Thursday, 2016-11-17

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CarlFKgst test patteren sends to vocto00:26
CarlFKhdmi2usb does not00:26
CarlFKgst seems to error00:26
CarlFKsame stuff workd last week...00:26
shenkimithro: hrm, that doesn't explain why i wasn't seeing any interrupts last night00:42
shenkimithro: perhaps i have interrupts masked?00:42
shenkii assume that's the ie register00:42
shenkioh, no. there's a IM reggister. interrupt mask00:43
shenki        irq_setmask(irq_getmask() | (1 << UART_INTERRUPT));00:43
shenkiit should be getting enabled00:43
mithroshenki: Did you see the discussion on #m-labs00:54
CarlFKmithro: can you help me debug why gst doesn't seem to be reading from hdmi2usb /dev/video0 ?00:56
mithroCarlFK: do you have a terminal open to the serial console?00:56
CarlFKI am trying to train someone right now00:57
CarlFKlaptop is sending video to projector and monitor fine.00:57
CarlFKthe console is not on a network box, so I have to read/type from it.  no cut/paste00:58
mithroCarlFK: the video won't start the first time if you have the console open at the same time00:58
CarlFKoh right!!!00:59
CarlFKthank you.  training is happening.01:01
mithroCarlFK: can you make sure there is a bug open for that issue somewhere?01:02
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CarlFKmithro: sure - this repo?
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware: A version of the HDMI2USB firmware based around the misoc+migen tools produced by m-labs. (at
mithroCarlFK: yes please01:04
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mithroCarlFK: did you check if an existing bug was open about it?01:14
CarlFKmithro: I searched for console and ... something and skimmed and didn't see anything01:15
mithroCarlFK: okay thanks01:15
mithroCarlFK: can you also make sure any other issues you have also have associated bugs created - including the pixel problem01:16
CarlFKmithro: I thought the snow/pixel thing was logged.  I don't find snow or pixel - what other terms?01:23
mithroCarlFK: I think it has been discussed a lot but not actually logged anywhere...01:23
CarlFKmithro: can you give me a title?  all I can think of is snow bars01:26
mithroCarlFK: SGTM01:26
shenkimithro: yeah, my comments were in response to that01:30
CarlFKmithro: can you think of any others?01:32
cr1901_modernmithro: How were you handling replacing the vector table with your own stuff prior on the Opsis? Or were you not?01:48
cr1901_modern... don't answer that please01:48
mithrocr1901_modern: I assume that _florent_ understand how it worked01:48
cr1901_modernmithro: The answer anyway is that as far as I can tell, crt0.s will automatically provide the correct address as part of housekeeping duties01:50
cr1901_modern(this means the startup code is run twice- once for the BIOS, another time when the BIOS jumps to your firmware)01:50
cr1901_modernThings up until this point, "just worked" ;001:51
CarlFKand that's a rap!01:54
CarlFKpacking up.01:55
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mithro11/17/2016 5:52 AMOrderIN_TRANSITIn TransitFUTAttempted Delivery         Customer Not at Home03:48
shenkimithro: what is that?04:00
mithroshenki: DHL attempting to deliver an item at 5:52am in the morning04:01
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shenkimithro: i pushed my latest06:52
shenkimithro: lm32 branch06:52
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mithroxfxf: I need an audio mixer08:58
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tumbleweedmithro: o/ from Paris. I listed our dodgy opsis in the spreadsheet18:30
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