Friday, 2016-11-18

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mithrotumbleweed: can you make sure there is an open bug about the issues you are having?04:28
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tumbleweedmithro: yeah, will do08:12
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tumbleweedhrm, dunno why I had trouble with the latest firmware at the minidebconf14:26
tumbleweedseems to work, today14:26
tumbleweedalthough, lol @ input0:  1280x720 (@ 74249 kHz)14:27
olasdthat's a lot of hertz14:31
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tumbleweedah, but not reliably15:33
CarlFKdid I miss anything I might care about ?15:38
tumbleweedget a real IRC client :)15:47
CarlFKslack? :D15:52
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cr1901_modernSlack epitomizes everything wrong with group chat: Centralized, proprietary, bloated.16:46
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faultehCarlFK: if you join the irc channel through matrix you'll get history and search :)23:22
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