Wednesday, 2016-10-12

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mithroBtw, two new people started on my team on Monday, so I'm going to be less responsive over the next couple of weeks while I get them up to sled.00:03
mithroThey are too smart, picking up things as fast as I can teach them!00:04
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xfxfthe best kind!00:16
xfxfthat's fine, i'm on top of everything, just need a quick approx answer to what I PM'ed you about00:16
xfxfi ordered another PTZ camera too, putting time aside to work on that00:17
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mithroxfxf: Have you gotten the current one working yet?02:13
xfxfpartially, yeah, just figuring out a good abstraction for the library02:15
xfxfHence getting another camera, it'll make that clearer02:15
mithroxfxf: Want to get my two other cameras working then?02:16
xfxfdo they have better optics?02:16
xfxfThe optics in this one dont work with facedetect terribly well02:16
mithroWell the Panasonic ones sure does02:23
mithroI can set you up with remote access to them if you think it would help02:23
xfxfmaybe, let me read their spec sheets first and understand the protocol, i might be able to get enough from reading that first02:26
xfxfi think you sent them through02:26
mithroYes, I did03:27
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