Sunday, 2016-12-25

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mithroMerry Xmas everyone!12:22
cr1901_modernMerry Christmas :D12:23
* cr1901_modern got some PMOD modules to play with for Christmas to go with his new MimasV2 (TM) board12:23
mithrocr1901_modern: \o/12:36
mithrocr1901_modern: I have an adapter which goes from the Numato<->Digilent style PMOD spacing and high speed layout12:36
mithrocr1901_modern: I'll send you some when I get them made12:36
cr1901_modernmithro: Tyvm :). I got an RGB LED module, and I got a breadboard module12:36
tpbTitle: PMOD Pins - Google Sheets (at
cr1901_modernMy plans for the breadboard module are to put an ECJ*-series chip on it and add Ethernet to MimasV212:37
cr1901_modern_florent_: LiteEth works with the ECJ* PHYs?12:39
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CarlFKMerry Christmas to you too mithro and everyone else15:52
tpbTitle: 100BASE-T Ethernet Expansion Module (at
mithrocr1901_modern: You could save a bunch of those pins by using RGMII rather than MII16:52
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tpbTitle: OpenOCD 0.10.0-rc1 release candidate is out « Open On-Chip Debugger (at
tumbleweedmithro: \o/20:01
mithrotumbleweed: Are you in Hamburg now?20:02
tumbleweedmithro: on my way. I arrive tomorrow20:02
tumbleweedsitting at DTW right now20:02
* mithro is on his overnight train from Vienna to Hamburg20:02
tumbleweedI suspect you'll sleep a lot better than I will :P20:03
mithrotumbleweed: I have sleeper bed :-P20:03
mithroInternet is a bit spotty as we go through tunnels though20:03
tumbleweedthose get kinda expensive on planes20:03
tumbleweedah, yes, that is a downside20:03
CarlFKthey have planes that go though tunnels?20:07
tumbleweedit usually doesn't end well20:08
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CarlFKtumbleweed: I have this ton of things ...  should I post this to some list or ...   this:
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKit is kinda 1/2 baked, but I suspect 1/2 the things have quick replies.20:17
CarlFKone big sweeping question I have: does it make sense to try and maintain a single playbook that can drive the 3 or 4 .... flavors?   (like icecast / youtube, Debian/Ubuntu)  or just cut/paste stuff back and forth20:19
tumbleweedI think a lot of those need to be talked through20:19
tumbleweedand many of them are one-line answers :)20:20
CarlFKnohter one... is there something like ansible-hub that is a collection of  playbooks others have used?20:24
paddatrapperCarlFK: Ansible Galaxy20:24
CarlFKlike if I want to setup pxe installs using dnsmasq20:24
tpbTitle: Ansible Galaxy | Find, reuse, and share the best Ansible content (at
* CarlFK runs to the google20:25
CarlFKruns back and clcks20:25
paddatrapperAllows you to upload and download roles20:25
tumbleweedpresumably, like every other config management system, it's full of terrible playbooks that nobody should ever use20:25
* tumbleweed might be a cynic20:25
* paddatrapper struggles to find URLs on mobile20:25
tumbleweedthat said, all software is duct tape and string20:25
paddatrapperLook at the number of downloads, the creator, etc. There's some gold, but also some complete rubbish20:26
tumbleweedoh, even popular stuff can be terrible20:26
CarlFK  deeb bop ah boo bop!20:26
tpbTitle: Ansible Galaxy | debops.dnsmasq (at
tumbleweedmy personal bugbear is how chef cookbooks handle package installation. It's usually fragile and terribly insecure20:27
tumbleweedarguably that's because it's hard to do it right20:27
CarlFKpresumably, like everything on the internet :p20:27
tumbleweedalso, modular general purpose libraries are often not better than a simple re-implementation yourself20:28
tumbleweedansible is simple enough that for simple tasks, reimplementation doesn't seem so bad20:28
tumbleweedCarlFK: quick thoughts from your paste20:29
tumbleweedline 3: wasn't a requirement for debconf. So we probably want to spin up an xterm with a tail -f in it20:29
tumbleweedthere's a big overlap between debian & ubuntu, so I don't think the bits are as seperable as you are saying20:30
CarlFKmainly what repos to add I think - like testing/ppa20:30
tumbleweedline 31: debconf has opsis boards, so again not a requirement20:30
tumbleweedactually you probably want production mode rather than jtag?20:31
tumbleweedline 33: so that you can lock the screen, and keep fiddlers out20:31
CarlFKI hardly remember the details of what board / what condidtions20:31
tumbleweedline 39: lol ubuntu20:32
CarlFKlol - well yeah20:32
tumbleweedline 44: debconf usually has a full blown mirror. But yes, that packgae is never harmful, so trivial enough to add20:32
tumbleweed46-53: yeah, we haven't got fancy there. That's all manual20:33
tumbleweed56: cu is the venerable unix serial terminal emulator. It's simple and ubiquitous20:33
tumbleweed67: also manual. But I think debconf video team would like to avoid having room names configured anywhere if possible. If you can keep it down to integers, you may be able to get away without per-conference config20:35
tumbleweed70: I know, right? wtf20:35
tumbleweedI seem to remember your config does that, too20:36
CarlFKmine put it in dv/$room/cutlist.log20:37
tumbleweedwhich is still not per-day20:38
CarlFK dv/$room/$date/$time.ts20:38
CarlFKyou want it per day?20:38
tumbleweedit makes things a little easier when manually rsyncing files around20:38
tumbleweedbecause you have to remember to rsync both the day and the cutlist20:38
CarlFKI am surprised you rsync a single day20:39
CarlFKI think veyepar will work with it either way, and I can't think of any reason not to put it in the same dir as the .ts files20:39
tumbleweedif you ran out of disk space, you may have deleted yesterday on the local machine20:40
tumbleweedand you wouldn't want to accidentally delete files on the central server20:40
tumbleweedI guess you usually aren't doing rsync --delete20:40
tumbleweedah, but you don't want all the junk from after the end of the day, either20:41
CarlFKyou don't?   only 1/2 kidding20:41
CarlFKI have been trying to hard to script that stuff so I an never doing rsync.   now I have like 6-30 get/grab/sync/getme/push/pull/ scripts floating around20:42
tumbleweedyeah, we used to have a dc-move-recordings script, that was nice20:42
tumbleweedbut when everything isn't nice and package-managed / configuratino-managed, you find yourself doing a lot of ad-hoc rsyncing20:43
CarlFKmy readme says "use your file system skills."  maybe I should pick one of my scripts and reference it in my docs so I will start using it all the time20:43
tumbleweedexactly, rsync is so easy20:43
CarlFKtumbleweed: #22/23 Where is this set?   when: ansible_distribution == 'Debian'20:51
CarlFKI saw you added that, but not sure ... how it is used?  triggered, filtered, somethinged20:51
cr1901_modernWell, that was an interesting family visit... had a bad reaction to *something*/couldn't stop coughing/sneezing till I left. 3/10 wouldn't do again.20:53
tumbleweedso, that task only executes on Debian20:53
cr1901_modernmithro: Prob out of commission for tonight lol (for when you wake up)20:54
CarlFKtumbleweed: oh, ansible_distribution is ... auto system something20:55
CarlFKah, so that handles my "tag with deb" thing, right ?21:02
tumbleweedI guess so21:02
tumbleweedI wasn't sure what the thing wsa21:03
mithropaddatrapper: getting anywhere with the fx2 stuff?21:05
mithrocr1901_modern: Okay, I assume you haven't gotten any further with the SPI flash21:37
cr1901_modernmithro: Nope :(. I'll work on it through tomorrow21:43
mithrolong tunnels.... 64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=9791 ttl=49 time=308803 ms22:17

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