Wednesday, 2016-09-14

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nuecesHi all, I was digging into the firmware code and I could not found where the hdmi_in0_resdetection_hres_read function is defined04:45
nuecesany clue?04:46
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CarlFKmithro: _florent_ ^^^ (I think they can answer that.  not me)05:04
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mithronueces: Heyo!05:48
nueceshi mithro05:48
mithronueces: That function comes is auto-generated from the gateware code05:49
mithronueces: That can be found in third_party/misoc/software/include/generated/csr.h05:51
nuecesok, thanks05:52
nuecesmithro, I don't have any file inside the generated directory05:53
nuecesI need to run something?05:53
mithronueces: Have you build the firmware?05:54
nuecesyes, I did that before05:54
nuecessome time ago05:54
nuecesok, I going to compile it again05:54
mithroDid you accidently type "make clean" after that?05:55
mithromake gateware-generate05:56
mithroThat will get you the functions again05:56
nuecesi don't remember, but maybe I did that in some moment. I have the generated files now06:00
mithronueces: awesome! What are you trying to do? Just understand how things work?06:04
nuecesyes, a bit of that. I like to see if is possible to hardcode the video resolution06:05
nuecesthe opsis detect my camera at 420 iirc06:05
mithronueces: What do you mean? Hard code it as boot up or?06:05
nuecesiirc the opsis did some negotiation with the camera to coordinate in what resolution are going to work, i like to see where that happens06:08
nuecesif I could not fix it for my case, at least just set the right value for that camera06:10
mithronueces: So, the Opsis provides a virtual I2C EEPROM which the camera can read06:10
mithrothe contents of the I2C EEPROM is called "EDID Data" and describes what video formats the Opsis accepts06:11
mithroWhen you change the video mode the Opsis firmware generates a different set of EDID data06:11
mithroIn theory, the Opsis then pretends to disconnect from the camera and reconnects - but it is unclear if that is working correctly or at all06:12
mithronueces: The camera is suppose to read this data and then send a signal as described in the EDID data06:15
mithronueces: But in theory it could just ignore (or not even read it) and just send anything06:15
mithronueces: We set up our HDMI receiver with the expectation of receiving video at the rate described by the EDID data - in theory we can accept a range of data that don't meet that specification06:17
mithronueces: I don't understand what that actual range is06:17
mithronueces: Does that make sense?06:17
nuecesyes, thanks for the explanation06:18
nuecesi have more to read now :)06:18
mithronueces: I'm slowly starting to put together some documentation stuff at
tpbTitle: GitHub - mithro/tmds_encoding: TMDS encoding tools (at
mithronueces: some high level stuff at and too06:21
tpbTitle: Debugging HDMI & other tales from developing conference capture hardware.... - Google Slides (at
nuecesmithro, I already see that talk06:22
mithronueces: It sounds like you are trying to get your camera working with the Opsis?06:30
mithronueces: You mentioned that it is being detected in some way?06:30
mithroxfxf: Can you document what you did with the power supply in that Antec case so I can replicate it here?06:33
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xfxfmithro: ask me these questions this weekend :p. I'm still travelling10:00
xfxfbur can do, but remind me10:00
xfxfI think I just looked up the pin diagram for the board and for the 4-pin connector and worked out I could jam it in backwards10:01
xfxfwhich frightens me but it works and is right according to the spec sheets10:01
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nuecesmithro, yes, that is the idea. Use the opsis with the camera that I have14:50
nuecesmithro, the camera resolution is detected as 720x48014:50
nuecesor that is the output that the camera send to the opsis14:50
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CarlFKnueces: the opsis defaults to 72015:35
nuecesi know, the camera output is configured also at 72015:35
CarlFKwhat camera model?  (and do you have the URL of its manual?15:36
tumbleweeddoes the camera do progressive?15:37
nuecesCarlFK, we already have this conversation before :P
tpbTitle: dpaste: 07YMYX8 (at
nuecestumbleweed, the manual say that at 720 is progressive15:45
nuecesit can record at 1080i and 720p15:46
nuecesin the page 106, say that the hdmi output works in two modes, Auto: The video signals are output in the same15:48
nuecesformat as the recorded file. Use this setting only15:48
nueceswhen connecting to an HDTV.15:48
nueces: The recorded file is output in the 720x480p15:49
nuecesformat. Use this setting only when connecting to a15:49
nuecesstandard, analog TV which supports SD (Standard15:49
nuecesDefinition) progressive scan (480p) signals through15:49
nuecesits HDMI jacks.15:49
CarlFKnueces: do you have an hdmi monitor you can plug the camera into, and hopefully the monitor can display what res it is using15:49
nuecesCarlFK, I did that, the monitor display the resolution as 720p15:50
CarlFKnueces: oh damm, not sure I asked you this: are you using what we call a "magic cable" ? "The inputs currently have issues which are helped by the amplifier in the Redmere cable"15:52
nuecesthe debug shows the input WER: 015:53
nuecesCarlFK, and don't be afraid to ask the same several times, you are helping me :)15:54
nuecesCarlFK, I buy a few redmere cables, when I get them I could do the same test again15:55
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CarlFKnueces: WER: 0  is from debug - is that line printing every second?16:59
CarlFKit stops if no input is detected16:59
nuecesCarlFK, yes17:00
nuecesis printing every second17:00
CarlFKcan you cut/paste one of those lines and status17:01
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