Tuesday, 2016-10-11

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lep0leok it's enough for tonight00:07
lep0lesee you soon00:08
CarlFKsee ya00:08
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Lep0leis there anybody around08:22
Lep0leI'm stuck with my numato opsis08:22
Lep0leimpossible to figure out a solution08:22
Lep0lereally need help08:22
Lep0leor a tuto, step by step08:23
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Lep0leso i'm stck at the make flash command from page :https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB-numato-opsis-docs/wiki/FlashOpsis08:26
tpbTitle: FlashOpsis · timvideos/HDMI2USB-numato-opsis-docs Wiki · GitHub (at github.com)08:26
Lep0leoutup of this command is that:08:27
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at pastebin.ubuntu.com)08:27
tumbleweedI've never used "make flash". But it looks like the file isn't where it's supposed to be08:28
Lep0leyes indeed08:28
Lep0lecan you help with another way to flash the board08:29
tumbleweedanyway, that page seems to be about flashing firware you've just built08:30
tumbleweedif you aren't making any changes, you can grab a pre-built image from the prebuilt repo08:30
Lep0leyes that it , i made no changes08:37
Lep0leso what are the set of command to do ?08:38
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mithroHey Lep0le_, I got your email and will hopefully reply soon11:34
mithroLep0le_: currently out and on my phone, so can't really reply properly now.11:35
mithroLep0le_: My main question is what are you trying to achieve? Did you just want to update the firmware on your opsis board? Are you trying to get into developing new firmware?11:36
mithroIf you just want to use the device, you don't need to flash it at all.11:38
Lep0le_hello Mirtho12:27
Lep0le_i'd just want to use the device12:27
Lep0le_but the board don't work properly because lsusb give12:28
mithroLep0le_: Are you on Linux? It sounded like you might be?12:28
Lep0le_yes i am12:29
mithroLep0le_: if so, you should just be able to plug the device into a Linux computer and it'll work without needing to install anything.12:29
Lep0le_when i plug the hdmi out it give the band screen color12:29
Lep0le_but my computer don't see a video device12:30
mithroLep0le_: it'll appear as both a webcam on /dev/videoX and a serial port as /dev/ttyACMX12:30
Lep0le_lsusb gives me : Bus 003 Device 041: ID 16c0:06ad Van Ooijen Technische Informatica12:31
mithroLep0le_: from you email it seems you have installed ixo-usb-jtag which will automatically switch your device into developer mode12:31
Lep0le_in dmesg i dont got this i got this:12:31
mithroAre you on Ubuntu?12:31
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)12:33
Lep0le_yes on mint qiana12:33
mithroBtw, I'm still on my phone12:33
Lep0le_sorry for the trouble12:34
Lep0le_you can try to answer me later12:34
Lep0le_what is strange is that hdmi output give me theHDMI2USB screen12:35
mithroLep0le_: no worries! It is awesome you made is here so I can help you out!12:35
mithroMuch easier to help via chat rather than email12:35
Lep0le_yes indeed12:36
Lep0le_is ther a way to reset the board12:36
mithroCan you try a 'dpkg --list | grep jtag'12:36
mithroLep0le_: Looking at that output you pasted it seems like you have installed some of our developer packages12:37
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)12:38
mithroWhich is great if you want to help development, but not that great if you just want to use it12:38
Lep0le_yes it's possible12:38
Lep0le_as i said in my email it's not easy to find the right info12:38
mithroYeah, that is the package I was expecting to see12:38
Lep0le_so maybe i can contribute for it12:38
mithroThat would be super helpful, as a developer it can be hard to know what to provide12:39
Lep0le_i mean the documentation to avoid people doing wrong expedition into unknown code as me i mean12:40
mithroCan you try removing that package with an "apt-get remove ixo-usb-jtag"12:40
Lep0le_yes i know the problem12:40
Lep0le_i rm ixo-usb-jtag12:41
mithroThe board is also very flexible, people want to use it to do a huge number of different things.12:41
Lep0le_i feel the potential power of the board12:41
mithroThere is so much more we want to do with it too12:42
Lep0le_and i pretty much an visual artist on linux than a real developper12:42
Lep0le_you know we organise a event here in france databit.me12:42
mithroThat's fine! There is a lot of different people here with different levels of expertise.12:43
Lep0le_and we gonna have a media experience with open source tool12:43
mithroNo? What is that event about?12:43
Lep0le_that the reason i want to set up the board12:43
mithro_florent_, the primary firmware developer lives in France somewhere12:44
Lep0le_databit.me is a festival we are at the 6th edition12:44
Lep0le_we work on digital creation and digital art in general... new forms and so12:44
Lep0le_ah ok12:45
Lep0le_maybe you gonna check the event on the future video stream !!!12:45
mithroIf you have apt get removed ixo-usb-jtag, can you then disconnect the opsis board fully (both usb and power), make sure the lights all go totally out12:45
mithroThat would be awesome12:45
mithroI'm in Australia, so it is unlikely I would ever get to it12:46
Lep0le_databit is international event made by people for people12:46
Lep0le_so who knows12:47
Lep0le_we look for money all the time to organize these week12:47
mithroI'm involved with Linux.conf.au and a few PyCon and Debconf events12:47
Lep0le_we are small but passionate12:47
mithroBtw Do you know about the apertus project?12:48
Lep0le_i understand that yoiu're in the code world12:48
Lep0le_apertus ?12:48
Lep0le_not really12:48
mithroLep0le_: sounds like us! We are a pretty small group trying to do bigger things :-)12:49
Lep0le_yes apertus i check the project and even made gif with the picture of the circuit board12:50
Lep0le_last year12:50
mithroThe Apertus people are trying to make an open source film camera12:50
mithroThey are pretty cool, couple of there developers hang out in here too12:51
mithroI'm just trying to get the right dmesg command I'd like you to run before plugging the board back in12:52
mithroCan you run 'dmesg -wH' in a terminal, plug in the board, wait 30 seconds and then paste me the output?12:54
Lep0le_my gif on lep0le.tumblr.com ----> https://67.media.tumblr.com/21bdc39fa9c8561ac6a7b09f7e4a468c/tumblr_nh04djkHB41rrnmsno1_500.gif12:54
Lep0le_dmesg -wH return invalid option12:56
mithroI'm at a computer now, just checking what that should be13:02
Lep0le_maybe it's that : watch 'dmesg | tail'13:05
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mithroIt appears only newer dmesg support -w13:05
mithrocan you instead fo13:05
mithrosudo su root -c 'echo "==== mark ====" > /dev/kmsg'13:05
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mithroOnce you have done the mark, you should see it in the dmesg output?13:08
Lep0le_watch 'dmesg | tail' give this https://paste.ubuntu.com/23308026/13:11
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)13:11
mithroLep0le_: that looks correct13:13
mithroDo you have a /dev/ttyACM0 device?13:14
Lep0le_the mark is at the bottom of https://paste.ubuntu.com/23308055/13:15
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at paste.ubuntu.com)13:15
Lep0le_lyes i ls /dev and i got the ttyACM013:16
mithroLep0le_: did you plug the board in before you ran the mark command?13:17
mithroDo you have /dev/video* devices?13:19
Lep0le_i got a v4l folder and in it 2 folders13:22
Lep0le_and by-path13:22
Lep0le_in by-id13:23
Lep0le_i find usb-Timvideo.us_HDMI2USB.tv...13:23
mithroLep0le_: But no /dev/video0 or /dev/video1 ?13:24
Lep0le_now i find them vido013:25
Lep0le_and video113:25
mithro /dev/video0 is probably a webcam that is in your computer13:25
mithro /dev/video1 is probably the Opsis board13:26
mithroLep0le_: which tool do you want to use to view the output of the board?13:26
Lep0le_don't know13:26
Lep0le_guvcview don't work13:26
mithroLep0le_: do you use Chrome?13:28
Lep0le_chromium yes13:29
Lep0le_it work with that command : mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=1280:height=720:device="/dev/video2" -vf screenshot -v13:30
mithroLep0le_: so you get the color bars output?13:30
Lep0le_colors bar are on the hdmi screen from the board and on my computer13:37
Lep0le_so thanks13:38
Lep0le_but where can i find the way to get a cam work on one of the 2 hdmi input13:39
Lep0le_i also see the OHW9 screen in my display conf13:41
mithroLep0le_: okay, so that serial port that I got you to check earlier13:46
mithroLep0le_: that is the control and debug port13:46
mithroLep0le_: If you connect to that serial port with a terminal tool, you should get a prompt you can type commands into13:46
mithroLep0le_: that prompt lets you switch which inputs are connected to which outputs13:47
Lep0le_in ssh13:47
Lep0le_because it's not reall clear13:47
Lep0le_i need to use a software13:47
mithroLep0le_: Yes, a serial control program like minicom, flterm or similar13:49
mithroLep0le_: on Windows, something like putty or teraterm would work13:50
mithroLep0le_: gtkterm might work too13:51
mithroLep0le_: We generally use flterm13:54
mithroLep0le_: it's nice and simple and generally pretty reliable13:54
mithroxfxf and deeprave are working on a GUI, but haven't finished yet13:55
mithroLep0le_: once you get the terminal prompt, you can type "help" and see what commands are available13:55
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Lep0le_thanks a lot13:56
Lep0le_for help13:56
Lep0le_i'll gonna make a little tuto for noobs13:57
mithroLep0le_: Did you need some more help getting the terminal up?13:57
Lep0le_because it's not so clear to know if the board work without flashing13:57
Lep0le_the doc is confusing13:57
Lep0le_and i thing it would be nice to get a step by step for set up different config13:58
mithroLep0le_: that would be great!13:58
Lep0le_i think i could figure out now13:58
mithroLep0le_: most of our docs are targeted towards the more developer end of people who want to flash their own boards13:59
Lep0le_and what i understand to reset i need to unplug everything and the board return to factory default13:59
Lep0le_yes and even flashing is an expedition14:00
mithroLep0le_: well, if you had actually successfully flashed your board - it would have not reset14:00
Lep0le_it was unsuccessful here14:00
Lep0le_and i follow the command14:00
Lep0le_so i need to learn14:00
mithroLep0le_: I'm trying to update a bunch of the instructions for a developer at https://github.com/mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/tree/docs-scripts-update/scripts14:01
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/scripts at docs-scripts-update · mithro/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at github.com)14:01
mithroBut haven't had time to finish that yet14:01
Lep0le_i'm gonna check14:01
mithroLep0le_: but that is if you want to build / modify the firmware14:01
mithroLep0le_: IE develop new features and stuff14:02
mithroLep0le_: I'll still try and reply to your email tomorrow, but I need to head to bed shortly14:03
mithroLep0le_: I'm around on IRC most days, so do feel free to ask more questions if you get stuck14:04
mithroLep0le_: Thanks for all your patiences, hopefully this was an better experience...14:10
Lep0le_a new adventure begin14:11
mithroLep0le_: btw - Did your opsis board come with a sheet of paper with instructions on a URL to go to?14:11
Lep0le_yes i think14:12
Lep0le_and a bunch of url on h2u.tv14:13
Lep0le_but so much url lost me14:13
Lep0le_so thank a lot14:14
Lep0le_and hope to see you soon14:14
Lep0le_bye bye14:14
mithroTODO: Put content here.14:19
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xfxfmithro: i think that page should mention the requirement for redmere cables (with some links) and advising them to visit here23:49
xfxfwant me to make a PR?23:49

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