Thursday, 2016-10-20

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xfxfmithro: something I'm noticing is happening increasingly with venues is AV companies are insisting on running laptops at the back with a Windows machine + expect presenters to give them slides on a USB stick22:13
xfxfand they're usually non-negotiable on that.  thus far i've been able to convince them otherwise but I expect I'm going to hit a situation where it's not22:13
xfxfthe typical way they're video recorded is they'll setup an additional HDMI or HD-SDI out from their switcher for the video recording company22:14
xfxfi'm also noticing presenters are increasingly expecting this too, particularly if they're not in the technical conference space - i.e. they'll rock up to their room without a laptop and their slides on a USB stick and give it to us22:14
xfxfi'm going to alter my workflow a little, but just FYI, as it impacts some of your plans22:15
xfxfi think this is going to become more and more normal as venues upgrade their in-house AV setups22:15
xfxfoh, to be clear, this is usually additional to a laptop feed at the front, but i've now hit a few conferences where the laptop at the back + a slide clicker tool is supplied *without* a front laptop feed, and i've had to convince them otherwise22:16
xfxfthis doesn't work at all for the technical conference space for obvious reasons.  i understand entirely why it's done for non-technical conferences though, it'll result in a better experience for the delegates given usual laptop mucking around22:17
xfxf(we solve that by knowing the space well and having technical/procedural solutions to it - i.e. HDMI2USB locking down resolution, training volunteers to ensure laptops are plugged in to power, etc)22:18
tumbleweedxfxf: even at technical conferences, some speakers don't have laptops / laptop video output just doesn't work22:53
tumbleweedso, having the conference have a coulpe of spare laptops around is always a good idea22:53
tumbleweed(not having laptops is probably more of a third world thing, but it's definitely a thing)22:54
xfxfoh agreed, I usually have that anyway23:19
xfxfmore so the setups I'm noticing more and more prevent us from sticking a device at the lecturn to intercept the video signal23:20
tumbleweedyou mean technical conferences are using venues that are totally unequipped for them?23:41
tumbleweedthe HDMI over CAT6 extenders seem to work reasonably well23:41

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