Sunday, 2016-11-27

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xfxfmithro: sorry, dissapeared last night.  i'm not sure - this is why we need to talk + figure out who our core crew is, and who can come00:54
xfxfmicolous: i know you're not able to make it as AV crew, but were you intending on coming to the hackfest?00:54
xfxfdo we have any confirmed international guests?00:55
xfxfi'll poke to see what's happening regarding additional funding00:55
xfxfmithro: best course of action I think is for us to send out an email to everybody announcing the hackfest + event dates, and ask people to confirm in the next week01:38
mithroI'll send out a survey in an little bit01:41
mithroI have the survey from previous years that I can copy and modify slightly01:42
mithroAre you still going to be around in 10 minutes?01:42
xfxfno, but will be in about a hour01:50
mithroxfxf: Okay, ping me then02:05
NTUmithro: (I'll get that Perth Atlys to you, haven't replied again yet in email)02:15
mithroNTU: Okay02:16
NTUWhat's the city/venue for the hackfest likely to be?02:16
mithroNTU: Hobart02:16
NTU(been telling myself I really need to book flights+accom; anyone want to twin-share at Wrest Point?)02:18
mithroxfxf: Do you have any questions you want to the questionnaire?03:27
xfxfmithro: not sure of context, can you show me the questions?03:28
CarlFKThe Hackfest dates are;  * Start Date - Sunday, 7th January06:42
CarlFKUm.. that doesn't look right06:42
xfxfhow so?06:44
xfxfoh, 8th jan06:44
xfxf7th is at06:44
CarlFK - Monday, 16th Feb -> Friday, 20th February06:44
xfxfyes, it's the week before06:44
xfxfLCA is Jan06:44
CarlFKthat doesn't jive with
tpbTitle: 2017 | January 16-20 – Hobart, Tasmania – The Future of Open Source (at
xfxfwhat says Feb?06:44
CarlFKtim's email06:44
xfxfmithro: that might need to be fixed. sorry for not catching that06:45
xfxfit's def Jan06:45
mithroI've updated the form and send an email update06:48
CarlFKPlease note that LCA is Monday, 16th Feb -> Friday, 20th January06:49
CarlFKit goes back in time? ;)06:49
xfxfit goes for a year06:52
xfxfyou wanted crazycon, didn't you?06:52
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mithroHey rohitksingh06:52
CarlFKyear LOL!!! love it.06:53
rohitksinghmithro: Hi06:53
rohitksinghfixed what?06:53
mithrorohitksingh: Fixed was response to a conversation before you joined - sorry :-P06:55
rohitksinghmithro: oh okay :p06:56
mithrorohitksingh: up to anything intresting?06:59
rohitksinghmithro: nope. just returned from anoop's wedding ceremony in his town07:05
rohitksinghfree today. might do something interesting07:06
mithroWant to help me out with some schematic / pcb stuff?07:07
rohitksinghI can help with schematics. In case of PCB's I've forgot most of the techniques.07:08
mithrorohitksingh: Well, if you have time - I definitely have some stuff to I could use help with :-)07:10
rohitksinghmithro: Yeah, you can share its details07:11
mithrorohitksingh: You know how I'm trying to build up a library of HDMI designs?07:11
rohitksinghyeah I know07:12
mithrorohitksingh: I'd really like to finish the bidir and ptn3363 for input schematics07:13
rohitksinghmithro: wasn't bidir already done? few changes like net name changes were needed on that...PTN3363 schematic was remaining07:15
mithroThe BiDir was almost done07:15
mithroIt needs a bunch of documentation and making sure it matches the other templates07:15
rohitksinghokay I will fix that. It should match that analog devices based template?07:17
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mithrorohitksingh: Yeah07:24
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tpbTitle: GerbLook (at
rohitksinghmithro: its looking great!09:54
tpbTitle: GerbLook (at
mithroI'm heading out to find dinner09:58
rohitksinghIt is also looking good...what are those "A"s for?09:58
rohitksinghokay side...09:58
mithroside-a and side-b09:58
mithroIf I have gotten it right, one side up you can go digilent boards to Numato host, the other way up Numato hosts to digilent boards10:07
mithroCan also be used to adapt the pin layout of the XADC port to be the same as the other high speed port layout10:09
mithroSo I'm using that layout on the HDMI boards10:10
mithroIf you don't count the opsis boards, I have a lot more digilent boards than Numato ones10:11
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