Friday, 2016-11-04

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mithro_florent_: ping?05:17
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faulteh[m]hello, so i'm just unpacking my opsis board but not having much luck using the serial commands to do matrix switching, win10 laptop and r-pi inputs at 1280x720 won't display on output0 or output1. I kind of remember someone mentioning at pyconau that not hdmi cables are created equal when it comes to this board?12:47
faulteh[m]but the test pattern shows up so that's a start i guess12:48
faulteh[m]tomorrow i think i'll figure out how i upgrade the firmware on it, perhaps something later than Jan 8 201612:51
micolousThe magic HDMI cables you want are "redmere"12:54
CarlFKmicolous: hey there12:55
micolousfaulteh[m]: iirc mithro was talking about sending Redmere cables to all the people who ordered it, but I don't know if he ended up doing that.12:55
micolousAnd I think later firmwares tweak things a bit, but it's been a while since playing with my opsis12:56
faulteh[m]ah cool thanks i'll order some in next payday12:56
faulteh[m]need to find a box for it too the one mentioned in the hardware repo isn't available anymore12:57
micolousYeah, I wish I got that box... I ended up buying some other box which didn't fit as nicely12:57
faulteh[m]i just got mine today going to be a video mixer for the DATV group at my local amateur radio club once i get all the bits together12:57
faulteh[m]this one looks like it might fit the bill with a few modifications
tpbTitle: SilverStone PT13B-120 Thin Mini-ITX Case Black [SST-PT13B-120] : PC Case Gear (at
CarlFKI use this case:
CarlFKthere is room for a odroid c2 to be mounted from the hd mounts13:02
faulteh[m]awesome i have a spare C2 lying around at the moment13:06
faulteh[m]where's a good place to order these redmere cables from in AU?13:11
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micolousauspcmarket appear to have them, but expensive14:34
micolousThey're ~9USD from monoprice (plus 12usd shipping) for a short one, or 51 aud from auspcmarket14:35
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micolousso half price to get them from monoprice in units of 1, even taking into account poor AUD-USD conversion14:37
micolousThat's for the 1 metre cables14:38
micolousoh oops, the monoprice one is mini-hdmi to hdmi14:40
micolousThey don't appear to have the HDMI-to-HDMI slim ones anymore14:40
CarlFKthey do.. sec..14:51
CarlFKthey did change stuff14:51
CarlFKI have one of those at my house, to test, to make sure it 'works'15:06
CarlFKI won't be home for another 30 hours, so wait a few days15:07
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faultehapologies for the noob question but what tool do I need to use to flash the firmware on the opsis board? Website "Getting Started" section has a "TODO Put instructions here." and I've been looking around but it's not obvious at all23:12
faultehis there a flash tool or do i need to put a whole xilinix development environment on there?23:14
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