Friday, 2016-10-28

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mithro_florent_: one of the big differences between the bios and firmware is the type of ram is it executing from01:41
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mithro_florent_: morning, I know when you start working because my phone stats buzzing with your updates on the bugs :-)08:30
_florent_mithro: hi :)08:31
mithroI'm currently babysitting the Sydney Linux User Group08:31
mithroAny luck with the printf weirdness?08:32
_florent_mithro: no since I'm not able to reproduce it08:32
mithroWhere you able to look at the firmware/gateware I sent through?08:33
_florent_mithro: no sorry I was looking at the others points08:36
_florent_mithro: for the timing issue with or1k and ethernet it should be fixed08:37
_florent_it was also occuring with lm32 and it should be fixed (at least I'm not able to reproduce it)08:37
_florent_for the telnet reliability it should also be fixed08:38
mithroThe or1k doesn't even seem to reliably get past bios printing the version string for me at the moment08:38
mithro_florent_: Have you tested the interface to the FX2 at all?09:15
_florent_mithro: not sure09:15
mithro_florent_: btw - what version of gcc are you using?09:16
_florent_an old one: 4.3.009:17
mithroWe are using09:21
mithrolm32-elf-gcc (GCC) 4.9.309:21
mithroI wonder if I should try compiling with optimisation off?09:22
_florent_mithro: yes you can try09:29
mithroNot going to be able to try tonight, will do it tomorrow09:30
_florent_mithro: I stop for this week09:33
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