016 - Made by Mikal (at
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tpbTitle: Technical Topics:December 2016 - Made by Mikal (at
cr1901_modernare spare and extra laptops two different laptops?06:50
tims-extra-laptono :-P06:54
tims-extra-laptocr1901_modern, any luck?06:55
* tumbleweed waves from a plane06:56
cr1901_moderntims-extra-lapto: I haven't had much time to work on it the past 3 days. I should have time today after I sleep (I'm useless right now). That being said >>06:59
cr1901_modernI can confirm that I can run it w/ block ROM, as you can, and I have stashed away a version w/ block ROM that fails07:00
cr1901_modernso my next step is to compare the two for differences and see if the same bug applies to the flash07:00
cr1901_modernif that doesn't work, my plan is to revive the lm32 testbench with a fake SPI flash ROM using VPI07:01
cr1901_modernand it THAT doesn't work, wrap everything in litescope and monitor bus activity on a minimum-component version07:01
cr1901_modernand if THAT doesn't work... well, I haven't thought that far ahead, tbh07:14
cr1901_moderntims-extra-lapto: My current theory is one of two things: Clock domain crossing that escaped notice, or bug in stalling the LM32 cpu07:15
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mithroiface usb0 inet static10:47
mithrojea: I use the above in my /etc/network/interfaces file10:47
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CarlFKim up22:40
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