Saturday, 2016-11-26

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mithroxfxf: ping?09:23
mithro_florent_: ping?09:23
xfxfmithro: pong. sort of here11:38
xfxfmithro: i want to start organising flights/travel for everyone, any idea when you might be booking the hackfest accom for?11:38
mithroxfxf: The aim has been to turn up on the 7th Jan11:39
xfxfokay, so in terms of communicating to people, they can arrive anytime from the 7th onwards?11:39
xfxfi may not be there until tue or wed, depending on work11:40
mithroThat is the plan11:40
xfxfvenue access is day before only11:40
xfxfdue to real venue versus uni11:40
xfxfif there's any testing we should coordinate before the event, let me know11:40
xfxfi've also been getting together extra equipment we'll need (servers, laptops, cameras, tripods, etc) - how many hdmi2usb's can you bring?11:41
mithroxfxf: What is the plan for shipping the gear?11:41
xfxfi'm going to bring it over in my car on the ferry i think - shipping to Tasmania is problematic11:41
xfxfif i remove the gear out of those heavy boxes then it'll all fit in11:41
xfxfthat said, we can always do a smaller shipment in advance if you need gear for the hackfest11:42
mithroWe need one of each configuration and all the servers stuff11:43
xfxfmy two biggest concerns right now are locating the right core crew members (we're down a few of the usuals), and ensuring we have enough hdmi2usb's - we've already identified many of those in the kits are not working correctly + couldn't be used at pycon AU11:43
mithroxfxf: Have you done the spreadsheet with the information so we can see it?11:44
xfxfthere are some others as well but they're less major + i'm working with the venue/conference to solve those11:44
mithroI need to know how many people are coming so I can sort out the accommodation....11:54
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