Saturday, 2017-01-07

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xfxfmithro: as Carl said, bring as many Opsis's as you can, 6 should be good.  I have 10 Opsis's with me, ~4-5 are faulty (same as Pycon AU)00:14
xfxfjea: could you bring your Opsis with you too?00:15
xfxfmithro: in terms of a TODO, I certainly have one I've been following (more about pre-event organisation, equipment, travel+shipping logistics, etc), but my intention is once we're all in Hobart, the core team all sits down and we collaboratively figure out an achievable plan for the week00:16
xfxfi did the detailed project management / biweekly meeting / etc thing last year and it was ineffective, not repeating, don't think it works for volunteer events where people have other responsibilities until the event00:16
xfxfgiven the competence of our core team, I want this done collaboratively - i.e. we all collectively agree what needs to be done + who is responsible00:17
xfxfthere's a high level TODO but it's fairly obvious + people are roughly aware of requirements anyway (i.e. Carl is handling the laptop imaging, jea will be looking into the streaming/monitoring stuff, etc) - same fare as usual00:19
xfxfI might start a collab project and move my internal TODO to it, though00:19
xfxfthe biggest thing you can work on is the nextgen gateware?  i've built the gateware again but haven't had a chance to try it yet - been too flat out with van rental / ferry / equipment packign logistics00:20
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tpbTitle: LCA2017 Hackfest · GitHub (at
xfxfsuper high level.  to add detail to an item, click on it and 'convert to issue'.  everything should have detail before being moved to 'assigned'00:30
mithroI'm in Hobart now01:33
mithroJust about to head to the Uni and the will have a bit of a look around01:37
mithroWell i need to get off the plane first :-)01:40
mithroMy turbot will turn up on the 12th according to UPS02:22
CarlFKin Hobart or Sydney?02:29
mithroWe have water views but no aircon03:00
jeaxfxf: yep, I'll bring my opsis03:03
jeamithro: I have a gen 3 rpi that I will bring along03:03
mithrojea: great!03:12
CarlFKif anyone is going to.. jcar?  or whatever I could use 6 aus shotgun power cords.  should be about $1 I don't have to use my janky converters03:20
mithroshotgun power cords?03:28
mithroCarlFK: You also have never been to Jaycar if you think they would be $1 :-P03:29
mithroWell, I'm going to go try and find some lunch03:30
CarlFKshotgun  "C8 inlet is 10 mm deep, C8A and C8B inlets are 15.5 mm deep. Commonly referred to as a "figure of 8"03:32
tpbTitle: IEC 60320 - Wikipedia (at
mithroFigure 8 power cables :-P03:35
mithroBe back later if the hill doesn't kill me03:35
jeai've never thought of them as shotgun power cables, but i can see where the name comes from now03:35
mithroWhen do you guys go to catch the ferry?04:03
mithroDoes the ferry have internet / phone access?04:03
mithroxfxf / CarlFK: any idea what time you'll turn up at?04:04
mithrojea: when do you arrive?04:04
jeamithro: I arrive at 10:20am tomorrow04:12
jeathe airport, that is04:12
mithroI'll expect to see you at ~11am ish then04:14
mithroDo you have my phone number?04:14
CarlFKmithro:  over night ferry, 4 hour drive, "prolly arriv e around lunch time"04:22
xfxfmithro: overnight ferry, we leave in a few hours. zero idea about net access, I get seasick so im intending on sleeping04:26
jeamithro: yep, I have your number. just sent you a message so you have mine04:30
mithroThe weather here isnt too bad....
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DoralitzeHere I am. (@technikradio on twitter)20:53
DoralitzeSo please tell me what you guys want me to know or we need to talk later because I'm going to bed in the next few moments. (It's 10pm in Germany right now)20:57
DoralitzeOK, I'm falling asleep right now so that's why im disconnection. Have a nice day everyone.21:01
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