Wednesday, 2016-12-14

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xfxfCarlFK: re your email on ansible/docker, I suspect docker-ising the ansible setup might involve a bit of refactoring04:02
xfxfi'd just test on a bare metal spare laptop you have personally, dockerising it has no advantage to us in the real world04:02
xfxfjust use one machine, just ensure its role is changed on every fresh install04:03
xfxfwe'll still need to PXE boot something + run the ubuntu installer04:03
xfxfas long as you can prove you can install the same laptop with different ansible roles, that's close enough for us to finalise @ the hackfest04:03
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tpbTitle: charm-ubuntu/config.yaml at carlfk · marcoceppi/charm-ubuntu · GitHub (at
CarlFKI am creating containers now04:05
CarlFKlearning about juju04:06
tumbleweedis this good or bad? :)04:07
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xfxfCarlFK: i'd be hesitant how much of that will end up being docker specific04:22
xfxfunless you're just testing post-installation stuff04:22
xfxfdocker will grab a prebuilt image from the docker hub for ubuntu, our way should use debian installer + pxelinux04:23
xfxfi'd still really love to see the installation have a dialog menu where we can manually select a role/room04:23
xfxfrather than tying it to a mac address04:23
xfxfmakes imaging a random machine we grab for a room super easy04:23
xfxfalso an extra requirement we need for this conference is logging components (i.e. voctomix, the opsis, etc), even if it's just a simple log file to the local machine04:24
xfxfmithro has a pretty hard requirement on this so we can actually solve issues we hit after the conference04:24
xfxfright now it's just 'X had issues and we had to replace it' which means nothing much happens / gets fixed04:26
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apsHey @CarlFK , I noticed you're trying out the automation stuff. I'm fairly comfortable with docker/kubernetes now. So if you have proper docs for the complete setup somewhere, I can help create docker + docker-compose setup08:40
mithro_florent_: self.suart.add_uart_pads(platform.request('tofe_lsio_pmod_serial'))08:53
tpbTitle: opsis-soc/ at hdmi2usb · enjoy-digital/opsis-soc · GitHub (at
CarlFKaps: thanks but I got it using juju09:15
CarlFK3am, i better get to bed... bye!09:16
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tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/test-patterns: Test patterns for debugging video problems. (at
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mithrocr1901_modern: ping?16:19
mithrosb0: ping?16:19
sb0mithro, pong16:25
mithrosb0: It sounds like you are in Europe?16:26
sb0not yet16:26
mithrosb0: I assumed you where in Hong Kong for some reason?16:26
sb0see email16:26
mithrosb0: Yeah, I replied to it16:26
sb0yes, I'm in HKG16:26
mithrosb0: Okay, so I'm not going mad then :-P16:26
sb0I'm doing HKG -> Berlin at the date mentioned in the email16:26
mithrosb0: You are not going to 33C3?16:29
sb0no. might be in Hamburg around the date though, but undecided16:39
mithrosb0: If you are in any of the same locations I am, I would love to meet in person16:43
sb0cool. will let you know!16:54
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cr1901_modernmithro: Responded to email :). Sorry for the delay.21:33
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