Saturday, 2016-08-27

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jeaxfxf: what was the laptop that you bought to do video stuff? and would you recommend it (or similar) still?01:46
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xfxfLenovo w530, and they worked well although probably overkill02:16
xfxfI got those as they also have firewire02:16
xfxfBut don't need that anymore02:16
jeaok, thanks for that. I'll have a look around. should get one sometime so i can actually use the opsis02:24
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CarlFKxfxf: jea: vocto-something saves files to some dir.   Where is the name of that dir defined?02:59
xfxfpretty sure I used a tweaked version of your voctomix-outcasts scripts03:03
xfxfso the usual spot03:03
xfxfwhich is amusingly still named 'dv'03:03
xfxfthat reminds me, i should pull in your latest master to mine so i can do a PR03:03
CarlFKvoctomix-outcasts scripts take a parameter03:05
CarlFKdid you use dvs-mon?03:05
xfxfjea: sorry back on PC now.  i grabbed the w530's as they used a 3rd gen i7 QM mobile processor (QM has fastest performance of all intel mobile CPU's) but still had firewire - newest machine I found.  this was so we had a backup at pycon in case vocto decided to not play ball03:05
xfxfnow it is playing ball, i'll continue to use the w530's, but i'll probably buy smaller newer gen laptops03:06
xfxfi also use a lenovo yoga I stuck a 2tb drive into, caveat with it is lack of USB ports though03:06
xfxfCarlFK: nah, I just updated what we used at LCA03:06
tpbTitle: video-scripts/pycon at master · xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
xfxfit worked, i want to re-do it, it's a bit hacky03:07
xfxfoh CarlFK, what do you use for the devices to capture the presenter hdmi2usb? i recall you saying you were using odroids or something?03:08
xfxfcarrying 7 laptops with me to NZ in a couple of weeks is going to be fun, if i can half that, even better03:08
CarlFKxfxf: yeah - odrod c2.  worked great ... kinda.03:08
CarlFKkinda, because 4 worked fine for 1 day.  2nd day, near the end of the day, "something happened" to 2 of them03:09
CarlFKI think it was curred fs from being power cycled without being shut down03:09
xfxfherm, given there's not much computational power required, i wonder whether an older tiny atom-based netbook would do the trick03:09
CarlFKgig-e is the main requirement03:10
xfxfthe newer ones have that03:10
CarlFKwell... check.  I bought 4 i5 HPs that only had 10003:10
tpbTitle: HP Notebook - 15-ay012dx (ENERGY STAR) Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support (at
CarlFK Network interface   Integrated 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet LAN03:10
xfxfdo they have usb3?03:11
xfxfi'd only be buying ones with usb3, so you can throw in a usb3 gigabit device worst case scenario03:11
xfxfannoyingly i have core 2 duo's coming out of my ears03:11
xfxfbut they're too big to lug around03:12
CarlFKso yes, they did have usb3, but one of the usb3-gig-e dongles was werid.03:13
CarlFKthat was a storm of "just do this to fix that.. oh look, we ave another easy problem..."03:14
CarlFKnot sure I told you:  UN audio: sure, here is 1080i over sdi.  it has an audio track.03:15
xfxffor that level of venue just use a blackmagic card in a small desktop with lots of HD-SDI ingest03:15
CarlFKso I just picked up 4 more bm cards...03:15
xfxfdon't need multiple machines03:15
CarlFKanyway, "this is gig-e right?" "yep"  No.03:16
xfxfyeah vendors neuter modern laptops in stupid ways03:17
xfxfresolution is one thing that totally shits me03:17
xfxfespecially given windows 10 can do dpi scaling03:17
xfxfthere's zero reason to use a shit resolution monitor anymore03:17
xfxfah, the laptops you bought: 15.6" diagonal HD SVA BrightView WLED-backlit (1366 x 768)03:38
xfxfi personally avoid *anything* with a 1366x768 screen.  it's a good sign the vendor has skimped out on other components03:39
CarlFKxfxf: I drop this onto the mixers home dir ~
CarlFKand then this line
tpbTitle: dvsmon/ at master · CarlFK/dvsmon · GitHub (at
CarlFK  '~/Videos/veyepar/{client}/{show}/dv/{room}'.format(**conf))03:45
CarlFKcreates the dir that veyepar addv is expecting to find files03:45
CarlFKthere is something about it that bothers me.. but it is better than editing scripts.  I think.03:46
jeaCarlFK: I didn't do the setup of that part of it, so xfxf would know more (think he has already covered it though)05:38
CarlFKjea: um.   r1mix was one of the dirs, right ?05:38
CarlFKor really, do you remember what the name of the dir was that the files landed in, that was how we knew what room they came from05:40
jeaxfxf: that makes sense. I'll look for newer ones with USB3 and gigabit ethernet. smaller devices are good too05:40
jeaoh right05:40
jeayes, the dirs were r1mix, r2mix, r3mix, r4mix05:40
jeahowever, one of them was not called the right thing05:40
jeabut I don't remember which room it was05:40
CarlFKany idea what file has "r1mix" in it?05:40
jeaso we ended up doing a symlink with the right name to the folder that it was called05:40
CarlFKthat has been a reoccurring problem forever05:41
jea~/veyepar/videos/... I think was the path?05:41
CarlFKright, but some script/config file had "r1mix" in it05:42
jeaI don't actually recall a script/config file with r1mix in it05:42
CarlFKso 4 rooms, 4 machines, 4 files, each with a different value (otherwise they would all in up in the same  ~/veyepar/videos/" dir05:42
jeaall I can think is that xfxf set that up before the conference. the only part i played with was veyepar on the server for the review and encoding05:44
jeasorry I can't be more help :/05:44
CarlFKheh..I think I found it05:56
CarlFK  "r1mix":  "54:ee:75:1a:2d:22",05:56
tpbTitle: video-scripts/ at master · xfxf/video-scripts · GitHub (at
CarlFKthat set the hostname of the box, the scripts used $(hostname)05:57
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xfxfCarlFK: the avserver you remotely logged into is the server used for imaging. feel free to poke around that06:22
xfxfthat stuff is in the nginx www root06:23
CarlFKxfxf: I think i figured it out.. but let me confirm06:24
CarlFKthe video files get saved into r1mix r2mix r3mix on the laptops, and then you put them into conference_1 conference_2 fullwood on the server ?06:26
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