Thursday, 2016-08-04

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ssk1328mithro: I seem to have encountered some error in setting clocks for HDMI_OUTs05:39
ssk1328mithro: I found that the PLLs are shared and some constraints are being set for that05:40
mithrossk1328: Yes, one PLL drives both HDMI outputs05:41
mithrossk1328: So, what is the actual error then?05:41
ssk1328mithro: Once I got an error in the MAP stage05:42
ssk1328mithro: Right now, I get something like "Unresolved clock domain: 'pix2x'"05:43
ssk1328mithro: I am mainly confused around this code
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/ at float-arithmetic · ssk1328/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
mithrossk1328: They are adding things to the ucf file05:46
ssk1328mithro: So they specify some constrains during ROUTING phase?05:49
mithroI actually unsure about which phase they get applied at05:50
mithrossk1328: Do you have the actual error output?05:50
mithrossk1328: And you should check further back to see if there is an earlier error05:50
ssk1328mithro: I am gonna pastebin the error which I get for this code05:51
ssk1328mithro: Here
tpbTitle: [Python] ssk1328 - (at
mithrossk1328: That is an error in generating the verilog code05:53
ssk1328mithro: Okay05:53
mithrossk1328: BTW Have you gotten the single HDMI output bit working properly yet?05:55
ssk1328mithro: No, since both are in single module, i thought this was the way to go05:56
mithrossk1328: You should get the single HDMI output working before you try and add a second HDMI output05:57
ssk1328mithro: Seems like the correct way forward here05:57
ssk1328mithro: I am gonna try that first05:57
mithrossk1328: Once you have one output working, then adding the second output can be done05:57
mithrossk1328: Otherwise you are trying to debug two things at once - the mixing and the HDMI output05:58
ssk1328mithro: Yes05:58
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ssk1328mithro: The eralier error disappeared when doing for single output, I guess the error was in definition of clock for another HDMI_OUT06:00
ssk1328mithro: Anyways I am gonna verify the mixing first06:00
mithrossk1328: Yes, please do06:03
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mithroxfxf: I'm just starting to pack for tomorrow - any thoughts?08:27
xfxfmithro: just you and your laptop is enough i think?  i have all equipment here08:33
xfxfanything that will help you debug opsis's may be useful08:34
xfxfi'm pretty sure one of the ones i have here is faulty so be good tto figure out whether we need to send it back08:34
mithroDo you have working Atlys boards?08:34
mithroOkay, will bring atleast one08:34
xfxfi have only one, and the HDMI ports are a little damaged08:35
xfxfi wouldn't want to use it until that's repaired08:35
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mithroxfxf: It is useful for checking if the bug appears on both08:40
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mithroHey rohitksingh_work09:26
rohitksingh_workmithro: hi!09:27
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xfxfhi rohitksingh_work!10:15
rohitksingh_workxfxf: hi!10:16
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ssk1328mithro: Can you please take a look at this error I get in the map phase, when I trying with only one HDMI_OUT11:59
tpbTitle: [Python] ssk1328 - (at
mithrossk1328: I don't know why you are changing things which effect the output IOs?12:00
mithrossk1328: The error is pretty self explanatory?12:01
ssk1328mithro: But the error is for record3_ hdmi_out_clk_n and record3_ hdmi_out_clk_p. Aren't they clock signals at the output12:02
ssk1328mithro: I have tried many things and not able to get past these errors12:03
mithrossk1328: You are still working on the single output stuff right?12:04
ssk1328mithro: Yes12:04
ssk1328mithro: I have pushed the code on github, if you can take a look12:05
mithrossk1328: Why then in the code am I seeing references to platform.request("hdmi_out", 1), ?12:06
ssk1328mithro: There are bunch of other errors that come up if I don't connect pins at HDMI_OUT112:07
ssk1328mithro: This is where I finally use them
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware/ at float-arithmetic · ssk1328/HDMI2USB-misoc-firmware · GitHub (at
mithrossk1328: What are those errors?12:08
ssk1328mithro: Something relating to those pins not connected correctly, wait I am rerunning make gateware12:09
ssk1328mithro: I get those error for each pin of HDMI_OUT1 as far as I recall12:10
ssk1328So I thought HDMI_OUT1, pins need to connected to something12:10
mithrossk1328: They aren't connected to anything in the BaseSoC target12:11
ssk1328mithro: This is the error I get in map, if I don't use HDMI_OUT1 pads12:13
tpbTitle: [Python] ssk1328 - (at
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mithrossk1328: so, checkout a branch with none of your changes and see what happens if you try and just comment out the second hdmi output12:16
ssk1328mithro: Okay, I am gonna try that12:16
mithrossk1328: that will show you what you need to do12:17
ssk1328mithro: Just deleting the hdmi_out1 stuff in maps seem to have worked for the branched thing12:26
ssk1328*in opsis_video.py12:26
mithrossk1328: okay, so something you are doing is causing that error12:27
ssk1328mithro: I need to do the equivalent of this for my mixer module12:28
ssk1328mithro: Okay I will look around more12:28
ssk1328mithro: Hopefully get back to you with results tomorrow12:28
mithrossk1328: You shouldn't need to have the second phy or anything12:28
ssk1328mithro: Yeah I have commented out that line right now12:29
ssk1328mithro: Trying only for single HDMI_OUT12:29
mithrossk1328: That error means that the HDMI out signals are getting mapped to the wrong IO pins12:30
mithrossk1328: Try looking at the diff between the unmodified version and your version and reducing the differences12:31
ssk1328mithro: Okay12:32
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mithrossk1328: Don't make assumptions that a change "can't possible have an effect"12:41
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