Saturday, 2016-08-13

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jeaCarlFK: ping04:40
CarlFKjea: pong04:40
jeaI'm attempting to setup veyepar for pyconau04:42
jeaand was hoping you would be able to explain a few things04:43
jeaso from Ryan's list, first thing is syncing the schedule04:43
jeahe mentioned a script in dj/scripts, but i'm not sure which one it is yet04:44, but first...04:45
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CarlFKpython ck_setup.py04:45
CarlFKthat does a sanity check that the dirs, db, stuff.. is in place04:45
CarlFKit has red yellow green results. in general,  red stuff needs to be fixed.  yellow probably does too but can wait or ignored04:47
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jearight. looks like I need to run mk_dirs then get a credits_image04:47
CarlFKoften the ~/Videos is on some other mount and it hasn't been mounted yet04:48
jeaI'll drop the images in later after Ryan gets them to me04:48
jeaah, that might be it04:48
jeaI did mount something, but it could be at the wrong level04:49
CarlFKI guess it won't matter..   may as well run it04:49
jeawhere does it get the client slug and show slug from?04:50
jeaI think I need to change them to match what the rsync folders are names04:50
CarlFKwhat's an rsync folder ?04:51
jeaah, when we ran rsync last night, it put things into a pyconau/pyconau2016 structure, but veyepar is looking for pycon_au/pyconau_201604:51
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jeaso I need to get them both the same04:52
CarlFKif you change the .cfg, you will cut lose the data that is already there04:53
jeaah, that doesn't sound good04:53
jeaRyan says it is fine, because we haven't touched any of the data yet04:54
CarlFKif you rename the dirs.. the next rsync is going to .. make new dirs04:54
CarlFKI got a bad feeling about this04:54
xfxfi'm here sort of04:55
xfxfso the dirs need to remain the same04:55
xfxfbut the database can be removed / replaced04:55
xfxfthat's fine04:55
xfxfwe've done no QA yet04:55
CarlFKi guess...04:56
jeawhat is the command to do the database setup?04:57
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jeaok, that is all sorted05:08
CarlFKpython ck_setup.py05:14
jeaso I think I have everything setup now. I presume the dirname for the location is just the single directory name, not the full path?05:18
CarlFKum.. what dirname?05:18
CarlFKoh, location table..05:18
CarlFKleave that blank05:18
jeaso how does it know which directory is which room?05:19
CarlFKor did someone make up their own dirnames ?05:19
CarlFKslug of the name of the room05:19
jeaoh right05:19
jeaI'll fix the slug to match the label05:20
CarlFKI guess that will work05:20
jeaeg. Room 106 is coming in as r2mix05:20
CarlFKyeah, someone made up new and improved names.  yay.05:21
jeanow for an association script05:22
CarlFKnot needed05:23
CarlFKhit the web server, go to the first talk05:23
CarlFKquery runs at that time05:23
CarlFKoh wait..05:23
CarlFKassociation is that step05:24
CarlFKI am guessing you need to run..05:24
CarlFKhang on.05:24
jeaactually, i need to update the schedule, then i need to do the associations05:25
CarlFKdon't call it that05:25
jeaok. is there another name?05:26
tpbTitle: veyepar/README at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKveyepar/dj/scripts$ python adddv.py05:26
CarlFKguessing thats what you need05:27
CarlFKdid you run ?05:27
CarlFKthat will tell us if the r2mix is setup right05:27
jearunning mkdirs just created a directory called /home/videoteam/Videos/veyepar/pyconau/pyconau2016/dv/r1mix05:28
CarlFKif you end up with room_10605:28
jeathe directory we have is called /home/videoteam/Videos/veyepar/pyconau/pyconau2016/r1mix05:28
CarlFKyeah.. swell.05:29
jeaI presume I should just move the folders with the dv files into dv?05:29
CarlFKthe problem is the source is still broken05:30
CarlFKso the next time it gets copied, it is going to re-copy the files you moved somewhere else05:30
jeaok, ryan sorted that out05:31
jeaused links instead05:31
CarlFKI was thinking that.05:31
CarlFKbut now you have a loop right ?05:32
jeano, i don't think so05:32
CarlFKcan you get to pyconau2016/dv/dv ?05:32
CarlFKim having trouble doing it in my head05:33
jeanope. we made the symlinks within dv, but not to the top level. just a link for each room05:33
jeayeah, I can understand05:33
CarlFKpython adddv.py05:33
CarlFKthat's going to walk the tree looking for files (more than just dv.. bad file name)05:34
CarlFKveyepar/dj/scripts$ python tsdv.py05:34
CarlFKthat tries to figure out the start time and length05:34
jeaah, that looks better05:34
CarlFKand it needs the cut list log05:35
CarlFKim curious what and where that is05:35
jeaum, I'm not sure what that is05:35
jeaI can certainly see the videos in the web interface now for a talk05:35
jeaso it looks like it has done something right05:35
jeaI got a lot of libva info messages when running, but I think I can ignore them alright05:36
tpbTitle: veyepar/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKon the screen, does it look like the same .ts file is choped up into a few parts ?05:37
jeayes it does05:37
CarlFKeach .ts is 30 min long, there is a log file of time stamps that need..yay.05:37
jeai have 3 entries for one ts file, for example05:38
jeais there a thing i can run to generate the previews that work in the web browser?05:38
jeaand/or is it worth doing that, or should i access the raw videos intead?05:38
CarlFK   if os.path.splitext(f)[1] == ".log":                                         self.mark_file(os.path.join(d,f),show,location)05:38
CarlFK(thats how the log file got read.  was trying to figure out what file name it was looking for05:39
jeayep, found a cut-list.log file that seems to have the information in it05:39
tpbTitle: veyepar/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKthats kinda what you want.. but you don't need to upload the files anywhere05:40
CarlFKcuz the web server has access to the local fs05:41
CarlFKim looking at it..05:41
jeaah right. i can play around a bit then to see if i can make it work with a local path05:42
tpbTitle: veyepar/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKit should default to just woking05:43
CarlFKit = default server setup05:43
CarlFK# self.raw_files(show)05:43
CarlFKuncomment that, # comment the next line         self.episodes(show)05:43
CarlFK  """                               make a low bitrate version of the raw file                                for previewing over the web                               """05:45
CarlFKoh hell.. webm...05:45
CarlFK(debconf doesnt like mp405:45
jeawebm is fine for chrome05:47
CarlFKgive me a sec to 'fix'05:47
CarlFKyeah, but it takes forever to encode05:47
jeaah right05:48
jeai didn't realise that05:48
jeaI'll be in and out a bit because I am helping to setup a room, but will reply when I'm back05:48
CarlFKpushed (but not tested.. whoop)05:52
jeaok, let me pull and try it out06:13
jeaCarlFK: couldn't run because I don't have swift in the file06:16
CarlFKjea: stuff a dummy entry in there06:17
CarlFKit shouldn't actually try to auth06:17
jeaoh, maybe i need to set a rax_id on the client somewhere06:21
jeaok, doing that helped, but it still tried to authenticate06:22
CarlFKoh right, it wants to get a list of what is already up there.. sec...06:22
CarlFKthis code does 100 things, and I only ever need a few at any one time06:22
jeaI do that a lot too06:23
CarlFK216         self.init_rax(show06:24
CarlFKlets see if that will just work...06:24
jeacomment that line out?06:24
jeayep, that worked06:25
jeai'll let that run06:25
jeathanks CarlFK06:26
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CarlFKxfxf: jea - I'm up, need anything ?16:19
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shenkimithro: ping23:19
mithroshenki: pong23:20
shenkimithro: what commands do I want to run?23:21
mithroshenki: Hold on a sec23:22
mithroshenki: You got Xilinx set up?23:24
shenkimithro: yeah, i think so23:25
mithroshenki: Try this ->
tpbTitle: Script to get all the enjoy-digital repos and set up a conda environment for using them in · GitHub (at
shenkimithro: do i comment out the repos i don't need?23:30
mithroshenki: You could I guess23:30
shenkiERROR: size of should be  32912085 bytes23:31
mithroshenki: "rm" and run again?23:32
shenkimithro: im really confused. there's no such file in my pwd23:33
shenki$ ls -la /home/joel/dev/timvideos/softcore-micropython/conda23:33
shenkils: cannot access '/home/joel/dev/timvideos/softcore-micropython/conda': No such file or directory23:33
mithroyou are not at the stage of having that yet23:34
mithroyou failed at line 3723:34
mithroshenki: Updated my script again23:35
shenkimithro: ok, working now23:35
* shenki drinks coffee23:35
mithroshenki: once that is done23:36
mithroin the top level directory; do23:36
mithro"echo PATH=$PWD/conda/bin:$PATH"23:36
mithroshenki: I've almost got the Makefile working23:46
shenkimithro: which makefile?23:48
mithrothe micropython one23:48
shenkiok. same. are you starting from minimal?23:52
xfxf"micropython": lols, is joel actually porting micropython to the opsis? ;-)23:53
xfxfmithro: did you get my message btw.  joel has another opsis we can use23:53
mithroxfxf: yes, it sounds like the other joel has it under control?23:55
xfxfmithro: he wanted to find you to know what firmware to flash. have you spoken to him in the last 15 mins?23:55
xfxfhe was trying to find you23:55
xfxfokay, so i don't know what's happening in that room where we had the faulty opsis23:56
xfxfwhat was the plan?23:56
xfxfi've just had volunteers ask me23:56
jeai can see mithro now, but ill talk to him after this talk23:56
shenki+ git submodule -q foreach git fetch-all23:56
shenkigit: 'fetch-all' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.23:56
xfxfjea: where are you?23:56
shenkimithro: ^23:57
jeaback of 10523:57
mithroshenki: oh,
tpbTitle: rcfiles/git-fetch-all at master · mithro/rcfiles · GitHub (at
mithrojea: I'll head out now23:57
xfxfjea: do you know what was happening re that faulty room?  last i looked it had no plugged in opsis at the back23:57
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jeaxfxf: just not getting input for some reason. looking now23:59

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