Tuesday, 2016-11-29

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xfxftumbleweed: are you able to make it to LCA?05:06
tumbleweedxfxf: yeah, I'm certainly thinking about it05:12
tumbleweedlast year was great (when I wasn't horribly sick)05:13
xfxftumbleweed: would love you to come!  if you're keen to be on the core team we have funding available05:14
xfxfindeed, hoping this year will be less hectic too given we're not debuting a bunch of new stuff05:14
tumbleweedwould there be a sprint beforehand, again?05:15
mithrotumbleweed: Yes05:16
mithrotumbleweed: Are you not on the timvideos or hdmi2usb mailing lists?05:16
tumbleweedany idea of dates?05:16
xfxftumbleweed: yep, 1 week timvideos hackfest then the conference05:16
xfxfso approx ~2 weeks05:16
tumbleweedI'm very behind on my lists05:17
mithrotumbleweed: You have email05:19
tumbleweedhrm, if I do that, I may be in the office for <1 week in January...05:20
tumbleweedsomething to raise with my boss over some good food05:21
xfxftumbleweed: let us know, would really love your help - your assistance last year during the hackfest was definitely appreciated05:22
tumbleweedyeah, I'm keen. It just could be an insane couple of months of travel05:24
xfxfyou only live once ;)05:25
xfxfalso at this stage it looks like carl is going to take a 30h flight in and then we're doing a 11h ferry and then a 4 hour road trip to hobart (you'd be flying directly there)05:26
xfxfexcept being carl i proposed this expecting him to think it was a terrible idea and he got even more excited05:26
tumbleweedI'd most likely be doing SF -> LCA -> (via US?) -> ZA -> FOSDEM -> SF05:31
xfxfok, you win :P05:53
tumbleweedwith SF -> Toronto -> Hamburg -> Cambridge ? -> SF for chritmas, CCC, New Year, before that, I think05:55
mithrotumbleweed: That is a round the world trip if you don't go via the US in the middle there?06:02
tumbleweedyeah, those aren't the cheapest, though06:03
tumbleweedI must finalize these plans and book...06:03
tumbleweedmight as well save some money, and collect more miles :P06:04
xfxftumbleweed: accom is covered for sure, fairly sure can cover a leg of that trip too if you're going US > OZ > ZA so hopefully you wouldn't be out of pocket for the trip06:06
* tumbleweed needs a couple of days to sweet talk and finalize plans06:08
xfxfnp, good luck, let us know!06:16
paddatrappertumbleweed: Do you ever actually stay in SF for more than a few days at a time?06:44
tumbleweedpaddatrapper: occasionally06:50
mithro_florent_: ping me when you are around, I'll be at a user group but still want to sync up06:51
mithropaddatrapper: Apparently your package is in ZA06:51
paddatrappermithro: Awesome thanks. I'll follow up with the post office08:23
tumbleweedhappy queuing08:26
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mithropaddatrapper: It should be delivered in a couple of days09:41
paddatrappermithro: the Auzie post is efficient!09:42
xfxfpaddatrapper: lol it really is not :P  i get packages sent from the US to me quicker than i get things sent from another city in Australia...09:49
paddatrapperWow, SA post is equally bad, no matter where it is sent from09:50
mithroGiven how much I paid for sending it, I would hope it gets there10:09
paddatrappermithro:  I'm almost certain it will, just usually takes a while10:15
mithropaddatrapper: they said Friday10:21
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mithrotumbleweed: https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/issues/30422:10
tpbTitle: Label pixel clock in status output to prevent confusion between it and the refresh rate. · Issue #304 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)22:10
tumbleweedmithro: ah, that makes sense22:14
mithrotumbleweed: For https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/issues/305 - can you dump more information about how you attempted to get the newer firmware working on it?22:19
tumbleweedthe normal way?22:22
mithroBe back in 1.5 hours22:22
mithrotumbleweed: and then what happened? I assume it didn't come up on USB? Can you put kernel logs and stuff there...22:23
tumbleweedno, I can't because it's in Paris22:23
mithroAnd where is that Opsis located now?22:23
tumbleweedyes, it didn't come up on USB22:23
tumbleweedbut apparently xfxf has similar problems, with boards on hand?22:24
tumbleweedthat's why I stopped caring about that 6 months ago22:24
mithrotumbleweed: but we didn't record any of that information anywhere, so I don't know which board that is or where it ended up.23:23
tumbleweedthis is the one I listed in the spreadsheet as being problematic23:24

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