Wednesday, 2016-11-16

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shenkimithro: how do irqs work on the lm32?23:28
shenkitrying to get my head around how both the bios and the firmware can recieve irqs, when one is loaded at 0 and the other is loaded into ram23:29
mithroshenki: NFI - however23:31
mithro107:    /* external interrupt */23:31
shenkiso how does that ever get called when you've jumped into the firmware, which is loaded up at 0x.... whatever DRAM is23:32
mithroI'm guessing two options23:32
mithroBIOS has a forwarding interrupt handler23:32
mithroBIOS does some type of patching23:32
mithroshenki: ask on #m-labs - they will know23:32
shenkimithro: is the whole bios + firmware setup something that all the devices do?23:34
mithroshenki: What do you mean?23:35
mithroshenki: Really, the bios isn't needed on boards which don't have DDR ram23:35
shenkimithro: how we have a bios that chainloads to a firmware23:35
shenkii just asked the question in #m-labs. it didn't sound very intelligent, so feel free to jump in and clarify23:36
mithroshenki: But I'm pretty sure neither _florent_ nor m-labs peeps are using boards without DDR23:36
cr1901_modernminispartan is SDRAM I believe?23:50

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