Wednesday, 2016-10-05

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mithroRattusRattus: ping?00:04
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xfxfmithro: a friend just posted this:
tpbTitle: Comments (at
mithroxfxf: PTZ tracking stuff isn't new at all, plenty of closed source implementations06:13
xfxfThe use of the vive I mean specifically06:16
xfxfI'm aware ptz isn't nre06:16
xfxfdoubt it will work for our use case of larger rooms but still super interesting06:17
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xfxfmithro: also
xfxfbut closed too08:06
xfxfand no tracking08:06
xfxfthere's zero affordable USB/serial-controllable PTZ tripod heads I can find08:07
xfxfor the ones I can find look like they're straight out of the 90's08:07
xfxfhow much you reckon we could manufacture one for? ;)08:07
mithroxfxf: I pointed you to the jaycar one right?08:08
mithrothat was only PT though, no Z08:08
xfxfi think so, was that the one that looked uber dodgy? :P08:08
xfxfand doesn't need Z, that's a camera operation08:08
xfxfwhich is a good point, i might need to implement LANC or something08:09
mithroit was the one designed for like a go-pro type thing08:09
xfxfi think my cameras support some common protocol08:09
tpbTitle: Pan and Tilt Action Camera Bracket Mount for 9G Servos | Jaycar Electronics (at
mithro~25 AUD (the bracket + 2 x 9G servos)08:10
xfxfi'm not sure that's quite tthe same thing08:11
xfxfdescription suggests adding an accelerometter08:11
xfxfthis would be much more work to implement/build08:11
xfxfi'm happy to spend $400 or whatever on a solution that's already assembled that i just need to write an interface to08:12
_florent_mithro: for a camera, a pan and tilt with brushless motors is probably a lot better than servos...08:48
_florent_mithro: something like this:
tpbTitle: Brushless Gimbals > Camera Gimbals > FPV, Aerial Video & Telemetry (at
_florent_mithro: servos are noisy and not very accurate...08:49
mithroxfxf: As _florent_ pointed out, you might have success looking at quad copter and drone stuff08:50
_florent_mithro: it's mostly used for stabilization but I think you can also use it for tracking08:51
mithro_florent_: Yeah, they are kind of the opposite of each other right? one the target is moving, you are staying still - other one you are moving and the target is staying still :)08:52
_florent_mithro: yes that's the opposite, but the mechanical can probably be reused08:53
_florent_mithro: the only thing is that you don't have lots of torque with brushless motors08:53
mithroThey are also probably weight sensitive08:54
_florent_if the system is well balanced it should not be a problem08:55
mithro_florent_: well, even if 10kg is well balanced, that is a lot to lift :)08:57
_florent_yes of course but I'm also not sure you can put a 10kg camera on the pan and tilt from :)09:00
mithro_florent_: also true :)09:08
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mithro_florent_: Did you want to organise an evening this or next week to hack on opsis-soc stuff together?10:10
_florent_mithro: yes, we can plan that next week12:22
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mithro_florent_: Did you see the pull requests?23:31
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