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CarlFKmithro: is there a PA system (amp/speakers), or just your mic plugged into that for recording?00:02
xfxfyeah i get that, i'm just making a point that i agree with you even in a more ideal scenario00:02
mithroJust a mic plugged in for recording00:02
xfxfyeah, see, i'd never ever do just a mic without PA00:02
xfxfthere's no feedback loop for the person wearing the mic, highly prone to issues00:02
xfxfhaving them hear theirselves means they self-regulate00:02
xfxfwell, sorry, i would, but i'd expect problems :P00:02
xfxffor what you're recording it might be 'good enough'00:03
mithroThis is going to be weird, it's going to have super high quality audio and terrible audio :-P00:03
mithroOpps I mean00:04
mithroThis is going to be weird, it's going to have super high quality video and terrible audio :-P00:04
xfxfthat's pretty normal these days00:05
CarlFKyeah, people are terrible using a mic, even when they do hear it.00:05
mithroHave you done vocto -> youtube?00:05
xfxfif you're doing more of these sorts of things mithro i'd consider a directional mic or similar00:05
CarlFKstreaming? no.00:05
xfxfit's still not goign to be good as a lapel but if you've got no PA it'll be better than what you have now00:05
xfxfmithro: i tried it once briefly, appeared to work, but not in production00:06
xfxfrequired the appropriate gstreamer pipeline to transcode + throw at the RTSP endpoint00:06
CarlFKif you are going to be doing these things, get a lapel mic (or maybe headset.  pros and cons)  but way better than a hand held00:07
mithroI just purchased "Behringer Xenyx 1204USB 12-Input Mic/Line Mixer w/ USB" ->
mithroI have a lapel mic00:07
mithrothe problem is getting the lapel mic audio into the computer00:07
mithroThat is the part where it always seems to fall apart00:08
xfxfmithro: how so? i assume the lapel mic has a wireless reciever with XLR and jack o ut?00:08
mithroxfxf: Which is connected to the USB audio device00:08
mithroWhich is where it seems to fall apart00:08
xfxfmithro: via which mechanism?00:08
xfxf(un)balanced xlr, otherwise?00:09
mithroXLR -> Audio Mixer00:09
xfxfusing the mixer you pasted above?00:09
mithroThe problem is the Audio Mixer <-> Computer, not Mic <-> Audio Mixer00:09
xfxfoh, right00:09
xfxfokay, so i own a bunch of USB 'audio mixers'00:10
xfxfthey all seem to do wierd shit under linux00:10
xfxfi use RCA monitor out > a proper external sound card with RCA in00:10
xfxfwhich works fine00:10
mithroIE I get good audio on the "monitor out"00:10
CarlFKoh.. are you having trouble getting the right alsa device id/name/whatever?00:10
mithroCarlFK: the audio level on the alsa device is just way to quiet00:10
xfxfthat said, monitor out != main out00:10
xfxfmithro: different adjustments00:11
mithroThere is a button which says "MONITOR / MAIN MIX"00:11
xfxfnot buttons, different adjustments on each channel00:11
xfxfyou'll likely have main out, aux 1/2 out, monitor out00:12
xfxfi've not used the mixer you've pasted for years so i can't remember exactly what00:12
xfxfyour headphones plugged into the mixer often won't give you a 1:1 to what's coming out of main, they're designed to be independent so you can test/check levels of other inputs etc while a show is happening00:13
tumbleweedmithro: if it's only one mic, why bother with a mixer? use a USB audio interface00:16
xfxfmithro: LA + myself own a bunch of these :
tpbTitle: Yamaha AUDIOGRAM 6 COMPUTER RECORDING SYSTEM | Musician's Friend (at
xfxfit's easier than that huge mixer you bought00:19
tumbleweedthose huge mixers are nice, but yeah, never tried the USB00:20
mithrotumbleweed: The huge mixer is for when I need to interface with in-room PA system00:23
mithrotumbleweed: The big thing I wanted was 2 XLR in and 1 XLR out00:29
mithrowithout needing adapters00:29
tumbleweedmixers are nice to have00:29
tumbleweedbut yes, you need audio level from the PC00:30
mithroNeed paddatrapper to hurry up with the USB audio stuff and we build an expansion card which does audio :-P00:32
CarlFKmithro: it might help you if the hdmi2usb would use the hdmi audio00:33
CarlFKcameras are pretty good about  managing audio00:34
mithroCarlFK: that wouldn't help me all that much - my camera is a HE100 PTZ SDI camera00:34
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mithroI really need iris control05:28
mithroWell, the HDMI2USB is performing perfectly05:29
mithroNot even getting any noise....05:29
mithroThe laptop it is connected too is however not05:30
xfxfmithro: howso?06:46
xfxfCarlFK: lol, this just came up in my FB feed:
CarlFKLOL that didn't happen.06:47
xfxfphoto says otherwise06:48
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paddatrappermithro: I'm working on it :) though my USBs are giving issue with the board...11:14
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paddatrappermithro: probably want 2 XLRs out. Proper stereo14:57
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mithropaddatrapper: pretty much everything comes with 2, but I only really care about mono22:14
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