Monday, 2016-08-22

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mithroHello automatical, welcome to the channel02:40
mithroautomatical: Are you using the firmware which ships on the Opsis?02:53
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ssk1328mithro: ping06:37
mithrossk1328: pong06:41
mithrossk1328: Haven't had a chance to look at your pull request yet06:41
mithrossk1328: Does it work?06:41
ssk1328mithro: The pull request I sent had dummy mixer block06:42
ssk1328mithro: I also worked on it to add mixing stuff and added supporting firmware to fade effetcs06:42
ssk1328mithro: Also made a video of the same
mithrossk1328: Okay, I'll try and get to it tonight06:52
ssk1328mithro: I also need to submit a work product link for GSoC final evaluation on GSoC website06:53
ssk1328mithro: I am working on that right now06:53
ssk1328mithro: The link needs to be submitted in a day or so06:54
mithrossk1328: So - we normally make the students write a final report06:57
mithroWhich would fit the "Create a blog post or web page or public GitHub gist that describes the work you've done and links to the commits you've made and repositories you've worked on. If there is still work to be done on the project, include that too. You can also share highlights or challenging pieces." criteria06:57
mithrossk1328: You can see Rohit's report from
tpbTitle: GSoC Project Report: VGA capture expansion board for HDMI2USB on Digilent Atlys | Dreams eXtrinsic (at
ssk1328mithro: Okay, I am adding the contents of the report to weekly report Google Doc file, you can review it from there06:59
mithrossk1328: Yeah - you can use a Google Doc and the "publish to web" option if you want too06:59
ssk1328mithro: I was thinking for it be a page in my wordpress blog07:00
ssk1328mithro: But I will explore that option as well07:00
mithrossk1328: Make sure you include links to the various documentation you wrote07:04
ssk1328mithro: Yes07:05
cr1901_modernmithro: Do all the HDMI2USB targets currently use a PLL to generate the system clock frequency?07:16
mithrocr1901_modern: Yes - Did you see the change I landed which added a bunch of documentation to the PLL set up stuff?07:32
mithro_florent_: will you be around later tonight?07:34
cr1901_modernmithro: No I did not. I'll take a look. My theory was that *all* of the targets could use 2 DCMs instead of 1 PLL to generate system clk07:43
cr1901_modernso all the PLLs are available for I/O.07:44
cr1901_modernBut I'll have to take a look at your docs07:44
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_florent_mithro: I'm there, when will you be available?08:20
automaticalmithro: yep, I'm using the shipped firmware, I should hopefully get time tonight to look at it again. Do you recommend re-flashing it with a newer version?08:30
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CarlFKxfxf: jea:  do you know what was installed to make youtube uploading work?23:37
CarlFKis the server box still up, pip freeze will dump a list of stuff that should tell me what I am looking for23:38
xfxfit's not up, but it's next to me unplugged, let me plug it in23:38
CarlFKI kinda remember "oh, there is a python3 version, Ill try that"23:40
xfxfjea may have ended up patching something23:43
xfxfi'll try and get you remote access to the box23:43
xfxfaand it's not turning on23:45
xfxfi gtg sorry to work23:45
CarlFKno prob23:46
CarlFKI'm using my laptop for uploading, was trying to get another box setup so I don't have to move stuff over my home wifi23:47

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