Monday, 2016-09-05

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tumbleweedso, I have some VGA to HDMI adaptors that produce 720p that my little 8" LCD can display, but the opsis doesn't like05:46
tumbleweedare they a lost cause?05:46
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CarlFKtumbleweed: I hear the opsis is really reading dvi, not hdmi. (or something like that)05:47
tumbleweedah, so my DVI monitor doesn't like this (via a HDMI-DVI dongle)05:47
CarlFKI also have a little $35 active vga->hdmi that the opsis doesn't like, and that was the reason I was given.05:47
tumbleweedI have plenty that work, just not at 720p :(05:48
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xfxfCarlFK: you may be interested, but i've got the (i was gonna say yours, but it's evident more i've poked at it you just refactored mine :P) ingest script working with hdv + alsa + hdmi2usb completely in sync11:13
xfxfdv/hdv is wierdly hugely delayed compared to alsa, but adding sufficient size to the queue allows me to set a bigger delay11:13
xfxfhas been capturing the last 4 hours fine11:13
xfxfi'm doing this so i can see if i can avoid carrying extra hdmi2usb's with me to NZ in two days - they're kinda heavy in the metal cases11:14
xfxfthe vocto guys said there was a background port as well, i'm gonna experiment with a gstreamer pipeline that takes a static png/jpeg and displays that11:14
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CarlFKfroztbyte: ping16:13
CarlFKyou mentioned supervisor scripts to run the ingest command on the c2... do it!   (please.)16:20
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mithroxfxf: you asked about the firmware - see the text on the top of the boxes23:04
mithroxfxf: I would*not* recommend using the Opsis for both the camera and capture at the same time at the moment23:04
mithroxfxf: Couple of things23:06
mithroxfxf: I purchased 10 Opsis boards for usage around Sydney23:07
mithroxfxf: They also discontinued the Inset case :(23:09
mithroCarlFK: Did you have any ideas around Mini-ITX cases?23:10
mithroCarlFK: I was thinking of getting a couple of options from Amazon shipped to you so you can give me a review before I purchase ~5-10 of them.....23:10
CarlFKmithro: I really like the one I found.. just a moment23:10
mithroCarlFK: Love a lot of pictures23:11
mithroCarlFK: I probably need full height cases as I want to mount expansion boards in them...23:12
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CarlFKI don't think there is room for a card23:21
CarlFKand sure, ship away.   I would love a case that had room for a PS inside23:22
CarlFKoff for pizza, back in 4-5 hours23:49
mithroCarlFK: can you take some pictures of it in real life for me?23:52
xfxfmithro: I never said I was going to use the same opsis for two inputs?23:57
mithroxfxf: Good, I'm just wanted to confirm you weren't trying to reduce the number of Opsis boards that way23:58
xfxfI'm still intending on 3d printing cases.  The Metal cases are nice but they're stupid heavy23:58
xfxf6 opsis's are now 12kg...23:58
xfxfmithro: I'm using the hdmi2usb's identical to how we used them successfully at pycon AU - I'm not game to change that yet :). I'm focussing improvements on the gsteeamer pipelines23:59
mithroxfxf: great23:59

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