Sunday, 2016-11-06

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mithrofaulteh: Morning20:46
mithrofaulteh: If you just want to flash your board, then you only need the HDMI2USB-mode-switch tool, if you actually want to help with development then you need the full development environment20:47
mithroLenovo's pricing makes no sense20:50
faultehmithro: thanks i'll start with (a) then move to (b) when other things fall into place :) (and since I'm a bit of a n00b at this I'll keep it documented some of it can be used to update the site's documentation)20:58
mithrofaulteh: BTW Who are you?20:59
faultehi was one of the pyconau av volunteers and i'm running the openradio miniconf this LCA21:00
faultehif that makes it any clearer (or
tpbTitle: faulteh (Scott Bragg) · GitHub (at
mithrofaulteh: Ahh cool21:02
faultehmy radio club has a 720p DATV 15watt transmitter but most of their other gear is all standard def so I got the board to hack together something more modern for their weekly broadcasts :)21:03
mithrofaulteh: Where in Australia are you located?21:03
mithrofaulteh: Nice and easy to get to LCA next year :-P21:06
mithrofaulteh: I have updated instructions for setting up the development environment that I need to merge21:07
mithrofaulteh: See
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/scripts at docs-scripts-update · mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
mithrofaulteh: I'm assuming you are running on Linux?21:08
faultehyeah debian jessie21:08
faultehi'll set up a VM with 14.04 for dev if it makes life easier21:09
mithrofaulteh: In theory it should work with debian jessie21:10
faultehhehe well here will be the test i'll give it a go tonoght when i get home from work21:11
faultehanyway there's no rush i've still got to order some of those redmere cables21:15
mithrofaulteh: You should be able to get started without them21:26
CarlFKmithro: I have those new MP cables to test - is it an ok test to use the opsis pattern output sent into an input?21:31
mithroCarlFK: no21:31
mithroCarlFK: you need to use a device that doesn't work without them21:31
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