Thursday, 2016-12-01

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CarlFKI am running off: but the quick answer:  hdmi2usb voctomix veyepar05:08
SamSagaZwill google about it!05:09
SamSagaZthanks CarlFK !05:09
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mithroHi SamSagaZ05:14
SamSagaZhi mithro05:14
mithroSamSagaZ: I like to say Hi to new people and find out who they are and why they are here05:15
SamSagaZok :)05:15
SamSagaZim from Argentina05:15
SamSagaZmy english is not good :/ btw, im here because i recorded the latest 3 Pycon Argentina (last one last week) and i found that Pycon US record the slides into some good format because quality are great05:16
SamSagaZi just trying to figure what you guys use in the pycon to try to use similar stup next year05:17
SamSagaZi recorded pycon and pycamps05:17
SamSagaZthats all05:17
SamSagaZi asked about the videos in #python and they told me that ask here05:17
mithroSamSagaZ: Your English is pretty great!05:18
SamSagaZwell, dont think so, at least sometimes ppl understand me05:19
mithroIIRC There is another argentinian who sometimes hangs out here05:19
SamSagaZwho? remember the nickname?05:20
mithroSamSagaZ: Is sounds like you might know Carl (Karsten)?05:20
mithro(He records a bunch of PyCon events in the US)05:21
SamSagaZyes, he already told me in #pycon :)05:21
mithronueces is their nick05:21
SamSagaZnow needs to find some way to get the money to purchase the hdmi2usb :/05:22
SamSagaZoh didnt know he05:22
SamSagaZmaybe he dont use python05:22
mithroSamSagaZ: That is a problem I might be able to help with05:22
SamSagaZdidnt know...05:22
mithroSamSagaZ: I think he is involved with recording roller derby05:22
SamSagaZdidnt know he...05:22
SamSagaZah, i see05:23
SamSagaZwell, im just part of Python Argentina05:23
mithroThere are ~40 million people in Argentina, so it is pretty unlikely05:23
SamSagaZlast week we have the, was great the event, but video quality of the recording was not very good :D05:24
mithroSamSagaZ: Have you considered asking the PSF for a grant?05:24
SamSagaZwell PSF help us a lot, will talk with the directives of Python in Argentina about that!05:25
mithroSamSagaZ: It might also be interesting to reach out to the Debian community in Argentina - IIRC They are pretty active05:25
mithroSamSagaZ: There are a bunch of DebConf Video people in this channel05:25
SamSagaZoh, thanks for the tip05:26
SamSagaZwill try to contact they05:26
mithroSamSagaZ: If you have can find people who are actively interested in developing HDMI2USB related stuff and start contributing, I will figure out a way to get hardware to them05:27
SamSagaZmithro, what kind of helo you are looking for? what kind of develop you are looking for?05:30
mithroSamSagaZ: There is a huge number of different things -
xfxfSamSagaZ: we all develop various bits of a full open source recording stack used for various pycons and other conferences05:33
xfxfwe can use help everywhere from documentation to working on software to working on hardware05:33
xfxfpeople from all around the world are in here + use parts of it for their own local conferences05:33
xfxfwelcome, btw!05:34
* mithro is the "Tim" from TimVideos :)05:34
mithroSamSagaZ: Python developers definitely can help out05:35
xfxfmithro: I hadn't seen that page, that's quite nice, good work05:35
mithroxfxf: There is also an interactive version ->!/hwsw/bits05:36
xfxfheh, neat05:36
mithroThank glasnt05:36
xfxfSamSagaZ: some of us fly to other conferences to help with other teams too - for example CarlFK lives in the US but helps out with Pycon Germany05:38
SamSagaZoh thats cool05:38
SamSagaZwell, will try to join to this channel then, maybe can get some ideas and see if someone can help you too :)05:39
mithroSamSagaZ: Yeah, we try and get teams to mix it up so everyone is learning from everyone05:39
SamSagaZopen source community are great05:39
SamSagaZgoto sleep now, thanks for your time guys05:47
xfxfno worries, feel free to ask any questions, more than happy to help you setup things05:49
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mithroxfxf: ping?10:21
mithroCarlFK: I assume you aren't around....10:22
olasdno, not ý...10:24
xfxfmithro: pong10:24
mithroxfxf: How do I setup voctomix?10:24
olasdapt install voctomix? :)10:24
xfxfabove, or pull it down from the repo, there's instructions included in terms of what dependencies it needs10:25
xfxfthe scripts we used at pycon are here:
tpbTitle: video-scripts/pycon at master · xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
xfxfit needs severe cleaning up, but each of the .sh script runs an element10:25
xfxfthey assume the scripts live in ~/lca/video-scripts10:26
xfxfactually, cancel that, the latest commits aren't up there :/10:26
xfxfuse this:
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts (at is the main one, constructs pipelines for various source ingest10:27
mithroSo, I'm following the instructions and running and all the video windows remain blank10:33
mithroNo errors on the console or anything....10:36
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mithroIt looks like xv is broken on this computer....10:51
mithroxfxf: What type of CPU power are you using for voctomix?10:54
mithroHrm, Carl's test_720p seems to be running at 1080p....10:56
xfxfmithro: i7's, either desktop class or HQ laptop class (i.e. high power/grunt)10:57
xfxfi avoid anything with a U series, which is pretty much every new laptop10:57
mithroWhat is the "U series" and what is wrong with it?11:02
xfxfU series i7's are what you find in most notebooks, they're the low power ones11:02
xfxfthey're considerably less powerful11:03
xfxfalthough 7th gen (i.e. just released) U series i7's aren't too bad11:03
xfxfusually a 10-15% bump between generations for same clock speed11:04
xfxfmithro: if xv is broken, you can edit config.ini and change the voctogui rendering method11:05
xfxfthere's a default ini it inherits from IIRC if you look through the voctomix source11:05
mithroSo, voctomix appears to be ignoring Carl's config file...11:05
xfxfvoctomix or voctocore?11:06
xfxfand you're using the right command line parameter that tells it to use an external config file?11:06
xfxfif so, sounds like a bug, definitely worked for me11:06
mithroAs far as I can see....11:06
xfxfpaste what you're using11:07
mithroIt works with his light.ini, just not his 720p one...11:07
xfxfoh, right, i don't use his config.ini11:07
tpbTitle: video-scripts/config.ini at master · xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
mithroAhh, Carl can't spell11:08
xfxflol, this is news? :P11:08
mithroHe's specifying a non-existent config file...11:09
mithroAnd Carl complains about my lack of documentation11:15
mithro720p is working fine it seems11:16
mithroSo, how does one actually "run" voctocore / ingest / etc?11:19
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mithroand how does one actually record....11:24
mithroxfxf: You run at 720p, right?11:26
xfxfyou run voctocore which takes the ingests + stream saves11:39
xfxfeverything is a seperate process that talks back to voctocore via tcp sockets11:39
xfxfthe UI is decoupled and talks to the core, you can close the UI, does not affect recording11:40
xfxfyou need the core + UI + ingests + a stream save process11:40
xfxfthe voctocore documentation is a good place to start11:40
mithroxfxf: Yes, I know how voctomix is designed, it's based on my design for gst-switch12:02
mithroxfxf: What I want to know is how to manage the running processes12:02
mithroCarlFK uses dvsmon right?12:02
mithroIt looks like the debconf-video guys are using systemd12:05
xfxfi have a script that starts everything12:34
xfxfit's my intention this monitoring stuff will also spawn/monitor processes12:35
xfxfherm, systemd will capture stdout/stderr, won't it? maybe that's half of the solution right there12:35
xfxfwe used a screenrc file at LCA12:37
xfxfwhich is what CCC use12:37
tpbTitle: video-scripts/screenrc-ts at master · xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
xfxfi am not a huge fan of the solution, but it certainly works12:37
CarlFKmithro: im up13:19
CarlFKmithro: here is my production start thing
tpbTitle: dvsmon/ at master · CarlFK/dvsmon · GitHub (at
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tumbleweedxfxf: incomplete, but based on the systemd scripts we used at the debconf cambridge miniconf
tpbTitle: debconf-video/ansible - Ansible playbooks for the DebConf Video Team's machines (at
tumbleweedalso, got approval for LCA, just need to make concrete plans now...18:04
CarlFKtumbleweed: woot!!! I'm going too18:13
CarlFKYou 'might' want to fly in/out of chicago and join me for a 30 hour trip18:13
CarlFKHmm.. that gets you in/out of MEL - not Hobart.  hmm..18:14
tumbleweedI'm going ot try to do SF -> LCA -> ZA -> BRU (fosdem) -> SF18:14
tpbTitle: From San Francisco to Melbourne (at
CarlFKOh nice18:14
tumbleweedVA also does SF -> MEL I think18:15
CarlFKI think so18:16
CarlFKwhen you last used Vocto (mini dc in ...Cambridge?)  how did you display the cut times? (or did you?18:17
CarlFKI have only skimmed the ansible stuff.  looks like I need to get familiar with ansible18:17
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tumbleweedwe don't have sheets like you, so we didn't need to display them18:45
CarlFKany advice on how to display it?18:49
tumbleweedtail -f ?18:49
CarlFKother than "open a term, run the command..."18:49
tumbleweedeven journalctl -f18:49
CarlFKdoes everything else start up on boot?18:50
tumbleweedeverything except voctogui18:50
tumbleweed(including recording)18:50
CarlFKhow do you start gui?18:50
tumbleweedfrom a menu (now that it's there) or alt-f2 voctogui18:51
tumbleweedhowever, we ran out of time, and never actually ran these playbooks to build a voctomix machine18:51
tumbleweedso there are likely bugs18:51
tumbleweedthe playbooks were built from the machine we had done by hand18:51
CarlFKI am up for vetting them in the next week18:52
CarlFKdo you think I should use my pile of physical machines, or start deploying to a bunch of containers ?18:52
tumbleweedthis also means we never actually got around to the more dynamic parts of it (like putting the right room names / machine IPs in config files)18:53
tumbleweeddon't see containers being useful here, except for testing the playbooks18:53
CarlFK"there are likely bugs" - that's why I am thinking starting with containers - I can start over quicker.  I think18:54
tumbleweedyeah, I would test this in VMs of some description18:54
tumbleweedthere's going to be work that has to be done18:54
CarlFKI think either that work gets done 'now' and we use it for LCA, or we flounder around and do lots of work and then fall back to dvsmon/screenrc and ... more flondering18:56
tumbleweedyeah, I'd be keen to make this work for LCA18:58
tumbleweedI assume LCA is going to use some different pipelines, though?18:59
tumbleweed(e.g. capture with opsis + USB audio rather than blackmagic)18:59
tumbleweedI guess the trick there is to get that pipeline into vocotmix-outcasts18:59
CarlFKgood Q.  no idea really, but I would think once we get DCs setup working, it will be 'easy' to tune it to whatever details like that19:07
CarlFKI am find using bm cards for camera/audio19:07
CarlFKso I'll likely make use of it regardless19:07
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xfxftumbleweed: awesome news!  when are you booking flights?21:11
xfxfand in terms of improving the existing process/system, yes, i'm absolutely up for that21:11
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mithroI was playing with my magwell usb 3.0 sdi device and it seems to be working pretty well.21:18
mithroDoesn't need any drivers21:19
mithroI think they are going to be good solution for portable SDI capture with a laptop21:20
mithroStill think SDI is the wrong solution though21:21
CarlFKmithro: thanks for the PRs21:29
mithroCarlFK: can I complain about dvsmon now?21:30
CarlFKmithro: sure.  wait... aren't you one of the devs ;)21:30
mithroCarlFK: Not putting my name to that :-P21:31
CarlFKmithro: do you know what the wx package name is I need?21:32
mithropython-wxgtk3.<something> I think?21:32
SamSagaZ_guys, wich cheap camera recommend me to use with the hdmi2usb and timvideo?21:39
CarlFKSamSagaZ_: we don't recommend cheap camera ;)21:43
CarlFKSamSagaZ_: in 2009 I made the mistake of using $250 cameras.21:43
CarlFKthe videos were good enough, but 20 volunteers spent 30 hours for a total of 600 man hours21:44
CarlFKfor that amount of effort, it would be nice if the quality of the video was nicer21:45
tumbleweedmostly you want a big lens that captures lots of light (conference speakers tend to not be very well lit)21:46
CarlFKSamSagaZ_: the beauty of vocto is it will work with anything gstreamer can interface with21:48
CarlFKso if you can find someone with a camera, and figure out how to get gstreamer to display the stream (not save/play later)  we can figure out how to use it21:49
CarlFKso first see who has a camera .. and see if it can work.21:49
tumbleweedthe trick there might be "with the hdmi2usb" - it doesn't handle interlaced HDMI capture yet, IIRC21:49
tumbleweedso it needs to be a camera with progressive HDMI output21:50
CarlFKyeah, I was 1/2 ignoring that ;)21:50
CarlFKor.. check craig's list for Panasonic DVX100 [ab]21:50
CarlFKand find a firewire card21:50
xfxflets not promote firewire ;)21:58
tumbleweedI think Debian has AG-HPX170s. I'm suprised to see that those are still selling around $1k second hand21:58
xfxfSamSagaZ_: most of us use 'prosumer' grade cameras that can do 720p out, and HDMI2USB capture devices or blackmagic HDMI PCI-E capture cards (requires a desktop PC)22:00
xfxfand a HDMI2USB to capture the presenter at the front (it accepts HDMI input and output, so we stick it in the middle of the presenter and the projector)22:01
xfxftumbleweed: there are some cameras that actually do USB UVC (h.264) - some JVC.  i'm keen to give something like that a go, would avoid the need for a capture device22:02
tumbleweedDebian (and I think CarlFK) do blackmagic SDI PCI-E (not HDMI)22:02
tumbleweedSDI is works really well in our experience so far22:02
tumbleweedjust *so* much nicer than firewire :P22:02
tumbleweedI seem to recall cameras that did RTMP (h.264) too22:03
xfxfi'm sticking with HDMI and non-blackmagic primarily because i jump on a plane for many things I record, so desktop machines are out of the question22:04
xfxfown a bunch of blackmagic SDI gear too though22:04
xfxftumbleweed: yeah i've seen that as well, probably not too hard to have voctocore natively ingest that22:04
tumbleweedthat USB SDI capture thing mithro was talking about seems nice for that22:04
tumbleweedHDMI just gets tricky with long runs22:05
tumbleweedand the number of things that aren't quite HDMI that run on it (i.e. the DVI we actually deal with)22:05
CarlFKxfxf: did you want me to bring 2 cameras?  I have 2 that the CCC says will do streaming over usb/eathernet:  JVC  GY-HM200 4KCAM22:08
CarlFKI tried to get some details of how ... and all I got was something about nginx that I didn't understand so I gave up22:09
tumbleweedo_O the ethernet is via USB22:11
tumbleweedit supprots ftp lol22:11
xfxfCarlFK: yes, please.  i'm wondering how the 60p will look interpolated at 25 tho22:13
mithroI really wish I had the time to fix the HDMI stack to solve the camera problem.22:13
xfxfi know with the firewire cameras the difference in the power cycle meant rooms with fluro lights would show up in video as all flashy22:13
mithroI would really like to get the Canon cameras working22:14
xfxfbut tis worth a go22:14
CarlFKtumbleweed: did you find a manual?22:14
tumbleweedCarlFK: no,22:14
xfxfmithro: i bought 2 more scalers, d/w about it for now, this is a workable solution22:14
tpbTitle: JVC Pro Specifications (at
xfxfbut yes having scaling built into the HDMI2USB would be rad22:14
xfxfbut there are solutions for now22:14
xfxfoooh hang on a second22:15
xfxfthe specs for that say there is a "NTSC" (60p) and "PAL" (50p) mode22:15
xfxfCarlFK: can you confirm whether you can actually change the mode in the settings?22:15
CarlFKxfxf:  if I can't, do you want me to not bring them?22:16
xfxfbring them anyway but the PAL mode makes me about 50x more interested22:16
CarlFKIf I am bringing them anyway, we can fiddle with them in person22:17
xfxfgood point22:17
CarlFKright now they are packed away22:18
tumbleweedany non-consumer camera surely does NTSC & PAL22:18
xfxfyou've got a pelican case for them?22:18
xfxftumbleweed: my experience is most don't :(22:18
xfxfcertainly every canon i've ever used is one or the other, and it's usually not as easy as a firmware swap either (although logically that's all it is)22:19
xfxfwell, excepting the hv?0's that have the firmware hack to change it22:20
xfxfbut they're consumer cameras22:20
tumbleweedI swear I had a hv something camera that had configurable frame rate22:20
CarlFKGY-HM200U / GY-HM170U Full Operation Manual (184 pages)
xfxfthe hv's do if you firmware hack them, windows tool to toggle it?22:20
tpbTitle: JVC Pro Operation Manuals (at
xfxfCarlFK: sif anybody reads manuals22:21
tumbleweedpage 47 says yes22:25
xfxfwe found the guy who reads manuals22:25
xfxfand great22:25
xfxfso yes please bring them CarlFK, I was going to buy another canon XA20, i am going to hold off now and look at yours22:25
CarlFKtumbleweed: find out how to get it to stream over ethernet please.22:25
xfxfCarlFK: AFAIK you need to buy a compatible ethernet dongle?22:26
CarlFKI have that.22:26
xfxfoh neat22:26
CarlFKI can see in my dhcp server logs that it gets an IP22:26
tumbleweedCarlFK: you give it a URL and it will RTSP stream to it22:26
CarlFKhow do I "give"22:26
xfxfCarlFK: easy way to test that is probably YT streaming, it'll give you a RTSP endpoint22:27
tumbleweedon the Live Streaming menu22:27
xfxfCarlFK: it probably has a web interface on the IP it gets - or in a menu?22:27
CarlFKoh gross.  I have to dink with  the joy sick?22:27
tumbleweedit does a few different protocols22:27
tumbleweedI wonder if they all require distination addresses22:27
tumbleweed[Setting Values: RMPEG2-TS/UDP, MPEG2-22:27
tumbleweedTS/TCP, RTSP/RTP, ZIXI, RTMP]22:27
xfxfCarlFK: i'd be seeing whether it has a web server first, i'd be surprised if it didn't22:27
xfxfoh neat, options22:28
xfxfhey CarlFK, i'll swap you those cameras for two DVX100B's22:28
tumbleweedTo access via a web browser, set to “On”.22:28
tumbleweed[Setting Values: ROn, Off]22:28
xfxfone of them only has 2 hours tape time, what a bargain! :P22:28
tumbleweedthere you go22:28
CarlFKxfxf: I have a bunch of peli cases. and a pile of foam.  need to figure out if I really want them both in one case.22:29
xfxfCarlFK: I don't know how big they are but I tend to travel with my XA20's on carry on luggage because I don't trust airlines22:29
xfxfi put all the cables + clothes + etc into luggage22:29
CarlFKI may find a soft bag that will hold both of them, take them onto the plan and check my clothes22:30
tumbleweedCarlFK: you'll need a USB ethernet dongle for it too22:30
CarlFKtumbleweed: got dongle, even saw the camera hit my dhcp server22:30
CarlFKI like the "turn on webserver" I think I can manage that22:31
xfxftumbleweed: what tripods does debconf use?22:33
xfxfi'm well overdue for upgrading mine22:33
xfxfi'd imagine i'd have similar criteria; needs to be solid enough + have a decent enough head so use of it isn't terrible (i.e. jerky movement) but needs to be light enough to ship/travel with22:34
tumbleweedwe only travel once a year, so our equipment isn't as light as it could be22:34
tumbleweedE-image AT-7402B according to
tpbTitle: Videoteam/HardwareInventory - Wiki (at
tumbleweedwe need new kit - here's the wish list
tpbTitle: Teams/DebConf/Video/VideoTeamDocs/NewVideoTeamHardware - Debian Wiki (at

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