Thursday, 2016-09-29

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xfxfmithro: anything I should bring with me tonight?  plan was for an opsis + capture laptop + XLR/RCA sound card + various cables and adapters01:00
xfxfthat said you have an opsis, right?01:00
xfxfanything *extra* rather01:00
mithroI have many opsis boards01:20
mithroAnything for sound stuff is the major thing01:20
mithroHDMI scaler and VGA converters01:20
xfxfokay, cool, i'll not bring an opsis but i'll bring a bunch of other stuff01:26
xfxfonly hand luggage so that's useful01:26
xfxfyou got redmere cables too?02:27
CarlFKxfxf: I think I broke using and a dv cam for both video and audio - dv video and test tone audio works fine02:41
xfxfwierd, was working for me at one stage (yes both dv audio/video)02:44
xfxfmy guess would be in the muxer/demuxer?  dv is delivered as bundled audio/video, the other options we use apart from blackmagic aren't02:45
CarlFK  There is what ingest currently does02:47
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
CarlFKdv1394src dvdemux name=demux  ...  demux. !    audioconvert !02:48
CarlFKblackmagic is not bundled .. there is a separate audio source: decklinkaudiosrc02:52
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CarlFKxfxf: fixed - (10:59:20 PM) thaytan: CarlFK, oh, the problem is that you need a small queue after the demux04:50
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