Thursday, 2016-09-22

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froztbyteCarlFK: sorry, I've been stuck under a bunch of stuff. can you point me at the repo you use to prep things as-is?20:10
CarlFKfroztbyte:   which things?20:11
tpbTitle: veyepar/setup/nodes/pxe at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
froztbyteyes, that20:11
CarlFKthe odroid I gave you was done manually ..
tpbTitle: SBC for Opsis - Wiki (at
CarlFKfroztbyte: I used that process to build the pxe server we used in NY, but I also tweeked the server and have tweeked the git repo, so there may (ok, there are) going to be bits that are not perfect20:13
froztbytethat's fine20:14
froztbytejust need some kind of idea what things look(ed) like20:14
froztbytea place to start from20:14
froztbytethe opsis is still chilling in my backpack. it's in an SAA baggie.20:14
froztbyteerr, not opsis. odroid.20:15
froztbytedo I bother pulling the opsis firmware off of this thing? or do you know which firmware version it is that you need?20:15
CarlFKna, I don't want anythng off of the c2 (odroid)20:26
CarlFKthere are like 30? new firmware revs after that time period, so really the process is: start at head and find one that works20:27
froztbytedid you remember/get-around to replace that dud microsd card in the one odroid?20:29
CarlFKkinda.  there were 2 boxes that went flat.  one was fixed by replacing the sd, the other seems the c2 died20:30
CarlFKkinda because I was more trying to figure out what happened than trying to fix it20:31
CarlFKI need to get 2 or 3 more C2s, or something similar20:31
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